Nine Minute Cartoon From 1948 Predicted What Communism is Now Doing to American Freedoms


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Brannon Howse: All right. We're going to play. Got the popcorn. We're going to play a cartoon. I bet you never thought you'd hear that here on Brannon Howse Live. But gather the kids around. We're going to play a cartoon from 1948. 1948 cartoon. It was like they were predicting 2023. Before we go to that, look at this screen real quick from, Jp Morgan is advising to cut equities and hold more cash and gold. JPMorgan is advising to cut equities and hold more cash and gold. Jp Morgan advises cutting exposure to risk on assets and holding more cash and gold, citing the US debt ceiling risk recession outlook and a hawkish Federal Reserve. Damn. Well, there you go. Let's throw up the phone number for our friend Wes Peters with Swiss America. Been one of our sponsors for years and years. Swiss America. Many, many, many, many, many of you have done business with them. You don't even have to call Wes, who's a regular here on financial matters and news. All you got to do is just text him, and say, Hey, Wes, I want that free packet. No obligation-free packet of information. You can just text him there at 6025588585 6025588585. Find out about the difference between bullion-like gold eagles or silver Eagles that are fairly freshly minted versus what is called numismatic. That's 1933 and older.

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Brannon Howse: That's what they want, an educated potential client. So first, start with a no-obligation-free packet of information. (602) 558-8585. Or you can just keep holding those dollars and see what happens with inflation and hyperinflation. You could hold those dollars and wait till they roll to a digital currency and banks collapse more, which I think could be coming, and then hope that government doesn't find out what you believe and turn off your digits. I don't know, maybe take your chances or take a look at what happened during COVID and how they're mocking and mimicking what China's done. They're not mocking. They're mimicking what China's done with social credit scores. And that's headed our way. So you can either stay under their digital thumb and have all your assets under their control, or you can do some diversification with precious metals, hard assets, and real money. What's real wealth? 602 5588585. Well, I was looking at a cartoon this afternoon. Studied a cartoon this afternoon. I stumbled on this in my research. Here's a Wikipedia page. I don't always go to Wikipedia for a lot of credible stuff, but I think they probably got this one right based on other research I did. So this is a pretty good description. I did validate it from some reading, and some other sites. There's a film, a cartoon, nine minutes and 25 seconds about to show you put out in 1925, 1948.

Brannon Howse: Sorry, put out in 1948. Look what it says here. It's called Mike. Make mine freedom. Make mine Freedom. It's a 1948 American animated anti-Communist. Now they say propaganda, cartoon. No, no, no. It's an educational cartoon, guys. It was created by John Sutherland Productions for the extension department at Harding College. Now Harding University, financed with a grant from the Alfred P Sloan Foundation cartoon, was the first in a series of pro-free enterprise films produced by Sutherland. For Harding, the cartoon depicts a satire of perceived life under collectivist ideology. Folks, what's another word for collectivist? Socialism. The group. Utilitarianism is whatever produces the best outcome for most people. Collectivism, socialism, Common good. Around 1947, the Sloan Foundation provided a grant of between 300,000 to 600,000 to Harding College to produce cartoons that promote the American way and uplift American business philosophy. Staff at Harding originally approached Walt Disney Productions but were referred to John Sutherland, who left the company in 1940, shortly before the Disney animators strike. According to the film's original copyright entry, its original title was The Secret of American Prosperity. This was later changed to make mine freedom for the film's February 1948 release. The film debuted on February 25th, 1948, and Harding President George S Benson played the film at his inaugural Freedom Forum gathering of pro-business speakers the following year.

Brannon Howse: So there you go. You know, this is interesting. I went and searched. Mr. Joe Benson found out that he was, I think, a United Church of Christ and ended up being a missionary in China, a missionary in China. And so he had a real understanding. Yeah. George Benson started his career as a missionary to China for 11 years. Only after six months, a communist propagandist arrived and insisted these intruders should either. Be either killed or driven out. And they had difficulty finding a boat to take them to Hong Kong because of threats against those who care who carried foreigners. So if you carried foreigners on your boat, you could be in big trouble. So he eventually returned to China so he would know all about what happened with communism and what was going on. He was a staunch anti-communist, so he showed the film. So anyway, I watched some of it this evening and I thought, you know what? I think my audience would like to see this nine-minute and 25-second little cartoon. Let's play some of it because it's kind of predicting the future. Remember, now this came out in 1948. I might stop and make some comments along the way, but let's see. Here we go.

