No Ceasefire As Israel Kills a Fourth Jihad Commander


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Naomi Wolf: Thanks so much for having me.


Brannon Howse: Great to have you on. So you have a very interesting well, you've got a lot of interesting articles out and you always have interesting articles out. I'm over on your website. Naomi Naomi A lot of articles I'd like to get to before we say good night. I want to get to this one. Fdi, Pfizer, Dr. Walensky new fetuses, and babies died. I want to get to that in a minute. But this one here, I went over that one on my 63 terrestrial stations a couple of days ago. That was very fascinating. And I said on the air several times, you are very, very insightful. You are very analytical and you see things that other people don't see. And you caught a lot of things that I would not have caught, like the dresses being more like a druid dress versus the dress of the period like has been done. The things in their hair like the little gal there has, I think Prince, Princess Charlotte or whatever her name is, has that in her hair as well as does Kate. Instead of wearing the traditional tiara, they're doing more of the things you would see with the dresses and the things in the hair like the druids. There was a lot of pagan symbolism in this, wasn't there? I mean, I didn't see some of them until I read your article and I was like, wow.


Naomi Wolf: Yeah, no, it's it was super surprising to me. I mean, luckily, you know, I'm trained as a cultural critic and so I'm supposed to be noticing like little things that, you know, most people might feel like have a weird feeling about but not trace why they have a weird feeling about it. And indeed, you know, when you dive down a little bit into the coronation, there are tons of pre-Christian non-Christian, and Catholic, which is a little weird because King Charles is supposed to be the governor, newly appointed governor, head of the Church of England. Symbolism and some of the symbolism are very, very disturbing. Pardon me. For instance, you know, you mentioned the Drew-like Druidic white gowns and wreaths on the heads of the significant women. You know, and if you look at them all together, it's almost like a cult kind of garb. And, you know, the Druid religion, of course, is pagan. That was pre-Christian. It's what the Britons were doing, worshiping rocks and trees and groves, you know before Christianity came to Britain. So that's odd for a Christian king in Westminster Abbey, which is one of the most sacred places in the Church of England religion, and some other things that I noticed. I mean, there are a lot of little noticings in that essay, but they all kind of add up to a creepy, creepy, anti-Christian ceremony.


Naomi Wolf: And I'm not even Christian, you know, I'm Jewish. But these are anyone who knows the history of England. And the history of religion is going to be a little freaked out by these. Another one, which I think is very central, is that there's a privacy screen which has never happened in any coronation before. His mother had a canopy, which is very different. But this privacy screen is like a kind of pop-up shower curtain that, you know, envelops him at this critical moment where he's being anointed with holy oil and being turned into the king of England. And instead of everyone being able to see and hear it, or at least to hear it and the anointing blessing was loud and clear in his mother's coronation. At the moment that he's being anointed, he's hidden from view and the chorus drowns out whatever the priest is saying. And. And guess the last thing I'll mention is there on that privacy screen. Super creepy. It's kind of a parody. The Ark of the Covenant and it's kind of a parody or an inversion of the story of the Exile from Eden because cherubs are supposed to stand at the gates protecting the tree of life after Adam and Eve are exiled from Eden.


Naomi Wolf: These cherubs are like having a party around the Tree of Life. Pardon me. And sort of. It's as if sin and exile from Eden never happened. And then at the bottom, there's this very snake-like, you know, it's registered subliminally. Subliminally, I think at least as a kind of snake-like banner at the bottom. And they misquote Jesus, a very, very famous quote, All will be well and all will be well and all manner of thing will be well. It's from Julian of Norwich, a mystic, again, a Catholic mystic, a 14th-century mystic. But it's a famous quote, and they butcher it and they leave out one of the all will be Wells and Royal UK. The official website says this is Julian of Norwich's words, but it's not. It's Julian of Norwich saying these are Jesus's words as Jesus came to her in a vision. So there it's like if an American president were being sworn in on his or her inauguration and misquoted or the text of the inauguration misquoted the oath of office or misquoted the Declaration of Independence. So a lot of I mean, that's just the initial few items I noticed. But many creepy things.


