Panel Discussion: Trump Indictment by Feds Proves U.S. Government Equal to Lawless Third World Dictatorship


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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Welcome to the program. Glad you are with us. Of course, we have breaking news tonight. Donald Trump has been put out as being reported by several outlets. He himself has put out that he has been indicted at the federal level, reportedly for January 6th. Really? What did he do? January 6th, 2021. Well, you know what they claim he was doing. They claim he was involved in an insurrection. Really? But who was really involved in the insurrection? The insurrection of the left and the progressives and the deep state. Deep state goes back to 2016 when they began to surveil him as he and as he said, tap him. Wasn't it even? Mr. What was his name? Adams. Was that his name? Alaska. Colonel John Mills. He was the director of the National Security Agency. I want to say Mike Adams seems to come to mind. But the attorney, the director of the National Security Agency goes to Donald Trump and says, and I don't think he told Donald Trump, President Obama, he was going over there to New York to tell Trump this, you're being surveilled. You need to get out of Trump Tower. And that's if you guys remember the next day he moved his whole operation and his whole transition team to his golf course in New Jersey. Do you guys remember that? And then we find out Russia, Russia, Russia was a hoax. They knew it was a hoax. They kept it going. They indicted Roger Stone. They went after General Flynn. They knew he didn't lie. And then Colonel John Mills, who'll be with us tonight along with. Joe Hoft, along with Dan Tierney. Dan Eastman. Colonel John Mills, who served in the National Security Council staff for two presidents, says he was sitting in his office in the Department of Defense when he got a phone call to help with his team to look into President-elect Donald Trump and stopping him from being elected or delay or excuse me, stop him from being sworn in or delay his being sworn in and who was involved in that? Colonel John Mills says when he looked over the information and saw there was nothing there, he was told to stand down.

Brannon Howse: Cia Director Brennan and James Comey, FBI director, both had a hands-on keyboard and were involved in the insurrection. You remember what we've warned here again and again. Psychological projection. They will say about others what is true about themselves, who are the real insurrectionists. But yet at the federal level tonight, Donald Trump has been indicted, according to Donald Trump himself. What did Donald Trump also say to all of us? They are after you. I'm just in the way. And my friends tonight, any of us could be indicted on anything they make up because they literally are making it up as they go at so many levels as they have for so many years. All you got to do is read my book, One Nation Under Man from back in 2005 or Grave Influence from 2008. And I talk about legal positivism, moral relativism applied to the law. I go back and I quote Supreme Court justices who say, yes, we're under a constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is. Or another high-ranking Supreme Court justice who said, I believe in man-made law. Christopher Columbus laying down in the late 1800s gave us.

Brannon Howse: Case law theory not getting to the original intent of the founders, but case law theory. We'll just get one crazy judge or panel of judges to make a ruling that we'll all hang our hat on it for the next decision because they're making it up as they go. And now they're doing that. Well. The federal level as they go after Donald Trump in redefining words, making up new meanings to words. January 6th, huh? Yet I reported in my news report tonight. Folks that have seen like John Solomon, the original footage say there was no audio. Now we've got audio that got released that has all this audio added to it and sound effects. We have a former high-ranking official with the police there on Capitol Hill saying that Nancy Pelosi and her daughter were getting in the way with their little Hollywood film crew running around the Capitol. This was all manufactured for television. We still don't know who Ray Epps is. And yet Donald Trump's the one being indicted tonight. Joining me now is a panel a lot of these guys don't even know they're about to be on a panel because this is breaking so fluidly. We're going to add all of them. We're going to bring in Joe Hoft of, and Dan Eastman of And Colonel John Mills will give you his information and his website which is the nation will Gentlemen welcome to Lindell TV. Welcome to Brannon Howse and to all the other platforms that carry us. Vcy America and all the platforms carrying us. Gentlemen, welcome. Very historic night tonight and a sad night. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: Let's go to you first, Joe. Joe, you're writing about this right now tonight over at Joe, Joe Originally, it was just going to be you and I having a conversation. But we've had to add in all these other voices because of all this breaking news. What do you make of this story tonight, Joe? Yeah, this.

