FBI Whistleblowers Warn of FBI Trampling Constitution and Respond to John Durham Report


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Brannon Howse: Well, we had David Baldwin on, former FBI agent, and it was David Baldovin and it was Terry Turchie that said, Hey, you guys over there at Bryant House Live need to highlight. Stephen Friend. You need to highlight Kyle Seraphin and what they're going through as FBI whistleblowers and the sacrifice they're making. These are the kind of people that we're always sitting around wishing would come forward. And here they are. They have come forward and we've highlighted their story many times, invited them both tonight. I don't think I've ever had them both at the same time. I'm inviting them on tonight to respond to the John Durham report and this apparent lawlessness where the FBI, the FBI director, the CIA director, all of these characters can lie, perjure themselves and nothing happens. Let's get their response tonight. Steve Friend joins us by phone. Kyle joins us I think by Skype. Hi, guys. Thanks for being with us.

Steve Friend: How's it going, Brannon?

Brannon Howse: Great. Great to have both of you with us. Let's start with you, Kyle. What do you make of that John Durham report? And I guess I'm very concerned that there it is. And I think I was reading from Roger Stone the other night that he said he thinks that this was a slow walk, so the statute of limitations could run out. So I'm not sure anything would be done, but I'm not sure now if anything can be done legally, can it?

Kyle Seraphin: Well, when the FBI is the culprit, who's going to go and enforce it against them? You know what I mean? End of the day, what that report said, it was 306 pages, which I think was far too wordy for the average American. And it's probably far too wordy for what it needed to be. The indictments are all upfront. And that is to say that the FBI is a garbage institution, that it does garbage things and it promotes garbage people to the top. So you had a deputy director, the number two, Andy McCabe, who lied to his agency, and he approved the opening of a full investigation into the CROSSFIRE hurricane against President Trump. And he did so outside of policy because the information that they had did not warrant a full investigation, just a full stop there. There's nothing further than that. And then you had an ideological activist who was also an adulterer, who was the deputy assistant director of counterintelligence in Peter Strzok, who was also fired from the agency. And both of those guys are still on the media and they're still happy to go around and act like there was something wrong that was done to them. But you can't make up the fact that these guys acted with impunity.

Kyle Seraphin: They were using the weaponization of the FBI in the very early stages, and they waged a seven-year campaign against President Trump, and they were eventually sort of successful in ousting him in 2020. But they were trying to re-adjudicate the 2016 election because their favored candidate didn't win. And we see that because they treated the Hillary Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton candidacy differently, materially different than they did President Trump's. They went after her. You know, what they did is they gave, you know, defensive briefings to her and not to him. They shut down investigations into the Clinton Foundation. So they didn't skew the election, but they opened them into him and they ran phony fyssas They lied to the FISC Court I mean, the number of wrong things. The sad thing is, is most Americans that are paying attention have known this already. There's nothing new in there. But it does vindicate guys like Trump. It vindicates Kash Patel and Devin Nunes and so on down the line. And all your viewers are probably already familiar with all this information and it was accurate long before this report was released.

Brannon Howse: Wow. And then we have another story that Kyle has just sent us, and we want to get to that. But Stephen, you want to respond to this John Durham report.

Steve Friend: Yeah, I mean, I can just piggyback on really what Kyle's already kind of gone over. I think that it indicated how 2016 was a prelude to what we saw in 2020, where in 2016, these entrenched forces within the federal government, law enforcement, and the intelligence community, mobilized to assist their preferred candidates. And just the sheer hubris that involves where you could be in a position of authority and power and think that it is incumbent on you to pick who is going to be the next president as opposed to having a legitimate and fair election. And fortunately, in 2016, it didn't bear itself out and the rightful winner won. But then flash forward four years, they just had to turn that ratchet up a little bit and mobilize the intelligence community to provide the Biden campaign. This campaign, this debate, the talking points about the Hunter Biden laptop. That's why the 51 intelligence officials all signed on to this letter where they said that the Hunter laptop story had all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign. And that certainly harkened back to the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative from 2016. And it gave Joe Biden this talking point during the presidential debate where he was able to sort of shine aside any sort of allegations that President Trump could throw. And as it comes to pass, we know from great reporting from Miranda Devine and others how that was, in fact, a true story. And now there's going to be hopefully some investigations about the illegal malfeasance of the president's son. And it was just an indication to me that we have this ruling elite that finds itself in Washington that feels that it is incumbent on them to choose who should be lording over us, which is not what American democracy should be about.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, not. I agree. All right. So we've got another report tonight that I want to talk about. Um, let's see. FBI revoked the security clearances of three agents on January 6th. This is from the New York Times. Have you guys seen this article as well? Dated today, May 17th.