Brannon Howse: Absolutely. I don't know if you're aware of this. I mentioned this in my broadcast two days ago when I was quoting your article and showing pictures from it. I mentioned the Ark of Hope, something I have been talking about for years and years and years. Ark of Hope. And are you familiar with the Ark of Hope? No, no. I think this is going to register with you. Okay. So the Ark of Hope, take a look at this guy. Let's let Dr. Wolf see this. The Ark of Hope was created by a group of people, including Steven Rockefeller. And it is to hold It's to hold the Earth Charter. Okay. The Earth Charter. And these timings books that they created. And it's to it is to look like the Ark of the Covenant. Right. And so it's got all of these environmentalist things on there, which is what King Charles is in favor of. I don't know if you're aware of this, but several experts have reported that he was the one that got the bunch of the leaders together on a royal yacht to gather them together to push forward the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 with Maurice Strong. Of course, Maurice Strong is a mystic himself, a Buddhist.


Brannon Howse: Maurice Strong got his start at the UN through the Rockefellers and then went on to be a leader at the UN and was the one that was head of the Earth Summit in Rio in 92. And in my documentary Siege, I think I have the video of President George H. Bush there in Rio signing America into it, praising Maurice Strong, who is sitting to his left as he's speaking, and he praises Maurice Strong. Maurice Strong is the one who has said isn't the only, only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse. Isn't it our responsibility to bring that about? And we see the connection between Maurice Strong, the Rockefellers, and the World Economic Forum, what's happening today? And when you talked about that in your article, I thought, I bet she will find it interesting. Let's go back and show it again that this Ark of Hope was unveiled in 2001 that contains the Earth Charter, which of course, is all a part of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030. And not individual rights, not sovereign nations, but a global power, a supranational authority, international, supranational authority. And my great concern and you mentioned your Jewish history and heritage. We just had a guest talking about the 350 rockets that have gone into Israel tonight.


Brannon Howse: And my great concern as I wrote a book in 2015 that came out called The Coming Religious Reich Empire or Kingdom, the word Reich means that we are going to see the rise of anti-Semitism. We are now seeing the rise of anti-Semitism. And I believe we are seeing a repeating of what happened to the Jews, which I think largely was an ecological holocaust, blaming the Jews for many of the problems. And when I traced back what Hitler was saying about the Jews not being blood and soil, the things that were saying about the Jews and their heredity, and some of the things we're hearing today, by the way, with eugenics, I think to myself, is this history repeating itself with this animosity toward the Judeo-Christian worldview? And that's the keyword I'm using here, the Judeo-Christian worldview. And now nature is put above man because they believe that man came out of nature. Therefore, matter preceded the mind or man. And we're a blight. I mean, I think that the things that you were saying with what I know from my years of studying the Agenda 21 agenda and this arc of hope, I think you're dead on. There is so much there.


Naomi Wolf: Gosh, you've said a lot. I mean, first, I definitely think the Arc of Hope is one of those you know, I wrote an earlier essay that I think we may have discussed and please call me Naomi, um, called Have the Ancient Gods Returned. And it's very much inspired by Jonathan Cohen's book, right? By that, you know, the Return of the Gods. And, what I saw after reading that book, you know, I don't agree with everything in it, but I do think that the West is being. Deconsecrated if that's a verb, and that the Judeo-Christian commitment or covenant that has protected us spiritually for, you know, 2000 years, you know, 4000, if you go back in other parts of the world to the birth of, of Judaism, um, is, is being rolled back and, and sort of a new or neopaganism is being set in its place. And so, you know, there's the Ark of Hope that you just identified. There are super creepy moments that we haven't even discussed. Like, you know, I love when things are ecumenical. You know, we don't have an established religion in America. It's just freedom. That's beautiful. But Britain does have an established religion. It's the Church of England. And so there was this moment when Charles was seated and there was a Catholic priest, an Orthodox priest, and I think a Jewish rabbi, a bunch of other religions, kind of standing and and and circling him in this very aggressive posture almost. And so it's almost like the globalists are dissolving religions and dissolving nation states and putting them in the blender and creating this kind of mush, which is one religion. I agree.