Video: America is many things to many people. To a 17-year-old kid, It's the malt shop on the corner. To Grandpa. It's the front porch in the cool of the evening. Two mothers and their family, its church on Sunday morning. And to Dad, it's his favorite relaxation. It's the Cracker Barrel philosophers in Crabtree Corners and it's the tycoons in Wall Street. It's all races, creeds, and religions. It's the freedom to work at the job you like. Freedom of speech and peaceably assemble. Freedom to own property. Security from unlawful search or seizure. Where's your warrant? Flatfoot. The right to a speedy and public trial. Protection against cruel punishments and excessive fines. Oh.

Brannon Howse: All right, let me just stop right there. Uh, does anyone have a problem with this? Would anyone call this propaganda anti-communist propaganda? That's what they always call these films. I'm. I'm a regular viewer, actually, of a lot of these films from the 1940s and 50s, and 60s, there are deemed anti-communist propaganda, and they always want to tell you that they misrepresented what communism stands for. Really? How so? But notice again, they're talking about what makes America great, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of private property. Your Fourth Amendment rights to be secure in your papers and your persons and your thing. How many of these freedoms have been run over now? Run over. Uh, not cruel and unusual punishment. No, we don't want that. Isn't that what's happening to January Sixers right now? They're not getting a speedy trial. They're getting, quite frankly, cruel and unusual punishment. There are Many of them punished for exercising their freedom of speech. You're going to see that this film tells us how we got where we are today, and it predicted it in 1948. Let's keep going.

Video: The right to vote and to worship God in your way. It is these freedoms that have made America strong.

Video: Okay. Okay, so we got our freedom, but management's lousing up everything.

Video: Labor is at fault. It's ruining the country. My constituents, as your elected representative, I can assure you of Labor's rights. Management's right. I'm strictly neutral. Labor management. Politicians. Boy, they can't tell corn from oats. Why? It's only taking money out of pocket Every.

Video: Every step. Right up, folks. Here's the answer to your problems, Doctor. Utopias. The sensational discovery is.

Brannon Howse: Okay. What did he say? Utopia. Utopia. Let's go back just a little bit. He talks about Utopia, doesn't he? That's kind of interesting, is it not? I want to go back just a tad. I'll make sure you pick up on what he said here. Utopia. Heaven on earth. What the Communists promised at every step.

Video: Right up, folks. Here's the answer to your problems, Doctor. Utopia. Sensational discovery ism will cure any ailment of the body politic. It's terrific. It's tremendous. Once you swallow the contents of this bottle, you'll have the Bountiful benefit of higher wages, shorter hours, and security. Enormous profits. No strikes. Remember, you're the big boss. Government control. No worry about votes. Name your salary. Bigger crops. Lower costs. Why is even make the weather perfect every day? And now? Then? Because we are introducing this amazing item in this country, it isn't going to cost you $0.01. All you have to do is sign this little scrap of paper and you get your bottle free.

Video: I hereby turn over to ISM Inc. everything I have, including my freedom and the freedom of my children and my children's children in return for which said ISM promises to take care of me forever.

Brannon Howse: Well, isn't that where we're at today, folks? You get reparations, you get basic mandatory income. Hey, by 2030, you'll own nothing and you will be happy. Just turn it all over to us. We'll keep you busy and entertained through drugs and computer games. Isn't that what we heard from Harari? Noah Harari? Wow. 1948 cartoon Predicting the future. If you just buy the poison from the ISM. Poison. That promise is the cure to every ailment of mankind. No one's saying capitalism. The free market system is perfect. There's no perfect system because there is no such thing as a perfect person. We live in a sinful, fallen world. And that's the thing about the free market system. It works. It works well until people start acting well. Greedy. But the same thing is true with communism, right? That's all based on greed, taking from one what is rightfully theirs to give to another what is not rightfully theirs. No, no one ever said the free market system is perfect, but it's the best system ever created to deal with the sinful, fallen man and reward those who live out a Christian worldview and Christian values the best system ever created. Aside from living in a utopia where there is no sin and there is heaven, that's not going to happen in this life. But look how they just tell you. By our medicine. By the medicine. But wait a minute. They're offering you a medicine that's poison, and they're offering you a solution to the problem they created, as you saw through the Hegelian dialectic thesis and antithesis idea, opposite idea, people fighting management and labor. Stir up the strife. And then in comes the Communist to offer the poison disguised as medicine to heal every problem. Let's keep going. Get out of the way. Pardon me.

Video: Pardon me.

Video: And who are you, my good man?

Video: I'm John Q Public.

Video: Oh, my fine friend. You're just in time to share this generous and gigantic offer. Sign right here.

Video: Mind if I read it first? Hurry up. To me.

Video: Here first.

Video: Keep your shirts on, boys. Including my freedom. Freedom. Sign away my freedom. Why? This is ridiculous.

Video: Don't be corny, brother.