Steve Friend: I have.

Brannon Howse: Do you want to comment on it? You both have.

Kyle Seraphin: Let Steve go first. It's about him.

Brannon Howse: Oh, it is about you. Okay. Because I'm just now seeing it. Just been given to me by Logan. Yeah, go ahead, Steve.

Steve Friend: Yeah, So, so, Brandon, That's a little inside baseball on that. He is written by The Expendables, as we like to call ourselves, our friend Alan Fiore of the New York Times, who is a mouthpiece for the Department of Justice. And the FBI gets given all the goodies when every time the FBI wants their messaging put out. There was a lot of collusion and coordination between the Democratic Party and the FBI and now the media. So standard operating procedure on this. So as I learned this afternoon, I'm currently actually the reason I'm unavailable for Skype is I'm in Washington, DC, preparing to testify for the weaponization subcommittee tomorrow.

Brannon Howse: Your name is used in this article. Your name is used in this article ten times. I just went control f put in friend your name is in the article ten times.

Steve Friend: So he's so he doesn't know how to spell my name. So hopefully he got one of them right after ten of them. But I So I'm in DC I'm preparing to testify tomorrow. The FBI submitted a letter today at the last minute to the subcommittee addressing these suspensions and revocations, and wouldn't you know it, my wife called me this evening after I got done preparing and said, hey, this letter just arrived and says that we've revoked your security clearance, which is interesting to me because it's sort of like shooting a dead body. I no longer work for the FBI. I resigned back in February, so revoking my security clearances seems like a completely unnecessary action and a waste of time and resources. But Executive Assistant Director Jennifer Moore felt compelled to do that, I guess to coordinate with this letter that the FBI sent to Jim Jordan and the weaponization subcommittee today so they could have this talking point tomorrow. But unfortunately for them, Jim Jordan is going to step up and allow me some time to extra time to address these and head them off at the pass. Wow.

Brannon Howse: Uh, you want to respond to this article? Are you mentioned in the article too, Kyle?

Kyle Seraphin: No, I'm not. Uh, my security clearance was revoked in February, and it stated that I was racist, sexist, and or homophobic. No examples were given. My friends told me that means I was slacking on the job. I wasn't transphobic or xenophobic and could have done more work. So that was during the six weeks in 2020 when I was physically in the FBI's offices, allegedly, and didn't talk to anyone because they put me, they put me in the corner. So I was also revoked. I had the same experience that Steve was. I was technically considered a, you know, forever suspended employee at that time. So guess maybe they thought they were getting rid of me and they were doing it the right way. This story by Alan Fair or whatever your name is, it's f e u e r sounds French. Sounds like there are too many vowels in a row. And, you know, he's essentially like, like Steve said, a DOJ mouthpiece. I assume that he just receives his talking points. He's a full propagandist, but he's not a good one. He's a low-watt bulb. By all accounts, his writing is suboptimal. His ability to control the facts is not very impressive. He mentions that three agents had their clearances suspended and then named friends Brett Gloss and Marcus Allen.

