Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. John Witcher on the War on Doctors That Followed the Science


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Brannon Howse: Let's go first to Dr. John and Dr. Peter. Guys, welcome to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: Uh, thanks for being with us tonight. Appreciate your being here. Dr. John, you reached out to me about doing a broadcast, and I'm always happy when you do that. You're still running for governor of Mississippi, right?

Dr. John Witcher:  That is correct, Brannon. Still running for governor of Mississippi. We have two months to go. So we're in the crunch time now.

Brannon Howse: Two months to go to the primary?

Dr. John Witcher:  That's correct. Two months.

Brannon Howse: What's the exact date? So everybody knows.

Dr. John Witcher:  August the 8th.

Brannon Howse: August the 8th. John Wicker running for governor of Mississippi. Now, I hope I'm not I think you've made this known. If you win the primary or should I say win, you win the primary. And then when you win, the general, who's going to help you with the health issues there in Mississippi?

Dr. John Witcher:  Well, Dr. Peter McCullough, he's going to come on board with us and we're going to create a position called the surgeon general of Mississippi. And we're going to create that position. And we're going to bring Dr. Peter McCullough in and other doctors around Mississippi and the United States, as well as scientists, and public health officials. And, you know, we're going to get to the bottom of just why the federal government and big Pharma came after us during COVID and why all these things that this whole COVID debacle was started. And, you know, we can get to the bottom of it.

Brannon Howse: Excellent. What's on your agenda tonight? What what? You reached out to me. You said you had something you and Dr. Peter McCullough wanted to share with us.

Dr. John Witcher:  Well, we just want to talk about the weaponization of the, you know, the health care system. You know, we know that America, the whole weaponization against conservatives in general. But, you know, we want to talk about how the American Medical Association and many of its daughter boards have gone after doctors. It's come all the way down to the state levels, even right here in Mississippi, our Mississippi State Medical Association in connection with our licensure board. And many of the state doctors have pushed to silence and go after doctors that want to speak out and speak out against the risk of the vaccines and also speak out about treatments that work for COVID.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Dr. McCullough, how are you doing? We haven't talked to you in a few weeks. Any new updates from you on your battle? Because they're coming after you, aren't they?

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Yeah, Right now things are quiet on my front. From the battle perspective, I'm in a completely independent practice now and, you know, busy with patients coming from all over the country. We've had news that Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in Germany, a microbiologist who was speaking out against the vaccines, wrote a book. He's been exonerated on charges of misinformation and anti-Semitism in court today. And so we'll continue to see how things go. React. 19 the biggest vaccine injury group in the United States. 20,000 people are suing the Biden administration over censorship, that they were censored from telling their stories of what happened when they took the vaccine, which is a clear violation of free speech. And where we see things going, Brennan, is we're seeing this go right into the rise of transgender medicine. And the news is filled every day with some new aspect of transsexuality.

Brannon Howse: It is. We're reporting on it constantly here on our 30-minute nightly newscast, the Worldview Report, and trying to strip parents of their parental rights to start giving kids hormone blockers, you know, all kinds of transition, drugs, surgery, of course, Bill, in California, to just take them and put them into an LGBTQ friendly facility if the parents aren't being supportive enough. I mean, did you ever really think, Governor, wow, look at how easy that rolls off the tongue. Did you ever think, John Dr. John, I recall Marty calling you governor, you know? Wow. From my lips to God's ears, right? Did you ever think Dr. John Witcher I mean, you and I were raised very much in the Deep South for some time? I was. Did you spend your whole life there? Jerry Clower You know, we you went to church with him. I was raised with my dad listening to his albums. And so I was immersed in that Southern culture. I mean, our grandparents and great-grandparents would just couldn't even fathom this, could they, John?

