Joe Hoft: DeSantis Presidential Campaign Rollout Is Biggest Bust in US History


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Brannon Howse: All right. Joining me now is Joe Hockey hot off the presses. Look at this headline just came out. There we go. Desantis presidential campaign Rollout as biggest Bust in US History. Welcome back to the broadcast. Joe Hoft of

Joe Hoft: It's great to be here tonight. Thanks, Brennan.

Brannon Howse: Joining us from Florida, no doubt.

Joe Hoft: That's right. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: So tell me about this. This thing was going on on Twitter spaces and it was going on in the control room. And I was preparing for my show and Mike's show. And I kept saying to Logan, Is that thing back yet? He's like, No, no, it's crashed like five times. Right? Then it finally came back, but it crashed five times.

Joe Hoft: It's it was a mess. It was a disaster, as they say. Total disaster. Disaster.

Brannon Howse: Disaster, disaster. Oh, my. So unbelievable. But doesn't that just prove that Ron, doesn't it just prove that Ron is so popular that all those people wanted to get in there and listen to him? I bet you that's how they're spinning.

Joe Hoft: Yeah, I saw that. I saw Fox News puts up put up a piece. Of course, they've been promoting DeSantis. Desantis disaster. Desantis, um, for months now. And we've heard Rupert Murdoch said basically to DeSantis years ago, even maybe back in 2020, that he's the guy and they're going to support him. And so Fox is behind him. And Murdoch and Murdoch own Fox and Wall Street Journal and The New York Post. And when you go to them you go to those sites now you just see this pro-DeSantis push from, uh, you know, from those outlets. And so they're certainly following Rupert Murdoch and the family there and pushing DeSantis. He also had Elon Musk on board today. So it was going to be this big, awesome, you know, outing. I've also read that he was going to originally do it in his hometown, which is some small city near Tampa, Florida, where he grew up, maybe even on the baseball field where he once played. But then they started thinking about and they started getting guess cold feet because they were probably thinking more Trump supporters would show up than Santa supporters and start screaming Trump, Trump, Trump, or something.

Joe Hoft: So they decided to do this thing online with Elon Musk. And it just totally bombed. It just it was just horrible. And as you said, some people were saying 700,000 people will. Of course, that would shut it down. No, no, sorry. That won't shut down. That won't shut down a, you know, a good website and Twitter certainly has the tools to handle 700,000 visitors. So something happened. It was a mess. It was a disaster. And some of the comments on Twitter and President Trump came out with some comments and they're just priceless what people said. And, you know, Trump's might be the best, as always. He's always got the zingers that'll, you know, just destroy somebody. But you know this it looks bad. It's really bad for DeSantis. I put a couple of these up tonight at Some of these tweets that I saw out there are just I think they're hilarious. Maybe we could go through some of them. Yeah, yeah let's do that.

Brannon Howse: Here's one here. Johnny Meg DeSantis Twitter space is a dumpster fire. Well, if crashing polls weren't if crashing polls weren't big enough sign that the crashing Twitter space is erasing all doubt. It's not the right time for DeSantis to run. Here's another one. Everybody's laughing at Governor DeSantis now. Uh, he canceled an event in his hometown because he knew he'd get What is that? Ratioed. And he.

Joe Hoft: Launched. Yeah, Ratioed.

Brannon Howse: So he chose to hide in Twitter spaces and has been a catastrophic mess. My life is complete. Oh, wow. Weird how these were already taken off the trending list, I'm sure. Coincidence and not election influencing. Oh wow. Wait. I thought Twitter was supposed to be a free space. Not so much. Yeah, right.

Joe Hoft: Yeah. Yeah. Unbelievable. But do you see what they were? Disaster. And what? Failing to launch.

Brannon Howse: Failure to launch. Failure to launch. Is it that the movie with Kate Hudson And what's the guy? What's the guy's name? Uh, they should. I guess they could. I guess they could put a picture of DeSantis and his wife. Those two are like the movie poster. That's pretty. Yeah.

Joe Hoft: Yeah, it's funny. I saw something. Somebody already did that, too. I didn't put it out. It's so funny.

Brannon Howse: Uh, let's see. Tim Scott's presidential launch, even with the broken microphone, was by far the best presidential launch of the week. Rob's was. That's a catastrophe.

Joe Hoft: That comes from President Trump. Oh, that's President Trump.

Brannon Howse: Sure it is. Yeah, true. That's true. Thank you for pointing that out, by the way. Thank you. Thank you. Uh oh, look at that. Don't pay the contractor. Oh, don't pay the contractor who put together your campaign even if they can't get the mic to even work. Let's see. He also said, Wow, that DeSantis, DeSantis Twitter launch is a disaster. His whole campaign will be a disaster. Watch. Donald Trump.

