Southern Baptist Convention

  • Baptist Leaders Primed Their Followers For The Black Live Matter Movement & The Democratic Party

    Black Lives Matter is admittedly a Cultural Marxist trained organization whose followers  have now been demonstrating, rioting, burning, looting and making their demands known in America’s streets for months now with no end in site. Hundreds of millions in support dollars from corporate America have fueled the movement which is rooted, not in the historic civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s but boastfully is moving to “disrupt the civil rights movement” with it’s own radical roots of feminist lesbianism and transgenderism and the full LGBTQ range of sexual liberation which have redefined global human rights. YET none of the radical reality of BLM has deterred conservative ( by reputation at least) Baptist leaders from stepping up and offering public support and even, in some cases, marching with radicals and their sympathizers in the streets.