Joe Hoft: Is really shocking. It's a really, really dark day for this country. It's, um, these people have they've, you know, they've gone way too far. And it's time. It's really time to stop. So here's what President Trump tossed out tonight on truth social. He comes out with three, three, three messages. The first one, he says the Biden administration has informed my attorneys that I'll be indicted over the boxes hoax basically and this is related to the Mar a Lago raid that was illegal and unprecedented and not necessary. He goes on in his second note, and you can see this right now or look at true social for Donald Trump but he says I've summoned I've been summoned to appear in front of the federal courthouse in Miami next Tuesday at 3 p.m. he goes I never thought I'd be. It was possible that such a thing could happen to a former president of the United States who received far more votes than any sitting president in the history of the country and is and is and is currently leading by far all candidates, both Democrat and Republican, in polls in the 2020 election. He goes in all caps. I am an innocent man and maybe I should read the full first message as well if he says the corrupt Biden administration is informed. My attorneys that have been indicted seemingly over the boxes of hoaxes, even though Joe Biden has 1850 boxes at the University of Delaware.

Joe Hoft: Additional boxes in Chinatown, DC, D.C., with even more boxes at the University of Pennsylvania. Documents strewn all over his garage floor where he parks his Corvette in which is secured by only a garage door that is paper thin and open most of the time. And so then his third message is short. And it says this is indeed a dark day for the United States of America where the country and serious and rapid decline. But together we will make America great again. I love how he shares that. My message tonight is that this really leads back to two individuals, Norm Eisen, and Andrew Weissman. They came out with a report over the weekend where they drafted this 180 some pages document where they're trying to make a case that it's absolutely, uh, Garland Attorney General Garland needs to go after Trump. And but the problem is they totally disregard, I believe, the law and maybe our attorney here can opine more on that. But the Presidential Records Act, Mike, Mike Davis has been sharing this for months since that terrible day when Trump's home was raided at Mar a Lago. I went there that night. I was there at Mar a Lago was a sad day.

Joe Hoft: But Mike Davis has been saying for a long time the Presidential Records Act allows President Trump or any president to take the documents that they want when they leave the White House. They can be classified or not. It doesn't matter. This 100 and page document goes into classification. And basically, they're ignoring, in my opinion, the Presidential Records Act and they are using instead this act from years ago claiming that he somehow has taken secure documents that he never should have. And yet the law and you mentioned case law. Brennan Right. Right. A moment ago. The thing is, of all judges, the most corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in this in a similar case with Bill Clinton Bill Clinton took tapes home. They were in his sock drawer and she ruled that the president of the United States can take whatever he wants when he leaves office. And so that's what President Trump did. And we could keep going and on and on. But the one key thing, too, that I wanted to bring up just briefly before we go to your guests, is that conservative treehouse they brought this up. Trump's attorneys had had a document that they released where they shared this, the government agency that oversees documents that when President Trump left office, they didn't help him.

Joe Hoft: They've helped every other president over the last, I don't know, 20, 30 years. But they didn't help Trump pack his belongings. Then they come to the DOJ and say, hey, and this is the National Archives and Records Administration. They say, President Trump, we're worried about some of the documents President Trump took. And then that led to eventually the raid at Mar a Lago. There's another thought as well, that these documents that he took were what he unclassified. And it's all related to the crimes by Biden, Obama, and Hillary. And they came and took those. We've had that theory since the Mar a Lago raid. So anyways, they come they take. These documents. The president had every right to have them, and now they're going to indict him. And like President Trump rightly says, Joe Biden's got 1800 boxes of documents that are sitting in his garage and other random places like Chinatown and no indictment. And he didn't have the Presidential Records Act. And so this whole even discussion on classified or not, I think it's moot because President Trump had every right to take what he wanted, according to case law, by one of the most radical judges out there. So it's a really sad day. And I'll pause here because you got some other great guests online right now.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, I agree 100%. And you've got a whole write-up on all this a Mike Rogers was the director of the NSA. I was trying to remember it a while ago right when I opened the program Mike Rogers and of course, you probably had some dealings maybe you can't even speak to it, but you probably had some dealings with him. Colonel Mills And you were you worked with two presidents and there are two White Houses for national security staff. You know exactly what I'm talking about. But I mentioned in my opening monologue that you have told us many times you got the phone call over at the DOD to be a part of this team. You looked at the information, Russia, Russia, Russia, nothing there. But these guys, Comey and Brennan, CIA Director D, FBI director, were trying to stop the swearing-in of a duly elected president or delay it. How about that for the insurrection back in 2016?