Joe Hoft: Yeah, yeah. Trump is always right about that stuff. He's right. He's right. It's going to be a failure, you know? You know, it kind of reminds me of Brandon like Rick Perry. Remember how he started, What was the deal? Did he get all choked up or started sweating or something, or was it Marco Little Marco that started sweating?

Brannon Howse: Well, Marco kept reaching over and grabbing the bottle of water, you know, and. And that wasn't good. Yeah. Let's see. Rick Perry, he. He said he wanted to do, what, like three things, and couldn't get through his list. Couldn't even remember his list or something.

Joe Hoft: He just fumbled through it and that. That's it. One incident, you're pretty much toast And this could this really could be it. I mean, this is a horrible way to start your campaign, have multiple glitches. It's just not it's just not good.

Brannon Howse: It's like Henry Henry. It's like Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford falling down the stairs, you know, And then he ends up on Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase mocking him on Saturday Night Live. And it's kind of at that point it gets into the pop culture. It's over.

Joe Hoft: Well, that's it. And you know what? When people start laughing at you, it's over. It's over.

Brannon Howse: Unless. Unless you're Donald Trump. And you can take that and make and I don't know. I only know two people that I've ever seen take criticism and mocking and turn it into gold. That's Mike Lindell and Donald Trump. Mike Lindell and Donald Trump. Take it and turn it on these characters and end up being more popular than ever. But that takes real skill. You know who else was good at that was Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Remember when he turned to Mondale? Was it Mondale who said, I refuse to make age and inexperience an issue in this race because everybody's been talking about how old Ronald Reagan was? He's so old. And he says I refuse to make age and inexperience an issue in this race. And I think it was Walter Mondale who was just left standing there, you know, trying to smile and act like that was funny. But you could see in his face he's like, oh, that was a clip that will go around the world.

Joe Hoft: How about it? And we haven't forgotten it. That was how many years later, too. And he got waxed. Remember that Trump Reagan won every state but Minnesota, Minnesota.

Brannon Howse: And the District of Columbia was the only one Mondale won. Brutal. And then. And then how about this one? I guess this shows what a bunch of old political dogs we are. How about when? How about when the guy running against George H. Uh, put on the Dukakis? Oh, yeah. Put on the army helmet in the jeep or the tank was running around in the army with the. The army helmet in the tank. That didn't turn out well.

Joe Hoft: The caucus.

Brannon Howse: The caucus. Yes. Yes.

Joe Hoft: The disaster for Dukakis. Yes.

Brannon Howse: I bet we could sit here all night long and come up with these. But you'd have to again, be old political dogs like us that grew up consuming this stuff, right? Yeah. Yeah, that was that's a good one. The Babylon Bee. Look at this one. Ron DeSantis. Ron DeSantis. Nice hair. Gets spray tan in preparation for the 2024 presidential run.

Joe Hoft: Ooh.

Brannon Howse: That's good. That's good. I'm glad we're. I'm glad we're able to laugh a little boy. That one got 946 replies already. Well, I'm glad we're laughing. What is this one? Mar-a-Lago tonight is going to be lit. What is this?

Joe Hoft: Well, it's watching this video that they're playing. They're. Look, it's kind of spooky.

Brannon Howse: Oh, gosh. Oh, they gave him angel wings.

Joe Hoft: There are so many. Clever. Threw that together quickly. You know, so here's Trump doing this. And DeSantis, you know, can't even get off the ground. There are all these people watching this. The music's priceless with that, too. So I don't know where.

Brannon Howse: The music went. It should be on there, but I guess they didn't bring it up in the control room. Oh, they're hilarious. Better late than never, boys. Thanks. Okay. I don't. All right, here we go. Uh, I guess that's. Oh, that's Donald Trump Junior. Ron DeSantis Presidential announcement fails as Twitter Spaces Crashes. Real news now. Yeah. Oh, wow. Well, I guess we're having too much fun at Ron's brutal. Brutal. Let me ask you. Let me. Let me go here. Back one, two Is there any other story we should touch on real quick before we let you go?

Joe Hoft: Um, well, there's one there. The second one back is with Garland Favorito. I don't know if you've had him on your show here the last couple of days. Yeah, we did. You heard what's going on.

Brannon Howse: But tell our audience for those who maybe missed it.

Joe Hoft: Yeah. So in Georgia, they had a, as you know, stolen election there in 2020. And there was a group of people that were involved in the recount in mid-November. And when they were doing the recount, they said, hey, these ballots are all the same. They all haven't been folded. They're not they're supposedly absentee ballots. They need to come in and bat in envelopes. They weren't folded or anything. 100,000 or 147,000 that they feel like we're you know, we're tainted. And so they asked the court to look at them and review them for not just not the counts, but just to look at them for validity. These things didn't seem to be proper. Well, the court held on to this for ten months and then after ten months said you don't have standing, which was just total garbage. Then it went to the appellate court. They agreed and it finally went up to the Supreme Court in Georgia. The Supreme Court said, no, you have standing if your government is committing crimes against you, then you do have standing. And so they pushed it back down to the appellate court. That was in December. And finally, a couple of weeks ago, the appellate court pushed it down now to the lower court. And so they're hoping that the lower court then will just move forward with the Supreme Court's order and allow these guys to look at these ballots. Here it is now more than two years later. And what also happened in the case with Garland Favorito, who may be mentioned on your show, is that the original judge now waited till this point in time to recuse himself.

