Brannon Howse: January 7, 2021

Guests: Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Usama Dakdok and Shahram Hadian. Topic: Political Civil Unrest is a Constitutional Concept and is Sometimes Needed to Oppose Tyranny. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is a former CIA analyst, chief of staff of the U.S. Congressional EMP Task Force, the author of numerous books, and has been featured on numerous TV shows. Dr. Pry explains why the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution gives the right and even obligation to alter or abolish any government that has a long history of transgressing individual rights, liberty, and freedom. Dr. Pry and Brannon explain how the looting, rioting and killing by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists were praised by many government officials and members of the liberal media. And yet, when conservatives or Constitutionalists protest without harming anyone or harming any police officers, they are declared as violent and domestic terrorists. So are we now watching a propaganda agenda to discourage Americans from standing up for freedom and the U.S. Constitution and to surrender to a Marxist-Islamic revolution? Topic: Shahram Hadian joins us to describe how men dressed in MAGA and Trump gear admitted to him, and his group, walking near the U.S. Capitol, that they were Antifa. Topic: Usama Dakdok joins us to describe how just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, his car was shot at as well as numerous shots fired in his direction after being confronted by a group of thugs. Usama explains how a stranger stepped up to defend Usama only to be shot. Usama asked where was the media to cover this story? Was the media too busy labeling Trump protestors as domestic terrorists to cover the story of a gang of thugs attempting to kill Trump supporters?

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