Kyle Seraphin: Marcus Allen will be testifying tomorrow. Next to Steve at the table. Here's the funny thing. Marcus Allen was what's called a staff operations specialist, which is not an FBI agent. It's something else. And Brett Gloss was what's known as a management and program analyst, which is also not an FBI agent. That's something else. So the vaunted New York Times can't even get the basic headline correct. They can't even say what the positions are of the people because they were so, you know, gleefully drooling over themselves to write this hit piece so that the Democrats tomorrow have something to talk about because they have no interest in talking about the message that Steve, my friend Garrett and Marcus Allen are going to be bringing to the committee. What they're going to be doing is they're going to try to assassinate the messengers for things that are pretty weak and false. And they were given by a woman who was asked to testify in front of weaponization in the person of Jennifer Moore and then who begged off and has now announced retirement, hoping to avoid scrutiny on her record. She's retiring on June 2nd. Per the emails that we've seen and what the FBI probably doesn't realize even though Steve and I no longer work there, we know a lot of people that work there and they agree with what we're about and they share information with us regularly.

Kyle Seraphin: And we're going to continue to expose them for being frauds and political hacks when they should be apolitical law enforcement. And it's disappointing that that's what our tax dollars go to. But whether it be the Durham report or this useless story written by this guy at The New York Times, it's more of the same. It's more of this political activism. And think Chris Wray should resign and discuss to think he should you know he should fall on his sword for this kind of stuff. I just don't think that any of them have the integrity, which is the middle. They claim that that's one of the three letters of the FBI, Fidelity, Bravery, and integrity. We know Fidelity is out the door because they commit adultery at a high level. We know that bravery is not there because they like to attack people when they are weak and they send more people than necessary to do things that are not dangerous. And integrity is out the door, too, based on this stuff.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely.

Kyle Seraphin: Oh, I'm kind of riled up.

Brannon Howse: Tonight. What do you think? I'm glad. I'm glad you are. I'm glad we need more people that are riled up. This is going to rile up more people. What? This is over at Kyle Seraphin at Kyle Seraphin on Twitter. Take a look at this, folks. What is this about, guys?

Kyle Seraphin: So this is a woman named Ashley Roberts. And Ashley Roberts works for counterterrorism, which is a squad at the Washington field office that specializes in domestic terrorism. And what she does is harass people over minor things that shouldn't even be in the purview of the FBI. In the case of the video you're seeing below, it's a great video if you wanted to play it, you can probably expand it.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, by all means, expand it. We'll expand it and play it. Bring the sound up. Here we go. Right. Bring up the sound real. Hi, guys.

Video: We're looking for Elise.

Video: I'm sorry. She's not here. Can I ask

Video: What this is regard to? Yeah, sure. My name is Ashley Roberts, and this is Kathleen Brown. We're both with the FBI. Okay. We just need to speak with her regarding some information that was sent to us.

Video: Okay. Well, she doesn't live here. Okay? So she's my daughter.

Kyle Seraphin: That's her mom's house.

Video: Okay.

Video: Do you. Do you mind giving us her residence or her phone number by chance? Yeah, can. Hold on just a second. Sure. She's not in any trouble. We just have information that we need to ask her about. Okay.

Video: Here. Do you mind if I take a picture of your badges?

Video: Unfortunately, we're not allowed to have anyone take our pictures. Say it again, please. Sure.

Video: I don't know how to tell if you guys are fakes or not.?

Video: Yeah, well, you can't. You can always call our office, too, and they can verify our employment because it is weird. Not every day you get a knock on the door from the FBI. No. And I'm.

Video: Like, in a meeting upstairs, so I wasn't trying to not answer. Well, yeah, I was trying not to answer the door because, I mean, I'm like, oh, my gosh, whoever's at the door is being, like, Uber persistent. Give me a minute. Sorry. No, that's okay.

Video: You can leave you our office number if you'd like to call.

Video: Yeah, let me do that. That sounds good.

Video: I'll rip off another one.

Video: Yeah. Sorry to interrupt your meeting. No, you're.

Video: Good. So can you tell me what you said? It's in regards to.

Video: And I would tell you all the information because, like I said, she's not in any trouble. But just out of respect for her, we'd like to speak with her first. And then if she feels like talking to you, which I'm sure she will, because it's nothing, you know, then then.

Video: All right. Well, complicated.

Video: Hang up.

Video: All right. Sorry. So, yeah. FBI, Washington. That's our number you can call. That's us. And what's your name? Kathleen Brown and Roberts. Thanks.

Brannon Howse: What state is this in, Kyle?