Video: Sure. Our system of free enterprise isn't perfect. But before we throw it away for some imported doubletalk, let's turn the clock back a few years to see what it's done for us. For example, back in the 1890s, Joe Dokes was just a guy who liked to tinker around his barn. Some people thought Joe was lazy. Some even thought he was nuts. But one day he had an idea. And because he was free to dream his dream and tinker. Joe had a chance to make something of himself in his idea.

So. Of course, some people didn't.

Video: Think so much of Joe's idea, but that didn't stop him. So Joe got some money from young Aunt Minnie and Uncle Angus. And Grandpappy and Mr. Typhus. When Joe's friends and relatives use their savings to help him buy tools and property, they were capitalists. Don't blush, folks. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Now, naturally, Joe needed some help, so he hired Willie Lumpkin, who was out of work anyway. And before long, Willie had the know how and became skilled labor. Because capital management and labor work together, Joe's idea grew. It grew and did things even he never dreamed of. Today, the automobile industry provides millions of jobs that never existed before. And remember, this is a story of only one industry. There are thousands more scattered all over the United States, whose history of development is pretty much the same. We've built a country under the American system that sends more young people to high school and college than all the rest of the world combined. Why? Even in the Depression, our wages bought more food, clothing, travel and entertainment than the wages of any other people in the world? Our country has a national income equal to the total national incomes of any other six nation in the world with only 7% of the Earth's. We drive 70% of the world's automobiles. That's just a sample of the things the capitalistic system has given us in only 160 years before signing up. You boys ought to try a little taste of Dr. Tourism's formula to see what you'd get in exchange for your freedom. Go ahead, try it.

Video: You can't do this to me. I'll stop.

Video: The state forbid strikes.

Video: Weight of the Union is about this?

Video: Ah, yes, the union. Welcome to our ranks. Number 1313.

Video: I'll take this case to the Supreme Court.

Video: The state is the Supreme Court. Our decision is as follows. No more private property. No more you.

Brannon Howse: Let me just stop right there. No more private property, huh? Aren't we watching that go on right now? Sustainable Development and Agenda 21. Agenda 2030. Taking the farmer's land in South Dakota and other places for a complete scam of carbon capture and carbon capture pipeline. No more private property and no more you. They're stealing people's private property left and right, under the color of law and the color of environmentalism. No more you. Well, they've dehumanized us. And now they seek. To eliminate us with a COVID death shot. And by peddling it's not only the right to die, it's now the duty to die. Active Euthanasia. No more you. No more private property. No more you. Again, this was 1948. If we bought into the isms, the poison, the isms, collectivism. There's a free handout. They'll just give the government more control and power and the government will solve the problems and stop all the infighting and the strife. Whatever problem we have can certainly be solved by the government if we just give them more authority. If we just give them more of our money, they'll be sure to solve the problem for us. That's the lie. You're about to see what's going to happen to the farmer. And this little 1948 cartoon and it's already happening to the farmer, just as it is happening to the Dutch farmers. They're not being allowed to fertilize with the necessary fertilizer to produce the best bumper crops. They're being told to euthanize their cattle because those cattle pass gas and urinate. Not good for the environment. They're getting control of the farmers, which means they're getting control of the food, which means they're going to get control of you and me. This is predicted. 1948, a little cartoon. Watch this.

Video: The farm voted to put a stop to this.

Video: Farmers don't vote anymore. What do they?

Video: Do for Seed next year?

Video: You won't have to worry about next year. The state will do your planning from now on. We must fight to regain our freedom.

Brannon Howse: Look at that State concentration camp number five. Well, maybe they won't call it a state concentration camp. Maybe they'll just call it a COVID camp or some kind of health camp. It's been a health emergency. But here's a film in 1948 saying you give these clowns and crooks and scammers and grifters more of your money and power and freedom. You'll eventually, put you in a camp. Wow. And yet I bet people laughed at this little film in 1948. Well, they wouldn't be laughing today if they saw it then and saw it now. Everything is lost.

Video: Everything. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is fine.

Brannon Howse: State propaganda. Speaker There you go. State propaganda. Speaker Well, isn't that what we have? Because they couldn't envision Twitter and Facebook and all these things that shut us down. But that's those are state propaganda speakers. The FBI, the CIA, NSA penetrating those and running those and working with those prove me wrong. We know what's right. State propaganda speaker Huh?

Video: Wow. Everything is fine. Everything is fine.

Video: When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred or.

Brannon Howse: Wait a minute, class warfare preaches disunity by pitting us against each other with class warfare. And racism and race baiting. Wow. I need to back up there and play that again because isn't that exactly what they're doing now? And they predicted it in 1948. Here we go. We think it's fine. Everything is fine.