John Mills: Yes, the insurrection has been going on for a while. And so, yeah, two days after the election, 2016, I received a call on the. On the phone. The phone. John, you've got to be part of this. We're standing up in an intelligence community assessment team, an interagency committee to look and finalize the Russian narrative and prove that Donald Trump is a Russian asset and delay or block the inauguration. Just literally put my head in my hand and said, this is insanity. So I'm a professional. Didn't know what I knew later. Uh, but uh, well, Donald Trump is a Russian asset. Don't want to know about this one problem after you look through the document. Um, there was nothing there. The bottom line is my recommendation on the Intel community assessment because it comes back to the department after you run your process. And me being the Department of Defense representative, my PAC said to recommend not concur. There is no information and was told, John, to stand down. Don't worry about it. Ash Carter now already signed because, quote, Comey, and Brennan are hands-on board preparing these documents. You never get a director and personally.

Brannon Howse: Comey and Brennan are hands on the keyboard. Logan Is it just me or is his audio breaking up that badly? Is that just me on my end, or is he really breaking up that badly? If it is, see if we can get that fixed real quick. That's just on my end, thankfully. Good. All right. So you were saying you don't usually have a CIA director, An FBI director, hands on a keyboard writing these, but that's what you were told to stand down with your assessment that there's nothing here.

John Mills: Yeah. Yeah. Now just remember that was also announced. That this is why they had to move because now it's been revealed that the 1023 information that now they're sharing with multiple congressional members, not just Comey, shows that Mr. Biden received 5 million from Burisma. So they had to move this. This is Third World theater. And yeah, like Joe said, you know, the Records Act I've worked in the White House and yes, a president can walk out with anything they want. And it's there are two Americas as Joe. John Edwards said in 2004. Yes, there are two Americas. This is insanity. So a president does have the right to those almost all the presidential libraries, presidents since the Second World War have top secret documents in them. And so this is just pure, pure, unadulterated politics. And we've got to fight and we got to fight and win. And so this is a shameful day. But they had to move because the tourism announcement is out. And it was the lunch bucket that took 5 million. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is pure political warfare. And, you know, they are playing with fire on toppling the entire nation as China is aggressive and making its moves. So, ladies and gentlemen, God's in control. Do not fret. We're you lock shoulders and we're going to get through this. I guarantee it. And it'll be a sweet day in 2024 when President Trump reassumes his rightful place.

Brannon Howse: I pray that's the case. Dan Eastman. Attorney Dan Eastman. Dan, you were with us last hour in the Lindell Report. I asked you to be available tonight because it broke during the Lindell Report. And I have a very esteemed panel here to add you to. Attorney Eastman, what happens now? He's saying he has to show up at federal court down in Miami. What happens now? Does it look much like it did in New York? A lot of barriers, a lot of press, a lot of people. Do they fingerprint him? Do they take a mugshot of him? Do they put him in a holding tank for a few minutes for a little bit? Do they then bring him before a judge in an orange jumpsuit or are they going to go by and pass all of that like they did in New York and let him just appear before a judge and say, not guilty and walk out? What happens now in your estimation? I mean, I guess they're making it up as we go, so we really don't know. But what do you if you had to guess, how is this going to go down?

Dan Eastman: Well, good questions All I think it's this is obviously a gross politicization of the police power of the federal government, and was doing a little research on the situation. And under our original constitution, there is no federal police power whatsoever. It's not in the Constitution. When the Constitution was created, the original colonies had police power first under the king, through the sheriff, sheriff, and then as the colonies became states, all law enforcement happened. At the state level. There wasn't any federal prosecution, nothing at all. It wasn't until the Civil War when the federal government was issuing greenbacks that the government finally decided to use its interstate commerce powers to create an ability to regulate counterfeiting. And that happened under the Department of Treasury, and that was the Secret Service. Then you fast forward to 1901 with the assassination of President McKinley, and the theory was anarchists, which was an old-fashioned way of saying Antifa. It's the same thing that creates chaos in society. And anarchists were coming to the United States and blowing everything up. At that point, the federal government got into the policing business first. It was informational only for the state so that they could prosecute crimes in their states. And by the time 1930 rolled around with the prohibition, the federal government had basically come up with an idea of a Federal Bureau of Investigation. And of course, when you look at what the FBI did, it was a tough sell because they actually had a TV show with Fran Zimbalist Jr and the March of the Oranges and the FBI every week on your black and white TV would come and save the day from the bad Al Capone's of the world.

