Brannon Howse: August 28, 2020

Topic: Are the Marxist Democrats in support of the civil unrest in largely Democrat run cities in hopes that a percentage of Democrats will become frustrated and afraid and move to red states and thus help flip those states to blue? While there are many reasons for the Marxist Democrats to support the civil unrest in their own states and cities, one of their long range goals is to flip red states to blue states so the Marxists can control more cities, and states as well as occupy more federal offices. Topic: Nancy Pelosi has declared that President Trump and the GOP are “domestic enemies” and “enemies of the state.” Have you ever heard a sitting Speaker of the House, that is third in line to the Presidency, refer to a sitting President in such a manner? Brannon explains why he believes that Marxist Democrats think President Trump is going to win re-election and thus they are laying the foundation for massive civil unrest as part of the Marxist agenda to divide America, bring chaos and then blame President Trump and his supporters for the divide in America. Topic: Do the globalists also want to collapse America and the American dollar on President Trump? In January of 2021, the World Economic Forum will be holding their conference on the great reset. Topic: We take your calls. Topic: But before we discuss these issues, we are joined by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung to cover these topics: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Israel and the Arab nations to bring peace about even as the Palestinian Media is calling for the assassination of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates. Topic: Could the Temple Mount be a trading card to entice the Saudis to make peace with the Israelis. Topic: It’s believed that Israel has as many nuclear weapons as China. Topic: An update on the red heifer and construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. 

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