The world Is On The Verge Of A New AI Religion


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  • A human trafficker admits that a boarding school in Ukraine worked with him to capture children for the purpose of harvesting their organs.
  • California repeals its controversial medical disinformation law in a big win for doctors and their patients.
  • Yuval Harari weighs in on AI, ChatGPT and the future in a post-human world.
  • Pope Francis warns that the world is on the brink of a nuclear war.
  • The Ukrainian military has announced the suspension of its transgender spokesperson for allegedly making unapproved statements on social media.
  • And House Republicans grill Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland. We’ve got video clips that you won’t want to miss.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!



Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Human Events broke a major story this week, showing a video confession of a child trafficker who was caught on the Ukraine-Slovakian border. The trafficker admits that he had involvement in the trafficking of kids from a boarding school in Ukraine and that many of the children were used for organ harvesting.

Child trafficker and ex-teacher, Denys Varodi, age 43, had allegedly given a $1,000 down payment for the purchase of an 11-month-old baby boy. He was arrested on the Ukraine-Slovakian border and put in prison.

Journalist Vitaly Glagola reports that Mr. Varodi’s cellmate recorded a video in which he admits and exposes more child trafficking he was involved in at the school where he taught. 

Varodi said he and other traffickers were involved in various activities with a “charity organization.” The charity worked with orphaned students at a boarding school in Ukraine. According to Varodi, there were many trips for students to places such as “Holland, Germany, Italy, or America.”

During the various trips of the students, lawyers working with the trafficker would falsify documents of the students’ travel and some were allegedly “adopted.”

In reality, according to Varodi, “children and students of the boarding school were taken out for organ transplantation,” adding that, “If 25 children were taken out, only 23 were returned.”

Students who asked questions about the whereabouts of the other orphans who had gone on the trips were given excuses by members of the faculty for why they had gone missing.  

Varodi explained that, as a rule, children at the school were selected for “organ transplants,” adding, “They were mostly orphans who had no parents. Some of them have not returned to this day and it is not known where they are.” 

One police officer by the name of “Sasha” had also allegedly taken several girls from the school on a regular basis. Other employees at the school saw him take “two girls… constantly.” He would take them in the evening and return them in the morning.

In a video posted to Telegram, Varodi “accuses the director of the boarding school, the institution's lawyer, and the director's son, of involvement in the sale of children for organs.”


We have some rare good news to report out of California.

State lawmakers have repealed the state’s so-called medical misinformation law, which was meant to silence and punish physicians who communicate and treat their patients in a way that deviates from the “official government position” regarding COVID-19. 

Assembly Bill 2098 aimed to empower the state’s medical board to revoke the medical licenses of any healthcare professional who spread what the state labeled as “misinformation” about the safety, efficacy, and development of the Covid shots, as well as alternative Covid treatments.

Four lawsuits have challenged the law as unconstitutional for violating doctors’ First Amendment rights, and a federal judge issued a temporary injunction in January 2023 blocking it from taking effect during ongoing litigation.

The repeal comes before any potential court rulings on the law’s constitutionality. 

A legislative analysis conducted by the Californina legislature in August 2022 determined AB 2098 would “probably not survive a 1st Amendment challenge in court.”

Attorneys involved in the lawsuits stated that while the law’s repeal is good for the doctor-patient relationship in the near term, preventing a similar law in the future is the next challenge because courts are usually hesitant to make constitutional rulings on a repealed law. The attorneys indicated that several lawsuits are moving forward aiming to get favorable rulings that preserve the First Amendment rights of doctors from viewpoint censorship by state governments and state medical boards.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver wrote, “Attempting to silence and punish doctors for what they say in the doctor-patient relationship is unconstitutional. The First Amendment specifically prohibits the government from censoring viewpoints. A wealth of scientific data shows the Covid shots are not safe nor effective rendering the government’s ‘scientific consensus’ notion meaningless. Moreover, so-called ‘scientific consensus’ has frequently been wrong. It is not the gold standard of truth. Throughout history, consensus has often been the excuse to censor ideas that later displace the former consensus. Doctors should never be muzzled in treating their patients.”