Dan Eastman: And they needed propaganda and media to create legitimacy in a federal police force. And of course, with nine divided by 11, this all went on steroids. As a result, we now have a federal state police that was unheard of in the beginning and terrifying for people who lived through state police forces in Germany in the 1930 and 40s and the Soviet Union from 1919 on to the mid-80s. So here we are. We wake up today and we start to see what was conceived as the good guys. You know, the march of the oranges. You hear the theme song and oh boy, the federal investigators are coming to save the day from the local corrupt police officers. So now we have the equivalent of a state police situation. And when you see this type of political action against presidents, and former presidents, the hatred in Washington for that man is inconceivable. And since before the day, he came down the escalator, they've been gunning for that guy ever since. And this is just an extraordinary abuse of federal prosecutorial authority where you've got to dig through old-fashioned law that was passed decades ago to stop people from smuggling, you know, state secrets like was it Sandy Burglar who stuffed them in his sock and walked out of the National Archives? It was designed for that sort of thing.

Dan Eastman: And now we're seeing it continued persecution of a former president on activity. We don't know if he's going to be indicted for the boxes in his house or J6 or what. That'll come out Tuesday. We don't know what he really knows, what he's going to be charged with. But the whole thing reeks of a political circus from a federal government that is now $32 trillion in debt. It'll be $36 trillion in debt on January 1st, 2025 when the next president is sworn in. We have a situation where the federal government is off the rails. Nobody could have imagined the emergence of an empirical system empire-type system in Washington that has the ability to do what the Nazis did. Logic Eastbound cattle car or Soviets ship you off to Siberia or Latin America. They save money. You just disappear. End of the night. We have that here today. And it's not just this indictment. It's the constant persecution. It's too far out of control. And unfortunately, we in the middle I live in Wisconsin in the middle of the continent. We watch this in terror because that's effectively what these tactics are designed to do to terrorize the American citizens. You step out of line, you're going to disappear.

Dan Eastman: And we're seeing that with the president of the United States. If he's not immune from this type of political persecution, how are any of us to function? How how does this work? That's why this is so damaging to go to the United States of America. And this concept of, you know, you got the lady with the blindfold and the and she's holding the balances. Justice has to be blind. Justice today is a political football. It's a real problem. And I've been an attorney for 36 years now. I have never could never have imagined back in law school in New Hampshire in the 1980s that anything could have ever come to this level within my lifetime. This is usually something that takes, you know, hundreds of years to evolve. But we're on steroids here, and the hatred for that politician is just simply unexplainable. And I think, as Colonel Mills pointed out, you know, we have this letter floating around where apparently President Biden was involved in, you know, some shenanigans. Is this just a reaction to neutralize that news? Can you use the power of the federal government? As Joe Biden points out, we've got nuclear weapons and F-16s. Wow. This is you know when that flag flies and the eagle flies, you really have to wonder what has happened to our government. We shall see. We shall see.

Brannon Howse: I see I see you shaking your head, Joe, in agreement as well as Colonel Mills, You want to respond to what your two esteemed colleagues here have said tonight?

Joe Hoft: Yeah, this is well, this is an emotional issue. And you talk about, you know, President Trump. These people have been attacking him, like you said, from the day he came down that escalator even before perhaps. And the thing that grabbed me, too, is I looked at this document that came out over the weekend that's been highlighted, which really kind of lays out this argument for why to indict Trump on these the Mar-A-Lago raid charges, having documents that they claim he shouldn't have. And again, according to the Presidential Records Act, my understanding is that's the president's decision. It's nobody else's. He can take what he wants and that's just the law. And yet here we are. They're indicting him for this. The thing that really grabbed me, though, in this document over the weekend is the authors. It has Andrew Weissmann, who was leading the Mueller gang, most of us now believe, and it even came out recently how senile Mueller was. Weissman's got this horrible record of 30 years of persecuting people, not prosecuting, persecuting where he will bend the law. He will make up laws. He will withhold information. This is the other thing. President Trump to this day doesn't know what documents they have that he doesn't know. They won't tell him. So they're saying that he had classified documents that they took, but they won't tell him what those documents are. So that seems like it's it fits the pattern for Weissman. The other guy who wanted to point out is this Norm Eisen. He was Barack Obama's ethics czar. He was. It says it. All right there, Barack Obama's ethics czar. This guy was one of the people. Wait a minute. Is this? Norm Eisen. He's the guy that came out and said, Viva la Resistance. Viva la resistance. This is the same guy.