Dr. John Witcher:  No, not. And that's, you know, we're very conservative here in Mississippi. You know, we most all of us are. You know, we just believe in God. And, you know, we stand for God and country. And, you know, over the last 25 years since I've been practicing medicine, you know, the American Medical Association and our federal health care system have gone left radical on us. I mean, for example, the American Medical Association just recently has come out to say that, you know, we don't need to be putting sex on a birth certificate. Okay. These are. Yeah. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: So, you know, I just had on Dr. John Thorpe. You guys are all buddies with John Dr. John Thorpe, right? I had Dr. John Thorpe on the other day. And have you guys seen what his wife is? is. I didn't realize his wife was an attorney. Maggie, did you guys realize that she was able, through the Freedom of Information Act, to get information related to the $13 billion that was used, I think, by CDC, Health and Human Services to convince groups to push the COVID shot? And he goes into great detail on the faith leaders and church denominations. And he started showing some of them. And I recognized immediately some of them. I wrote a book in 2018 called Mark S.A. The Over 300 Pages that came out in November 2018 called Mark S.A. I warned there that these evangelical Protestant churches were for sale. All you had to do is buy them. And I used the Obama money of billions of dollars paying churches and church organizations and ministries money to bring illegals here and get them settled. I'm all for legal immigration. We're all from some kind of historical family that migrated here. That's not the issue. It's the illegal immigration that is the problem. And here was all this money being paid to these churches, you know, open the borders and this is what Jesus would have us do. Yet the Bible says God draws the borders of nations, right? So here we have these churches. I was saying in Mark S.A., they're going to take this government money.

Brannon Howse: And a lot of these groups were into social justice. They were pushing the woke ideology, white privilege, and male toxic masculinity. David Platt speaking at one conference, talking about we're all racists. Talk about churches and church leaders, the thousands of people. We're all racist. And he starts this diatribe of what makes us all racist. And when I took every one of them by point, it had nothing to do with Christians. It had nothing to do with people that were either white or brown or black. Every problem he listed had to do usually with government intrusion, stopping the free market, the government doing things to encourage people not to get married, and encouraging people not to practice abstinence. I mean everything he as a quote pastor, speaking of Pastor Christian pastors wanted to blame on Christians. Now, I looked at this and I wrote this book, Mark Hannity, and I said, here's the model. They don't need to persecute the church into compliance. They just have to purchase the church. And here's Dr. James Thorpe's wife, Maggie, getting us the report that shows the National Association of Evangelicals and one church denomination after another after another. According to her filing, we showed the screenshot. Dr. Peter, does this blow your mind? And they're forcing church leaders and denominations to push these pregnant women to get the shot. I've never seen Dr. John Thorpe so exorcised, so filled with righteous indignation as he was. He was livid and rightfully so the other night.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  It's true. Just one correction. Jim Thorpe. Jim Thorpe and his wife Maggie. You're right. A real superstar attorney, I can tell. This got you fired up. Brandon, You know, you've worked so hard on the books over the year, and boy, did you nail it. The COVID Community states program $13 billion from the Biden White House. Hhs flowed out to religious organizations, churches, the media, about 4000 news stations, the NFL, the major sports teams, and to the Doctors Association, notably the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Association of Pediatrics. This was early before the vaccines were even kind of rolling out to the general population. They were already pushing vaccines and pregnant women and children. Do you know what happened on the newsreels yesterday in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology met there was some type of altercation they had to call in the law within a doctor's society. This is unheard of. I can tell you the House of Medicine right now is in a deep state of unrest. The vaccines have been a disaster. Now, this transgender medicine, many states are banning it in childhood, including Texas.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  We got to get Governor Abbott to sign off on the House and Senate-approved bills, bills moving through Georgia. And I'm sure when Dr. John Witcher becomes governor and we get a solid administration in place, this will be taken up all over the state. Governor Tate called Tater Tot in Mississippi has been a great disappointment, and hasn't shown any leadership on medical issues. They had a totalitarian medical director, Dr. Dobbs. Finally, he has fired thanks to the efforts of Dr. Witcher and his team of really freedom evidence-based doctors. And when we presented it in the House of Representatives in Mississippi, it was stunning. We gave a. Press release afterward. And we're on the steps of the Capitol building. And one of the senators wanted the podium. We stepped aside and he got up and he said, I took this vaccine. I regret it. Now I have a blood clot in my leg and I'm taking blood thinners. We were stunned. The crowd was stunned. I tell you, we're going to be on the right side of history, all of us. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: And indeed. Well, here's a headline. This was out two years ago this month. These vaccines are a gift from God. First Baptist Dallas promoting COVID-19 Vaccine Hosting clinic. In another article, The Dallas Morning News First Baptist, Robert Jeffress, quote, There's no credible religious argument against the vaccine, end quote. I could give you about 100 of them. How about you, Doctor John Witcher?