Brannon Howse: I agree. I agree. And I've been writing on these things for decades and decades. And what I find so fascinating, Naomi, is that I come from more of the conservative, right? You come from working with Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Right. And I say on the radio, I like to interview you. I like to interview Steve Kirsch, who comes from more you know, he was a big, big donor to the Democrats because I say, you know, this is again, is where this is where we have to be, where we can say, okay, we disagree on this. We disagree on that. Fine. But look, we're starting to unite on liberty, freedom, individual autonomy, individual rights, not the rights of the collective, not stripping of freedom of speech, not censoring people, not de-platforming people. You know, there are a lot of people I don't agree with, but I defend their right to say it because if I don't, that's a double-edged sword, right? So it's so fascinating here. I'm coming at it from a conservative evangelical Christian. You're coming from a Jewish background. We're coming to the same spot. And we're saying all of these religions are melding. You know, I have friends in the Catholic Church that are fighting this because of the liberalism in the Catholic Church that you're speaking of. And then, of course, I'm in the Protestant evangelical world, and I've been writing many of my last books. My last book was called Mark S.A., where I'm explaining how Marxism and Christianity have merged in the evangelical Protestant world. And some of our biggest detractors are at the biggest Protestant church denominations in America. And the funny thing is they're uniting with the leftist in the Catholic Church. They're uniting with the leftist or what used to be the conservative moderate in the Protestant world. And now here we are, conservative Catholics, conservative evangelicals, conservative Jews, saying these people, what they're doing is not right. I mean, I think it's quite fascinating the conversation that you and I are having.


Naomi Wolf: Yeah, no, I agree. I mean, look, religions always evolve and everyone is, you know, influenced by every other culture. I don't think we're seeing an organic evolution. Doctrines or religions in these intentional subversions and inversions of religious symbolism and iconography. Let me give you two more quick examples. Mean, these are so intentional. There was this incredible moment, you know, incredible to me, knowing the history of Britain, which includes the Reformation, King Henry the Eighth, you know, broke off from the Church of Rome and created a new religion, the Church of England. And there was a bloody reformation with bloodshed on both sides. You know, nuns and priests massacred, reforming Protestants, massacred, you know, very painful history. And so the pope gave pieces of the true cross to King Charles. And King Charles created something new called a cross with these fragments in it called the Cross of Wales. Never happened before. And it preceded King Charles into Westminster Abbey for the coronation. And anyone like I'm not even I don't have a dog in this fight, you know, I'm Jewish, but anyone who knows the history of Britain should be going, Wait, wait a minute. What was the Reformation for? Why is a symbol given by the pope preceding this Church of England, the head of the Church of England, you know, as he's going to become the head of the Church of England? It's an extraordinary inversion of British history. And guess something else that was very striking to me is that someone sent me a news clip about the new emblem of Canada, and I gather that the historical emblem of Canada had Christian imagery in it.


Brannon Howse: It had a cross in it, and it's gone.


Naomi Wolf: Gone, gone. So we're seeing this around the world. I think this is of a piece with those Black Lives Matter riots in Western Europe and North America in which statues were upended or destroyed. You know, no matter who they were, it didn't matter if they were abolitionists. It didn't matter if they were you know if they had anything to do with owning slaves, which, you know, pretty much most figures in history in America before 1865, south of the Mason-Dixon Line, you know, did. Right. But it was and I'm not justifying that. Right. Very sad history. But there was this simultaneous destruction of so much of our built history. Right. And I also notice well, you can see it in the United States. I mean, I worked for two presidential campaigns and my then-husband was a White House speechwriter. No president doesn't say and God bless the United States of America when he's ending his speech. That is what presidents have said for my entire lifetime. I don't know how far it goes back, but it's canonical and President Biden just omits it. You know, he just omits it and he does other things. Presidents never did like looking at their watch during the burial of a soldier. So these are completely I think like how can I put this I've worked for two presidential campaigns. Nothing is accidental in a presidential campaign. Everything is scripted. Everything is vetted. Everything goes through multiple checks and multiple sign-offs. There are no mistakes. There are no accidents. So if the president over and over and over and over won't say God bless the United States of America, someone's made that decision at a very high level.