Brannon Howse: I think this is also the same guy. I said at this very news desk in the summer of 2020 alumni. You'll remember this said at this news desk in the summer of 2020, I made PowerPoint presentations or keynote slides to show you I have to dig on my computer real quick. I can find them. Uh-huh. Yeah. If I'm wrong, wasn't this guy involved? Wasn't he involved in the Election Integrity Project, which sounded like a color revolution? And this guy was actually the one that wrote extensively on a color revolution.

Joe Hoft: Or warned about him. Okay, so he's. He was behind, but he was even behind every single act to stall President Trump and his administration from pushing these things through. And he was heavily involved in the elections. I believe the election. And the first person. Here it is. Yep, Yep. That's Norm Eisen. And then the first person the.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. I'm sorry. What? Well, I.

Joe Hoft: Was just going to say, the first person that they. That they quote in the Time magazine article after the election when they're basically bragging about how they stole the election. The first person quoted in that Time magazine article is Norm Eisen. So here he is again. Now he's behind this document with Weissman and there's a British guy involved as well. And they drafted this over the weekend. And here we are today. Trump saying that he's being indicted based on these, uh, the Mar a Lago raid and his having documents which he legally had in his possession. Yeah. No.

Brannon Howse: Missing your report? I was reading your report. Joe Hoft and Joe, and I saw that name of that. Why is that name so familiar? And I want to reiterate again, folks, summer of 2020, those who were watching this show and we were doing so many shows warning about a color revolution that was coming in the fall. We told you they would pull the shenanigans in advance that they did. Why? Because I'm so smart. No, we were reading their own playbook and it was called the Transition Integrity Project. And they were laying out all the scenarios of what might happen on election night. Remember that, folks? And we said, look, people, this is what they're going to do, a color revolution. And we all began to talk about that and use that phrase and explain that phrase and look at this screenshot from Revolver because I just searched for it. And sure enough, that's the same guy, the same guy involved tonight and indicting, having, you know, pushing for the indictment of Trump was involved in the Transition Integrity Project Project, a George Soros-linked group. He was involved in talking about a color revolution. I mean, you can't make this stuff up.

Joe Hoft: Yeah.

John Mills: Same statuses. I'd like to know what his legal status is. Is he a contract employee? You know, there has to be a legal status for Norm Eisen doing what he's doing right now. I'd like to know, is he an appointee? Is he a highly qualified employee? And what is his legal status?

Joe Hoft: Yeah, good question. He is he's noted in this report that you can go out and you can find and I've got it here. It's at this site called just Dot org is just security. And in there they brag they got this 186-page document with the authors Weisman and Norm Eisen and a few others including some British guy. So there you have it.

Brannon Howse: Do you want to comment on this, Dan?

Dan Eastman: It's just very sad news. I think that the people running our federal Justice Department have basically become a power unto themselves. And it just simply isn't a constitutional setup. Obviously, we have a president who is let's be polite and say he may not be completely capable of running his cabinet. And this stuff is going on under his watch. And it's a very serious thing. And what we're looking at is really terrorizing the American populace, that if you don't play their game, you're going to face very serious legal consequences. This is not good. And, you know, it remains to be seen what happens in the election next year. And that's assuming that we have a free and fair and functioning election system. But these are troubling times, very troubling times because you don't know how to plan. You don't know how to react. All you know is you better stay out of these people's way because they can destroy you. And there's no Lone Ranger. There's no Lone Ranger coming to rescue. You know, this is a this is the Lone Ranger. So it's a problem. It's a real problem.