The world is on the verge of a new AI religion created by artificial intelligence programs such as ChatGPT. Globalist elites are now openly admitting that humans are not long for this world. Their jobs will be taken over by AI and their brains declared irrelevant.

That’s what people like Yuval Noah Harari say.

Mr. Harari, who is a top advisor to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum, appears almost like a cartoon character pulled in from Central Casting, only he’s not. He’s real and what he represents is sinister and terrifying.

Harari recently stated: “This is the end of human history. Not the end of history, but the end of a history dominated by humanity. The story will go on, but someone else will control it.”

If there was no video evidence this would be called a conspiracy theory. In fact, many in the mainstream media will tell you today, in 2023, that all this stuff about transhumanism and a New World Order dominated by an elite few armed with artificial intelligence, that’s all nonsense, nothing but conspiracy theories.

But they forget that these elites openly speak about their plans in public. They’re not ashamed to tell us what they think of us, and how useless most human beings are in their eyes. And we do have Harari on video. Here he is.



Pope Francis warns that the world is on the brink of a nuclear war, just like the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, possibly even worse.

Francis conveyed the message at an international conference in Norway on Tuesday, September 19.

In his message, according to Vatican News, he said the conference is taking place “as our world continues to be in the grip of a Third World War fought piecemeal, and, in the tragic case of the conflict in Ukraine, not without the threat of recourse to nuclear weapons.”

He drew a comparison between the present moment and the time of the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962 when the world was perilously close to nuclear destruction. That crisis impacted the lives of millions of Americans for years to come. Civil defense structures were built. Many of those who could afford it built their own personal bomb shelters. The Cold War loomed large from 1962 through the end of the 1980s.

Now, after a 30-year reprieve, those old fears are starting to return.

Urging the conference to focus on disarmament and the ways to achieve long-lasting peace, the pople said “a world free of nuclear arms is possible and necessary.”

Francis also recalled his statement from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in 2019, when he said that “the use of atomic energy for purposes of war is immoral, just as the possessing of nuclear weapons is immoral.”

Regarding conventional arms, he said that they “should be used for defensive purposes only and not directed to civilian targets.”


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told the UN Security Council that Russia's invasion of his country was “criminal” and said that Moscow should be stripped of its veto power in the powerful UN body.

Zelenskyy, with Russia's UN ambassador sitting before him, said:

“Most of the world recognizes the truth about this war. It is a criminal and unprovoked aggression by Russia against our nation aimed at seizing Ukraine's territory and resources.”

Of course, we know that’s just one side of the story. And every conflict has two sides. Russia would disagree that its invasion was “unprovoked,” and considers Ukraine’s application for NATO membership to be an existential threat to its existence.

And even without NATO membership, the West, led by the United States, has for more than a decade been arming and training Ukrainians for war with Russia. Would the U.S. allow Russia or China to arm and train the Mexican military for war with Americans? I think not.

That’s the other side of the story, which you won’t hear from the mainstream corporate media, and very few in the conservative media.

When the Russian foreign minister got his turn to address the UN Security Council, Zelenskyy walked out of the room.

The gesture appeared to be staged.

The confrontation is building, folks, and if the trajectory does not change, we will see a nuclear exchange between the superpowers, the likes of which has never been seen and would result in no winners. Repeat, there will be NO WINNERS by expanding this war and continuing to escalate the tensions between NATO and Russia.


Joe Biden, the corrupt, illegitimate president of the United States, also addressed the UN General Assembly at its summit in New York this week.

And what did he focus on? Of course, he pointed everyone to Ukraine. That’s where they want all of us around the world to look with our eyes full of hate for one side or the other.

Biden appealed to world leaders at the UN General Assembly to stand with Ukraine against “Russian aggression,” stating:

“Russia believes that the world will grow weary and allow it to brutalize Ukraine without consequence. If we allow Ukraine to be carved up, is the independence of any nation secure?”

Notice how these globalists talk of national sovereignty like it’s sacrosanct whenever it furthers their agenda of pushing the nations into a one-world system. They are using sleight of hand to deceive the nations, just as the Bible predicted. The truth is, they couldn’t care less about Ukraine’s “independence.” They are using Ukraine as a flashpoint to destroy what’s left of American independence and American military might.