Brannon Howse: And I've got a report from a group of far leftists that I read in the summer of 2020 who said if Biden won and I got the report sitting around here somewhere if Biden won, we don't want to see the phrase anymore in God we Trust. We've got to stop doing that. We got to stop talking about one nation under God in God we trust. And then they went on to say, we want the IRS to go around and decide who is a legitimate church and nonprofit and who's not because too many, too many big megachurches are posing as churches when they're just political organizations and movements like, you know what? That's dangerous. Okay? That is dangerous. There's a reason we let, you know, different denominations, groups, you know, some might classify certain groups as being a cult, but we still let them be a nonprofit because we don't have an established religion. We have the separation of church and state, you know? So here we have a group of right-leftists saying if he wins, we want we don't want to hear this. These phrases like in God, we trust this stuff anymore. I mean, I agree. You say that everything is scripted, everything's known. So I want to ask your thoughts on this, because initially I'm like, well, I don't want to read too much into this, but I thought to myself, this is Prince Charles, the future king. Surely someone on his staff or the World Economic Forum staff would say, Guys, are you guys seeing what I'm?


Brannon Howse: Saying, because as soon as we put this up here and it goes global, do you know what people are going to be saying? Right. And here's the image I found the other day. This was from 2020 when when Charles was speaking. Throw that up there, guys. All right. If you quote if you count the streams. Okay. You have three sets of six. Okay. That's six, six, six. Now, again, we don't even know what that number means. Okay. The number of the one world leader, the Antichrist, the number of his name will be six, six, six people. Guess all the time. I don't know what it means. I don't know that we'll ever know. But I do know that when you take six streams, three sets of six shooting up and you put it above his head people are going to look at that and say, how many? I mean, come on, that's not by accident. I don't know if they're poking a stick in our eye if they're playing if they're seeing let's see how many folks we can get to take the bait on this. But you talk about the imagery and the symbolism and everything is rehearsed and everything's known. There's they seem to like the symbolism or they even like just joking with us poking a stick in our eye, as I said.


Naomi Wolf: Yeah, it's, you know, it's a good question. I mean, if we're going to get into this level of detail, you know, joked in another interview, it's like, you know, when you when we were kids and we played Beatles records backward and, you know. Right. You see hidden messages. But you know, but but but again, there are no accidents that, you know, at a coronation. There's a figure that don't know if you've seen this, but there's a figure that looks like the Grim Reaper. That cross.


Brannon Howse: Yes, we saw that. And the fact that the camera was on that right. When it passed.


Naomi Wolf: And what you know, what I have noted from having, again, been at two presidential campaigns is that people who work in the film have confirmed this. There is no way that just accidentally happened. I don't know who it was. I don't know what it meant, but it was intentional and it was signed off. And it was, you know, authorized by the people producing the coronation. So what is that mean if it's just to I think what's, happening is that we're all being subjected to psychological warfare in which we're being disoriented. It's of a piece with, you know, the blurring of gender, the blurring, you know, the, you know, imposing guilt on people for what race they happen to be. There's just this constant disorientation. It's like a hall of mirrors. And it leads us to want to give up or not.


Brannon Howse: Oh, I wish I had longer. We got to get you back. I want to show this real quick, though, because you talk about this in your article, The Green Man, and I went and researched it and the pagan beliefs. And then my friend Leo Holman, wrote an article the other night, a coven of British witches and pagans pledged their allegiance to King Charles, claiming he's very pagan and supportive of their beliefs. Folks, it's all over on our website right there. Naomi Wolf Naomi Wolf You'll find the article right there. That's the one we were talking about. I wish we had time to get to more daily. What is your website also daily cloud dot?


Naomi Wolf: What There it is. Oh, and that's where the Pfizer documents reports are as well.


Brannon Howse: Want to get you back. We have so much more we could have gotten into. Fascinating interview, as always. Brilliant mind. Thank you so much, Naomi.


Naomi Wolf: Good to talk to you. 


Brannon Howse: Naomi Wolf. Checking in, folks, check out our site,, and the Daily Clout one as well. Fascinating. Fascinating. All right. Great night. Laura Loomer, Gerald Celente, Rob Linstead, and Naomi Wolf, what a great program tonight. All right. Thanks for watching. Remember, there's a big sheet sales show that one more time as we go off the air. Logan Towel sells, I should say. Big towel. Sell normally. I don't know, like $49. They were almost what were they, 99.98 then 49.99. Now they're $25 bucks. Go to Look for the six-piece pillow towel set. Put in the promo code, B66, and watch it go from 49.99 down to $25. All right. Thanks for watching, folks. We'll get this up online so you can replay it and share it with others. So next time, I'm Brannon House. Take care.

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