Kyle Seraphin: That's in that's going to be in Virginia. As far as I know. So this woman that they were going to see is Elise Ketch. She works with progressive anti-abortion Uprising, which is actually a left leaning anti-abortion group. So we'll take them on our side.

Brannon Howse: I didn't know there was such a thing.

Kyle Seraphin: There is indeed. They think that all abortion is murder. And so they're right in our camp. They can join the team even if they don't agree with us on all the other pieces.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, exactly. That’s what Francis Shaefer used to call Co-belligerence. Right?

Kyle Seraphin: That's right. That's exactly correct. And so this woman was famous for discovering the five premature that was, I guess, murdered or potentially murdered babies in Washington, DC, outside of an abortion clinic in Foggy Bottom. You may have heard the story going back several months. They exposed the fact that this guy was actually doing live birth and then executions these babies or letting them sit and die on their own after failed and botched abortions. Live birth, you know, partial-birth abortions. So they exposed that. And that's what they're most likely being confronted for, which they're going to call violations of the FACE Act, the Free Access to Clinic Entrances Act, which is a federal law that theoretically protects the access to churches, houses of worship, and then also abortion clinics, how they're going to try to skew this. Having no idea why it's underneath a domestic terrorism squad is another question. But the domestic terrorism squads do not need to investigate crimes, which might surprise many people. When the FBI assumed its intelligence banner, it stopped worrying about whether or not they were crimes. And it started worrying about who the people are that they wanted to investigate and then trying to find crimes they could pin on those individuals. So a lot of this stuff and she's also done a bunch of, you know, knocking on doors for January 6th people, including my friend Brett Gloss, who is also mentioned in that New York Times article.

Kyle Seraphin: It's an interesting day for news when it all kind of lines up at the same time. Ashley went to his house at least three times, banging on his door. Do we have Skype photos or not Skype? We have ring cam photos that are up on my Twitter account as well. And they're also kind of trending up at the moment because she didn't want to follow FBI policy and she chose to ignore the fact that he was represented by counsel and he was technically considered an FBI employee. So rather than going through his supervisor and asking the appropriate questions and then talking to his attorney, they decided to just bang on the door and try to get in. Both of those pictures you see there are after they were aware that he was represented by counsel and they were then forbidden from trying to approach him individually. But, you know, these kind of people, they're willing to stomp on the Constitution. They're stomping on their oath. And, you know, they're also willing to stomp on babies, I guess, too, if you were to get right down to it. Wow.

Brannon Howse: Do you want to comment on all that, Steve?

Steve: Well, I think Kyle summed it up pretty well. I just think that just want to reinforce the fact that, you know, she's standing out on the front porch and still is willing to step over, stomp all over the Constitution and civil rights and FBI policies and procedures. But the one thing that she's concerned about is making sure that her credits are not photographed, which is interesting to me, because that's protecting her identity. And it goes back to the thing that Kyle and I have talked about, where there's this myth within the FBI that you're a secret agent and somehow you can't be held to account. Your identity needs to be protected at all costs. And that was something that with the book that I'm publishing next month the FBI is very concerned about, they want to protect the identities of the individuals who subjected me to some significant reprisals after my whistleblowing. They wanted to protect their identities, to protect the brand of the FBI, to make sure that those secret identities are preserved. But in fact, you are issued credentials when you work with the FBI and you are expected as a public servant to present them upon request because your identity isn't for secrecy. So that to me is I think is worth noting and highlighting that that really of all the policies and procedures, that is what this female agent was interested in.

Brannon Howse: Steve Friend has a book out there. It indeed contributes Blue will show on the screen My journey from beat cop to suspended FBI whistleblower coming out June 13th. You can do a preorder now at Amazon amazon.com Kyle do you have anything that we can point to? Did you write a book or anything yet?

Kyle Seraphin: I keep resisting writing a book. I let Steve be the writer. I'm a talker, so I have a podcast people can check out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We do it at 830 Central Time, also known as Texas America Time, and go for about an hour. And then on Mondays, we bring on interesting guests. Steve is one of my regular guests, but I bring on people that are telling stories about this kind of abuse. I'll probably have Brett gloss on at some point shortly to talk about having FBI agents banging on your door when you work for the FBI. People can find me at rumble.com/KyleSeraphin they can go to Kyle seraphon.com they can hear the audio version of the podcast. They can download it on Apple and Spotify and iHeartRadio and you know, you name it, it's out there. Good.

