Brannon Howse: January 13, 2021

Guests: Shahram Hadian and Bill Federer. Topic: Shahram Hadian joins us today to report how he received a phone call from the FBI this morning wanting to question him about his being in D.C. on January 6, 2021. Shahram reported that they had seen some of his videos in which he reported on the events of the day. Shahram reports that the FBI agent on three occasions told him that he should spread the word that anyone planning to go to D.C. and make trouble would be arrested. Shahram explains how he was shocked at such a statement because his followers and church attendees are made up of peaceful people and to imply otherwise Shahram found troubling and offensive. Shahram and Brannon explain how federal authorities showed virtually no interest or concern when they were informed about the gunman that came into the Worldview Weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in April of 2017 and threaten them with numerous terroristic threats. Federal authorities also showed zero concern when Antifa and Muslim Brotherhood made threats against five out of five Worldview Weekend conference venues in April of 2018 and thus causing four of them to be cancelled. Topic: Bill Federer joins us to discuss the long historical events that were coordinated by evil men and then blamed on their opposition. Topic: Bill explains that he knows of not one patriot group, Tea Party group, Christian group, or Constitutional group that is calling for rallies at any of the state capitols. Bill warns that he fears false flag events will be used to set up conservatives. Topic: General Vallely joins us to explain that he never thought he would see the day when America would collapse from within as is now occurring. General Vallely further explains that if the Marxists continue the trajectory they are on they will push America into a regrettable hot civil war. Brannon believes that freedom loving Americans should pray that America does not fall into such a horrible situation. 

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