Joe Hoft: They've brought in this other judge that's had some horrible rulings on elections since 2020. He's taking it over now. Garland and his team are wanting to get rid of him because they don't feel like they're going to get a fair shake. I mean, this is what we've had to deal with in just Georgia to try to get to the truth. And again, it's like this wouldn't happen if we were dealing with ethical people and there were no problems in the election. The fact that this is happening is obvious to all of us that this election was stolen, and there's massive evidence to suggest that it is. And if we can just get our hands on it, these criminals that stole this this this election from us, uh, you know, we would, you know, we could have had a real, you know, a real president right now instead of this joke of Joe Biden. One of the guys I interviewed this week, Joe diGenova, former District of Columbia attorney, said, you know, this is the Democrats. They're ruthless. They they they want power. They want to win every election, and they don't care how they win. It's all about power. And we've got to stop treating these people like we're dealing with, you know, ethical people. They're not they're they're animals.

Brannon Howse: And the sad thing in closing, Joe, is they're doing it all largely under the color of law with corrupt FBI, corrupt CIA, corrupt George Soros, DA's compromised, compromised, corrupt judges. I believe they're all doing this under the color of law. At some point, the American people have got to understand that there are going to be people that have to say, I don't recognize you. I don't recognize your authority. Your authority does not come from the Constitution. It does not come from the rule of law. Your authority does not come from God. You are a tyrant. You're a wannabe tyrant and dictator. You are lawless. You are unconstitutional. And we don't have to honor you. We don't have to obey you. The Constitution says we have the obligation not to obey you and the American people's needs. I think, in my opinion, Joe, start processing in their mind that someday, someday soon, we may have men that have to stand up and say, we refuse to comply, we refuse. Now they may end up killing them. The government may end up killing them. But we need a process that at some point has to be men that will stand up and say, I am under no order by God or by the Constitution to comply with you, and you might as well be wearing a Nazi uniform. Yeah, I know you're wearing a uniform that denotes some government agency, but you might as well be wearing a communist or a Nazi or other USSR uniform. But I don't have to obey you. I mean, we used to make movies in America and show them to our children that honored the people behind the Berlin Wall, behind the Iron Curtain, the people that stood up to these people. We made movies and honored them for resisting those. Yeah, but yet if you resist that kinds of tyrants today who are trying to do it under the color of law, they make you out to be someone that got what you deserve.

Joe Hoft: Yeah, yeah. The charge was sedition and everything else, and all you're doing is trying to stand up for, you know, a true election. And quite frankly, Brennan, we lost four lives on January 6th. The government won't share. They won't even mention their names. Four people died on January 6th at the Trump rally. All Trump supporters, two men like you and me, with, I believe the grenades blew up in their faces. They weren't expecting them to come and they just had a heart attack and died. Two guys. And then Roseanne Boyland, who was brutalized by one of the Capitol Police, beaten to death, and smothered and covered. And these guys are trying to save her. And they're now sitting one guy was a sheriff from Tennessee. They're sitting in jail. They're not even don't have their court dates yet. Their whole sin was as they tried to save Roseanne Boyland from being murdered. And then we have, of course, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot dead by a Capitol policeman. And they didn't even investigate the guy and just said, nope, nothing wrong here. It was fine. He shoots her point blank from ten feet away that we've all seen the video and, you know, no big deal. We're just moving on. Let's shuffle, shuffle forward. No. Four people have already died. So, yeah, you're right about this tyranny. It's here now. And we have to figure out ways to stand up. I'll give you some kind of breaking news and we'll be putting up something tomorrow. Certainly will at the is that Louisiana has just passed a bill it's like an anti tyranny bill. There's only one other state that might have something similar it just passed and what it is hey, they're saying we don't have to comply with any tyrannical federal government initiatives anymore. If they're tyrannical, we are not going to comply. So it may be a real roadmap for other states to take up to stand up to this, you know, these criminals that are running our federal government right now.

Brannon Howse: Amen to that. Amen to that Happy Memorial Day weekend, Joe.

Joe Hoft: Thank you. Thank you. Same to you. And thanks for all your work.

Brannon Howse: Appreciate it. It's a team effort. Thank you, Joe. Appreciate it. Have a great weekend. You, too, Joe Hoppe Checking in. Check out his site.

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