Brannon Howse: Now, Steve, do you want to give us any? A little headline that will come out of your testimony tomorrow.

Steve: Uh, the one thing that I, uh, I I've been hammering home, uh, and I think it's, it's worth noting because I've been typecast as the January 6th guy, so I think there's not a lot of appetite for many of the Republicans to go into that. They feel it helps the Democrats too much electorally, but integrated program management is number one on the chopping block, and needs to be exposed to people. That is the metric system that the FBI uses. That is why January 6th was the most egregious example of where the FBI sets these arbitrary numbers for itself to achieve. And then when it does, it passes itself on the back. I think they hurt themselves. They require chair yoga, as I exposed a few weeks back to limber themselves up to pat themselves on the back for how great they are. But it also, on a serious note, uh, blows into their budget that allows the self-licking ice cream cone to continue to expand in the federal government. It allows senior executives to receive extra compensation. And it is victimizing Americans not just on the right, not just people that were at the Capitol on January 6th, but it is all across the board. It has been cited as a problem within the FBI and the DOJ for a number of years by sources on the right and the left. And I think that no, no secret and no surprise that if you look back when integrated program management began the FBI ten years ago, the number of domestic terrorism cases has quadrupled in the intervening decade. And that's really why he asked for it. And you will receive it.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Let me ask you this. What time is your testimony, Steve, so we can all watch you on C-SPAN?

Steve: I will be testifying at 9:00. I'm not sure which C-SPAN one, 2 or 3 is going to be covering it, but there is the weaponization committee has a YouTube channel. So if you have access to the Internet, you can you can watch it there. So 9:00 is when the fireworks start. And that.

Brannon Howse: That's it. That's 9:00 Eastern Standard Time, right?

Steve: Yes, sir. Not Eastern Standard.

Kyle Seraphin: And I'll tell you what, Brandon, I'm going to be live streaming and giving commentary on it, too, because I know it'll be going on inside. My guys are going to have some thoughts in their heads. They're not going to be able to say it, but I'm more than happy to say it. I told them both, as you guys sit there and you're roasting and your blood is boiling because of some of the ridiculous things that are asked of you just know in your head the thousands and thousands of people will be able to hear what I'm saying, which is what you're thinking. And we'll be doing that on the Rumble Channel. It's just again, it's Kyle Serafin at the On Rumble.

Brannon Howse: Kyle Serafin on Rumble, 9 a.m. Eastern Standard. That's 8 a.m. Central Time because these three guys are testifying tomorrow. So this is I guess this is right here. FBI revoked the security clearances of three agents on January 6th of these. These are the three or at least two of the three, it says are scheduled to testify tomorrow, two three. So one of them is, of course, Steve Friend, who is with us right now. All right, everybody pray for Steve that he gets a good night's sleep. He has a clear mind tomorrow and is prompted to say the things the Lord would have him say. He'll be testifying and we'll be watching. Nine. I would say pray.

Kyle Seraphin: Pray for the Democrats that are going to have to face his scrutiny because it's going to be withering.

Brannon Howse: Oh, wow. Okay. I think tomorrow night we're going to bring some clips. So we're going to be bringing some clips tomorrow night. Thank you to both of you guys for being with us. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you, guys. All right. Check out their books. Check out Kyle's podcast tomorrow on YouTube or excuse me, on Rumble on Rumble. He'll be carrying it live and commenting along the way. All right. We'll bring you some clips tomorrow night from Steve's testimony. All right. Great progress tonight and a great program if you appreciate all we're doing here. We appreciate your support. So please do a couple of things. One, go to Mypillow.com. Take advantage of all those incredible sales. Please use the promo code B66. We get credit. It's a big part of our general operating budget. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so right now of any size. WVWfoundation.com. WVWfoundation.com. And thank you for your patience and your purchases at WVWTVstore.com. Take care.

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