Brannon Howse: Well, I actually have a whole PowerPoint slide presentation titled Norm Eisen on my computer. If I could get it to open, it might be in the cloud. You don't need to show it, but it might be in the cloud. Who knows? But it won't open. But apparently, I've done so much on this guy. I actually had a whole PowerPoint presentation on it, but it's hard to keep up with as many shows as I do. But I did search my computer and there it is. Um, you know, there is no one coming to save us, Uh, Colonel Mills, because most of the Republicans are just as corrupt. Tonight we did a show with Jessica out of South Dakota. She showed us in South Dakota all kinds of articles from international sources tying a voting machine company Esns back to construction companies, back to all kinds of deals. And then the governors of South Dakota is relative and a carbon capture pipeline. And wherever you turn, you find that the Republicans are up to their hips in all of these apparent conflicts of interest. And you wonder why the Republicans don't come to the rescue. Well, it's a unit party, as Mike Lindell has been telling us over and over. And prior to that, it was 1966 when the man that wrote the book, Tragedy, and Hope. And Bill Clinton gave him a shout-out in his Democrat acceptance speech, Tragedy, and Hope was the name of the book written in 1966 by Carroll Quigley, he said, And he was a globalist. He was part of it. He said, There's only one party. If you ever throw the bums out, it won't matter because we've penetrated and controlled both parties. This is why when Eastman says there's no Lone Ranger coming to save us because the party is running the show, and if you do stand up like, let's say Michele Bachmann, a few others did when they were congressmen, remember when she tried to warn about Muslim Brotherhood and everything, she got chewed apart by her own party.

John Mills: Again, I'm I look at this in an optimistic way. As bad as it looks, I think it'll be very interesting to see what plays out on the Burisma Biden side simultaneously. And that's it's clear why they had to rush. Uh, Norm Eisen and crew had to rush this through. This is clearly obfuscation and camouflage because now it's out, now it's out. You know, the FBI did have this and this is what we've talked about this before. I mean, it's standard procedure. It is a legal requirement that when under law enforcement or intelligence collection, when an American citizen is discovered and a possible illegal act is occurring, they have to either, A, make a Department of Justice referral or, B, make a complete written statement on why they did not make a Department of Justice referral. So 1023 all the SARS reports that Treasury demonstrates a large number of deep staters careerists, bureaucrats in the swamp knew about criminal activity, but did nothing about it. So we got to clean the house. And so simultaneously it's out of the bag now, now, now it's documented. Okay, so, uh, President Biden was receiving cash. Uh, did receive cash. Probably goes back to his 2014, uh, some of his earlier trips to, uh, to Ukraine. And again, you know, because when I was in office, uh, the Obama-Biden team couldn't have cared less about Ukraine even after they were being invaded by Russia until they realized the potential money laundering capability that would make Haiti look like a carnival sideshow.

John Mills: So they want because globalist elites, the one word they always love is scale, scale. How do we scale this corruption? How do we scale this, this money laundering? And once they realized, oh, wow, look at this boy and was inside having to deal with, you know, and also they looked at the original crew in Ukraine as being cited, siding with the Bush family and the Bush Bush era to all the orange folks were bad orange man, bad first round. They didn't like him. So they were okay until they realized the money laundering capability. And then they go, oh, boy, we can boy, we can. This is going to be a gravy train for decades to come. So, yeah, watch this space. Watch this space on Burisma. The cat's out of the bag. Ray, Ray, Ray. They pinned Ray down and he let it out of the bag. It was Burisma. So watch. We need to beat this. This subject is like a drum. I mean, this. This, you know, clearly partisan political, uh, third world effort to get Trump, you know, so far, I mean, every time they tried him, he just goes bigger and stronger. And I think I just I'm optimistic about this in the end. But it's just trying to distract chew up resources and. Well, because they don't want anybody to talk about Burisma and it's all coming out and the Hunter trip and the Hunter Biden trip in 2014 where all of a sudden, miraculously, I mean, all of a sudden China starts island building.

John Mills: And inside the seniors, inside the Department of Defense, the Obama folks are all furious. You know, were they in on this? Did they know about this? Did they know about this later? But they were furious with the China Island building. Well, that happens to coincide with Hunter and his dad coming back with the original money. And then, oh yeah, the 2015 Office of Personnel Management is broken into. So that was the Chinese who looked at this as quid pro quo. We pay you money, you let us do what we want to do. It's as simple as that. And, you know, and you got the two goofballs of Hunter and his dad, you know, walking around with making money. And the other Obama folks are furious about the island-building and then furious. And, you know, it was pretty serious business because they were able to use the 22 to 24 million records of anybody who ever had a top secret and use big data, big data analytics and make a connection that some of these names are not like the others and they were able to follow the traceback. And bottom line, New York Times said a thousand Chinese nationals were rounded up and executed because they were able to figure out at the end who was talking to who, and they identified them, wiped out the whole CIA Humint network in China.

