Brannon Howse: August 27, 2020

Guest: Tom Littleton. From the Moonies, to the Mormons, to the Marxists: Understanding the Total Collapse and Co-opting of American Evangelicalism by America’s Enemies. Topic: Brannon reads a section from his 2015 book, The Coming Religious Reich, in which he warned that the President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., was compromised theologically. Brannon explains how this theological compromise has been at the root of the collapse and co-opting of American evangelicalism for many years. Topic: Tom and Brannon discuss how neo-Calvinists and neo-evangelical leaders have prepared the way for the Marxist Black Lives Matter Movement and the Marxist Democrats. Topic: Why the persecution of true conservatives, Christians, and Jews will grow and come from a growing false church that is united with corrupt government leaders, Marxists, and Islamists. Topic: Americans will be further shocked if or when the true corruption of so many of our evangelical leaders is revealed. Many of these compromised evangelical leaders have aided in the growth of the false church either politically and/or theologically. Topic: Many people are now realizing why Tom and Brannon have been so blunt over the years in their warning to Americans about the state of evangelicalism that has now become a direct threat to America’s liberties and freedoms and thus a national security and spiritual threat. Topic: We take your calls. 

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