And Biden plays along, like a good little stooge. Pathetic.

Biden also met with the heads of five Central Asian nations and the leaders of Israel and Brazil while at the UN in New York.

Biden has faced criticism from some Republicans who want the United States to spend less money on the war effort.

Former president Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, has vowed to seek a quick end to the war if returned to power.

Trump has voiced skepticism about Washington's engagement with corrupt allies, especially in the NATO military alliance.

It’s becoming clear that this is the main reason why the deep-state neocon operatives in Washington and New York cannot allow Trump back in the White House. He is simply too undependable when it comes to keeping the endless wars going. This is what fuels and funds the military-industrial complex and they must have one of their own in the White House to keep it going.


Breitbart News reports that the Ukrainian military has announced the suspension of its transgender spokesperson, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, for allegedly making unapproved statements on social media.

Ashton-Cirillo is an American citizen working for the Ukrainian military.

There have been no updates from the Ukrainians or the Biden administration on the fate of this American working in Ukraine.


The Command of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Wednesday that Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, an American man pretending to be a woman, has been suspended from his position as spokesperson.

On social media, the Ukrainian Command and Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) said: “The statements of (Junior Sergeant) Ashton-Cirillo in recent days were not approved by the command of the TDF or the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. When conducting military operations against the aggressor, the defense forces of Ukraine strictly observe the norms of international humanitarian law. The command of the TDF will conduct an official investigation into the circumstances of these statements. Appropriate decisions would be taken. Sgt. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo will be suspended immediately pending the investigation.”

Following the announcement, a source close to President Zelenskyy told Breitbart that Ashton-Cirillo had been appointed to the role without the approval of the president and he approved the suspension.

It remains unclear as to the exact statements that got Ashton-Cirillo in hot water. Senator J.D. Vance, Republican of Ohio, has been trying to get more information out of the Biden administration on the fate of a U.S. citizen journalist, Gonzolo Lira, who is being held in a Ukrainian prison.


As Breitbart reported, Senator Vance wrote this week to top officials of the Biden regime, demanding information on the American citizen, after Ashton-Cirillo posted a video on social media declaring that Ukraine was planning to “hunt down” alleged Russian propagandists.

Here is Ashton-Cirillo speaking at a press conference on about American journalist Lira.


Following the publication of Vance’s letter by Breitbart, Ashton-Cirillo took to social media again, this time claiming that people who supposedly espouse narratives perceived as being pro-Russian were not entitled to be called journalists, and therefore were undeserving of free speech protections and should be tried as war criminals.

Ashton-Cirillo has publicly admitted to being involved in the prosecution of YouTube podcaster Gonzolo Lira, who is a dual citizen of the United States and Chile. Last week, the transgender spokesperson claimed to have met with Lira while giving testimony in the case, claiming that the YouTuber is in good mental and physical health. Lira has previously claimed to have been tortured and extorted while in prison after being arrested initially in May.


Time now for our Worldview Report Commentary.

House Republicans think Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, has been lying and obstructing justice when it comes to the Biden investigation. He faced intense questioning on Capitol Hill Wednesday, September 20th.

Under questioning from Rep. Mike Johnson, Republican of Louisiana, Garland stated that he “did not recollect” having any conversations with anyone at the FBI regarding an investigation into Hunter Biden.

“I don’t recollect…. I don’t believe that I did,” he said, after pausing for several seconds.

Then it was Rep. Thomas Massie’s turn to grill Garland.

Take a look at this clip.


That was a stunning exchange.

But the most passionate, most awakened rant of the day came from a congresswoman who was born in Ukraine and whose family escaped communism.

Rep. Victoria Spartz, Republican of Indiana, questioned Attorney General Garland about Americans’ growing fear of their own government, and Garland’s agency in particular.


She could not have made her point any better. People in America should not fear their own government, but that’s what it’s come to. Garland couldn’t answer her questions, because he knows it’s true and he stands convicted. There is a new Gestapo in America and Garland is presiding over it.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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