Video: When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred or religious intolerance, you know, that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives. And we know what to do about it.

Video: And now, gentlemen, no violence, please. They don't throw those bottles. Don't throw those.

Video: Working together to produce an ever greater abundance of material and spiritual values for all. That is the secret of American prosperity.

Brannon Howse: Spiritual values? Yep. The question is what kind of spiritual value? Spiritual value is based on the character nature of God. Private property. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet. 1948 seems to have come true, doesn't it? What they predicted. You know, you go and read about that. They'll say that's anti-communist propaganda. Did you see anything in there that was a lie? Anything in there that wasn't true. They'll also declare that the film promoted violence against communists. The film was promoting mob violence against the Communists. Well, that's because they chased the guy out of town. I didn't see any blood. I didn't see them doing anything to hurt the guy. They ran him out of town. The cartoon. But that's the best they can come up with online when you read the reviews. It was promoting mob violence against the communists. Well, who is it that's involved in that? That's again, psychological projection. Who's the mob violence? Mob violence was seen in 2020, burning and looting and rioting in town after town and city after city and burning down businesses, many of them owned by black Americans that work hard to save and produce and develop that business. And then many of them lost it all. But yet we were told that this was the , prairie fire that was necessary to burn down the system, the white man's system. The system was created through a false narrative. A construct. But indeed, all of this is fake.

Brannon Howse: It's all phony. It's all been a construct from the very beginning, including the Constitution, to enslave you. So they use nice sounding words, liberty, freedom, right and wrong. But who decides what is right? What is wrong? The man, the system, and those who run it decide what is right and wrong to use their religion to enslave you. That's what we're told. It's all a construct. None of this is reality. Because, after all, there is no such thing as absolute truth and reality that truth and reality are created by man, not by God. Don't you know that's postmodernism? Because, of course, postmodernism was created largely founded by a man by the name of. Friedrich Nietzsche said, God is dead, we can smell his rotting corpse. We'll kill God in the conscience of man. The conscience of man will kill the concept of God. Michael Foucault is another founder of postmodern thought. He was so perverted. He liked to have sex with other men and infect them with AIDS and called it a whole new level of the exhilaration of murder by sex. Michael Foucault. Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche, who said that Christians will make great slaves. Because they believe in absolute truth. Friedrich Nietzsche promoted the idea of master morality and slave morality. Yeah, these are all constructs. What? The Christian promotes the free market. Promote their constructs that we're all created to make you unhappy and keep you enslaved.

Brannon Howse: Let me ask you this. Has the idea of the concept of free. The free market, private property, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Has that enslaved people or has it set them free? Well, we know it's set them free. It was the white capitalists that helped to end slavery. The abolition movement was largely started in Europe by Christian men in a print shop. White Christian capitalists. No, they're liars. These things are not constructed by men. They are well created by God based on his character and nature. And we are endowed with certain inalienable rights given to us now by the government, but by God. And these rights are consistent with the character nature of God. And yes, it has been the white Christian capitalist who said, You know what? Slavery is wrong. We're going to end that. It was many of those white churches at the end of the Civil War told their black friends will help them start their churches because they say you want them. We'll help you do that and we'll help you fund them. No, America's been great. America's been made awesome because of the values that stem from the character nature of God, the Ten Commandments, the moral law, the laws of nature, and Nature's God. The little cartoon in 1948 said, What would happen if we bought the isms, the poison being sold by Doctor Utopia? They would solve the problem. Well, many turned their life over to the government and sought to seek their very substance from the government.

Brannon Howse: Look at where we're at tonight. Fighting for our very existence to even be on the air. So as we go into Memorial Day weekend, I'll be off tomorrow night and Friday, and of course, for Memorial Day, I'll be back Tuesday night, Lord willing, as we go into Memorial Day weekend. Let's remember the men and women that have sacrificed so that we might have. Well, a free society. The men and women that had died fighting communism, fighting the isms of totalitarianism, communism, Leninism, and Marxism. Just remember them. Lest we find ourselves fully. Fully. Enslaved by the very isms warned about in this little cartoon. Nine minutes and 25 seconds. In 1948. If you appreciate what we do here, we appreciate your support by going to Use that promo code B 66 Use that promo code B66. There's a sale on sheets and towels and slides, sandals, and slippers. They make great Father's Day gifts. They make great gifts for graduation or graduation students, kids going off to college or getting their first apartment, or going to the dorm. A lot of gifts there for brides and grooms for setting up their first house. But use that promo code B66. You'll get savings. We'll get we get credit. And that's what helps us stay here on the air. Thanks for watching. Until Tuesday night I'm Brannon Howse. Thanks for watching. Take care.

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