Refuting The Lie of Benny Hinn That Jesus Had to be Born Again and Was Not God Incarnate At Birth

Refuting The Lie of Benny Hinn That Jesus Had to be Born Again & Was Not God Incarnate At Birth

Twisted Scripture #44-48

Twisted Scripture #44:
Revelation 1:5 is twisted by false teachers says and Benny Hinn to say that Jesus had to be born again. What is the real context and meaning of Revelation 1:5? What is the Biblical meaning of the word “begotten”?

Twisted Scripture #45:
Philippians 2:6-7 is twisted by many within the Word of Faith movement to declare that Jesus came to earth as a man and not as God. Brannon refutes this false teaching known as Kenotic Theology by revealing the true context of these verses.

Twisted Scripture #46:
Romans 8:19 is twisted by those within the New Apostolic Reformation to claim that a special generation of Christians will spiritually evolve to become sinless, raise the dead, judge the world, defeat the curse of sin and restore the earth. Brannon explains that this is pure humanism and then reveals the true context of this verse.

Twisted Scripture #47:
Mark 10:27 is twisted and applied to the physical real when the context is the spiritual realm of salvation.

Twisted Scripture #48:
John 14:12 twisted?
John 14:12 is twisted by many Word of Faith and New Apostolic Reformation proponents to say that they are called to do the very things Jesus did when He walked on earth. Brannon explains the true context and meaning of this passage. Banner