John Mills: And again, the Biden team was furious. Were these people playing acting and they knew about it anyway. They didn't care. I think a lot of them weren't actually in on it. Probably. Maybe later they started getting their palms greased and then they didn't really care. But at first, you know, because that was my life going through the chaos of island building. And then, you know, the OPM breach. And it was not the US government's finest hour in any way, shape, or form. So. So let's just. Let's just accelerate the focus on Biden and Burisma, because this is just the tip. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So now it's documented just like Elvis Chan documented in a court case, got a U.S. government employee taking names to social media and telling that under what? There's no legal basis for what he's doing. Absolutely none. Zero, zilch, nada. And so and Russia now. Now Russia is documented. That corroborates everything in my book and everything in my experience. So so let's just let's just go One of the counter punches for us is let's focus on Burisma and beat this, beat this like a drum and beat this occupant out of the White House, out into the street.

Brannon Howse: Take a look. A great, great, great analysis. Take a look at this as we get ready to wrap this segment up. I did get that PowerPoint to pop up that I'd done on Norm Eisen, and I found it in my files here on my computer. There he is, United States Democracy Center. Talk about your uni party, the founder and co-chair of this United States Democracy Center, Christie Todd Whitman. Remember when she worked, I think at the EPA for George W Bush? Well, here he is working with her again, Republican, Democrat, Uni party. There you go. Breitbart Norm, Norm Eisen, Democrat, impeachment counsel linked to George George Soros. So you've got a guy that was trying to impeach and was impeachment counsel, and now he's going to come back around because he's got sour grapes on President Trump. Plus, an agenda. This is what one of you referenced a while ago, the article in Time magazine, The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election, says Norm Eisen, a prominent lawyer, and former Obama official, recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the voter Protection Program, just like we said. Meet Norm Eisen, legal hatchet man, and central operative in the color Revolution against President Trump. This third installment of Revolver News explores a series exposing the color revolution as Trump will focus on one quiet, indeed mostly overlooked participant in the transition Integrity projects. Biased Election War games exercise. A man by the name of Norm Eisen. Remind our audience, Joe Hoff, your Remind our audience or those just joining us. Why are we talking about Norm Eisen tonight?

Joe Hoft: Yeah. Norm Eisen is one of the authors of this document that came out over the weekend from this unique site by the name of just And he and Andrew Weissman from the Mueller gang and from the Enron episode and from long before that, the mob um indictments back in the 1990s in New York whose is just a hated individual by those that love justice their authors to this document along with some guy from Britain and a few others. So it's uh, Norm Eisen again. His name shows up along with Andrew Weissman. Guess we shouldn't be surprised, but their whole document is explaining why, uh, Attorney General Garland should move forward with this indictment on President Trump on numerous charges while basically ignoring his right to the Presidential Records Act and, of course, ignoring anything Biden's.

Brannon Howse: In Iceman wrote this report here, folks, The Democracy Playbook Preventing and reversing Democratic backslides. Well, there you go. This is just, again, very dangerous tonight for all of us. As Trump said there really after you, the America First crowd, patriots, constitutionalists, Christians, I'm just in their way., and. Uh,, right? Do I get everybody's websites correctly?

John Mills: Yeah, that's correct. And Colonel on Substack.

Brannon Howse: Oh, you're on Substack What are you on? Substack, Colonel?

John Mills: Colonel. Colonel John. Colonel. John on Substack.

Brannon Howse: Okay and then professor Dan and then Jo Jo has a lot more articles I'm going to have Jo back on talk about more he's got more articles over there tonight you need to read including one with Congressman Michele Bachmann warning about the W.H.O. and their move to steal our sovereignty. A lot of great articles over at Joe. Dot com Dan Eastman has a show on my channel every day at He's an attorney, constitutional attorney, and economist, breaking it down in layman's terms. Colonel John Mills, again, you heard where you can get his book. The nation will A very distinguished panel, a very historic night, but a very sad night. Thank you for bringing us some understanding and background in history, all of you. Thanks to all of you. I know my audience appreciates your making time for us tonight. Thank you, gentlemen.

Joe Hoft: Thank you. It's an honor.

Dan Eastman: Thank you.

Brannon Howse: The great lineup tonight there, folks.

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