Dr. John Witcher:  Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, I've been crisscrossing the state over the last several months and speaking to a lot of different conservative groups. And you know, what I'm finding out throughout Mississippi is, are people smart in Mississippi than you get? You know, there are a lot of common sense folks in Mississippi and they know these shots didn't work. And, you know, that's why these folks are not taking them now. But if it was left up to our government, you know, and Tate Reeves, they would be injecting these jabs into even babies at this point, pregnant women and babies down to six months. And the Mississippians, you know, the grassroots folks, they're not falling for that. And also, you know, they many of these folks treated themselves with ivermectin horse paste. I mean, we got a lot of country folks in Mississippi and they just did. But there were doctors throughout Mississippi. One in particular, Doctor Robert Corcoran, who's treated over 10,000 COVID patients with no deaths. And he used things like the doctor, Peter McCullough, early intervention protocols, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, etcetera. And, you know, these people throughout Mississippi, they know they want a new governor, they want me to be governor, and they certainly want Dr. Peter McCullough to be the surgeon general. And they want us to get to the bottom of this. They want to start the investigations immediately. We've already reached out to our attorney general. She has the information. She has affidavits. She's the word is she's looking into things. But I'm going to start applying pressure on her to meet with us and start discussions. But, you know, we're going to do things differently in Mississippi. Let me ask you this.

Brannon Howse: I just got a text from a guy who's retired FBI, a good friend of mine. He just said, have you guys ever considered a town hall? Or a virtual town hall with COVID rebel doctors. He means that in a positive way. And retired FBI, I think he's volunteering himself. He was one of the retired FBI guys that we had four of them that came to town two years ago this November. One of them was the former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division of the FBI, my buddy Terry Turchie, who's on here all the time. But it sounds like my retired FBI buddy, David Baldovin, is volunteering to be on that panel. I don't know about you, Dr. John, but I think maybe off camera we should talk about organizing something in North Mississippi, which, you know, I'm just a few miles from the line. We could very easily organize something in DeSoto County for you and with some of these doctors. And we could film it and turn it into something. If I don't have to go 4 or 5 hours from the studio just right over to DeSoto County, wouldn't be a problem. We should talk about doing that.

Dr. John Witcher:  Yeah, absolutely. We've got a lot of supporters up in DeSoto County. We've got some things planned up there. Last night I was in New Albany. That's not very far from you. And we had a good turnout and we had one of our we had Senator Roger Wicker there. Believe it or not, He showed up unannounced. You know, he has been a disappointment in Mississippi to a lot of these grassroots Mississippians because, you know, our politicians have should I mean, let's face it, Biden should have been impeached multiple times. There are very few politicians on the national and even the local level here in Mississippi that are calling things out and are fighting on a conservative level. And unfortunately, Roger Wicker is one of them. We don't hear from him. We don't hear that he's in the fight. He's not like you know, these folks up there that are fighting. And so and also, he went to Davos, Switzerland, which, you know, a lot of people here in Mississippi do not feel that you know, the World Economic Forum, the World Economic, World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum and the global leaders is the way we want to go here in Mississippi.

Brannon Howse: Sure not. We were just talking about that a while ago. Dr. McCullough with James Rogowski and Leo Hallman and I guess former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is over there monitoring it and not one of the countries that are working on these amendments in secret secrecy. The word is on the inside. Not one of them is objecting to any of these amendments. Sounds like they're going to put them together and then wait and then confirm them a year from now. I ask the guys in the last interview, do you think they're because here we have the I guess also Tedros was coming out in the last 24 hours warning at these meetings about the next pandemic will be deadlier than COVID. So I ask Leo and I asked James Rogowski. I said, do you think they're going to have something let something happen that is deadlier to soften up the world and grassroots to accept? And then all of a sudden, whammo, May 20th, 24 comes and everybody's willing to give away their liberties and freedoms because they're scared to death. Sounds like what we call, you know, programming propaganda.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Boy, I hope you're not right. Don't see another pandemic in the short term. The CDC just put out a warning a few days ago on a monkeypox resurgence. Remember, monkeypox was dropped as an emergency on January 31st of this year. It's easily treated with tecovirimat or oral 13 cases in Chicago that were fully vaccinated. And they got it anyway. So they vaccinated 1.3 million people. The genius vaccine doesn't work. Um, what I think is going to happen is it wants dominion over all plants, animals, and humans in terms of how they already have it locked up. The only way to pull out of it now is to pull out of the W.H.O. And that's what we're pushing for right now. So don't see another pandemic. It's quite hard to, in a sense, orchestrate a virus or a bacteria that would infect the entire world. We're going to have little outbreaks here and there, but we're going to have to move along with this whole idea of fighting a woke globalist ideology of mass vaccination control transsexualism. Transhumanism is coming right at us.

