Brannon Howse interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits


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Brannon Howse interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits

Guest: Dr. Judy Mikovits. Topic: Today Brannon interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits about her book Plague of Corruption which is endorsed by conservative columnist Michele Malkin, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT and the 2008 Nobel Laureate for the isolation of the HIV retrovirus. her book is published by Simon & Schuster Digital Sales Inc. Question: First, could you please give us a brief bio of who you are, what degrees you have, where you’ve worked, so our audience can be caught up to speed on your background? Question: How would you respond to people who have researched your name and found many articles from medical peer reviews saying you should not be trusted? Question: Could you please tell us the story of your relationship with Fauci—where it began, what he did to your AIDS research and how his guy took the credit, etc. Question: In your opinion, are the people who have had the flu virus more susceptible to contracting and/or dying from the Coronavirus? And is this related to what you said in a recent interview that this “is not an ingested virus, it’s an INJECTED virus?” Could you please explain in laymen’s terms what this actually means? Question: I am told that you now have the ear of President Trump. Has he watched your interviews? What can you tell us of his reaction to the information he has learned? Question: Could you please give us a brief synopsis of what happened in 2017, when the ban on “GAIN A FUNCTION” studies was lifted, and the role Francis Collins played in this, and why Fauci funded these studies in Wuhan. Maybe take us back to before 2013, because you were involved in this, right? And then they deemed it too risky in 2013? Question: So from your perspective, could you compare this Covid-19 virus to the normal flu virus for us? Is it more contagious, less contagious? What is the true cause of death when people are dying from this? Question: I understand that you are very much opposed to using a mask. Could you please explain the medical reasons behind this? Question: Now, when I was a kid we had, what, 2 or 3 shots? And now these poor kids are given around 75 or so in multiple vaccination series!?! Can you comment on why there are so many, which ingredients are concerning, and how parents should handle this if they are concerned? Topic: Is there any truth to the reports that the 1950 vaccine for polio included cancer cells and resulted in the drastic increase in cancer for the next several years?

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