Brannon Howse: Indeed it is. So when Tedros is warning about the next pandemic going to be deadlier, is he just involved in fear tactics? Is that what that is?

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Doctor Peter Yeah, I think so. You know, there are more deadly illnesses like Marburg or Ebola, but they just don't spread worldwide. They're in limited outbreaks. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: Take a look at my computer screen. Do you recognize that, Doctor John? Do you recognize what that is right there?

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Oh, yeah.

Brannon Howse: That's where you were.

Dr. John Witcher:  Those are like the Ozarks of the Ozarks. Coming in October?

Brannon Howse: Yeah. You were there last year. We look forward to having you back. And guess what? Here's the lineup. General Michael Flynn. Mike Lindell, Dr. Peter McCullough. Rebecca Walser. Colonel John Mills, who served on the National Security Council for two presidents Alec Alex Newman, Patrick Wood, and Dr. Andy Woods. And I still got to get Todd Bensman, the excellent reporter Todd Bensman up there. That looks quite like quite the lineup, doesn't it?

Dr. John Witcher:  Absolutely. It sure.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  Does. It sure does. Sure does. Brennan. I never realized your house was so enormous up there. That looks like an estate. That's like. That's like Miralago House or something.

Brannon Howse: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll have you over. Yeah, we'll have you over. That's amazing. Yeah. Oh, that's hilarious. Yeah. So that's the vent, folks. And Dr. Peter McCullough will be there in person along with everybody else. It's going to be a great event and people are already talking about it and making their reservations. Now, Dr. McCullough, your website is I'm looking at it right here. Let's go over there. I thought I had it marked up. I went to your substack. But what is I guess I went to WVWTV to get this, but give us your substack real quick.

Dr. Peter McCullough:  But yeah go to PeterMcCulloughMD.substack.com and then PetermcculloughMD.Substack.com. That'll take you everywhere. The substack is now just on fire. People are reading every day because it's providing graphical abstracts and updated information. Co-write it with bestselling author John Leek and it is doing well. We're dedicated to just bringing the cited factual information forward. I love your idea, by the way, of doing a roundtable with FBI experts, and intelligence experts. We need to collaborate more to get to the bottom of it and get America on the right track. Indeed, we do.

Brannon Howse: Show the screen. I did have it. Then I moved off to go to the WWE TV store, but there it is. PeterMcCulloughMD.substack.com. PeterMcCulloughmd.substack.com. Here's one for you. Robotic pills for gastrointestinal tract targeted oral mRNA delivery. He's got so many on here, you got to check them out. Peter McCullough MD substack.com And Dr. John what's your website?

Dr. John Witcher:  My website is witcherforgovernor.com.

Brannon Howse: Witcherforgovernor.com. Well, we appreciate both of you being with us and Dr. John give me a holler. Let's talk about getting something organized in DeSoto County before the August primary.

Dr. John Witcher:  I will. And listen, two months to go. So it's very important. You know, we want to save America. And so we need all the patriots out there that believe in God and the country to come. We need another governor that will put in God we trust. And I'll do that. If you vote me in, I will make the Saints look like a liberal.

Brannon Howse: I love it. And you're going to make Doctor Peter McCullough, the surgeon general of Mississippi.

Dr. John Witcher:  Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: Wow. That's awesome. So people can contribute if they want. I bet at Witcherforgovernor.com. Right.

Dr. John Witcher:  They can.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, folks, if everybody gave five bucks, we, you know, ten bucks. 20 bucks. So Witcher for governor.com and those who give more do How about Governor Witcher? Thank you, guys. Thank you, Doctor McCullough.

Brannon Howse: All right. Great, great panel there. They are great guests, and great guys too.

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