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Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, April 24
Brannon Howse: April 24, 2018
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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Dr. Woods tells us about the 50 so-called evangelicals that met with Neo-Marixst Tim Keller to discuss how they are going to deal the Christians and pastors that are supporting the policies of President Trump. Topic: In this edition of Ask Dr. Woods he answers these questions. Question: Does Scripture reveal the role of the Holy Spirit in the Millennium and the Eternal State?  Will we be indwelt by the Holy Spirit in our glorified body?  He seals us until the day of redemption, but then what will happen with His role after that day? Question: What constitutes the biblical Canon? Do souls have to become perfect by dying and coming back in a human body until they reach perfection and are then one with God? Was this taught by St. Origen. Is this idea biblical or does it instead constitute new age beliefs? Question: I recently read through Isaiah and really loved chapter 55. Is it only for Jews or does it apply to all of us? Isaiah 56 header in my Bible is "Salvation for the Gentiles". It's good, but 55 really spoke to my heart. Question: Why did God give to or allow Satan to take over the earth after the fall?  Especially because Christ will be taking it back. Could you explain that whole story? Question: Can you give me a better understanding of election? I believe in God's sovereignty and man's responsibility, but I have a hard reconciling them. How are we elected?

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Broadcast Archive

Little if any media coverage was given to the 8th Summit of the Americas that was held April 13th and 14th in Lima, Peru. Alex Newman, an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant, joined Jim to discuss this little-known summit.  His articles frequently appear in The New American.  He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

The Summit of the Americas is a function put on by the Organization of American States, a hemispheric organization. The summit is held every 3 years and is attended by heads of state that discuss hemispheric issues along with inter-American institutions and agreements.

Alex described the OAS as basically a 'wanna-be' European Union. The don't have the kind of power the EU has, yet they are still an important organization. They have significant budgets and a good deal of influence as they've been meddling increasingly in domestic affairs by promoting U.N. policies they'd like to see implemented.

The OAS is now dominated by socialists and communists, perhaps not surprising, as Alex noted that most Latin American governments are controlled by communists and socialists. These individuals are members of an alliance known as the Sao Paulo Forum. In 1997 they indicated that one of their goals was to rebuild in Latin America what was lost in Eastern Europe; namely communist totalitarianism. The U.S. government knows all about this network that dominates the OAS and most inter-American institutions, yet no one, even in the Latin American media, seems to talk about it.

Believe it or not, the majority of the OAS's budget is financed via your tax dollars. Canada also contributes with Latin American nations paying the bulk of what remains.

What is the OAS seeking to accomplish? Alex explained that their surface rhetoric regarding democracy and transparency sounds nice, but if you want to know the real agenda, you need to read the outcome documents. They want to shift power away from nation-states and toward regional institutions like the OAS and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. So it's actually an attempt to undermine self-government.

Jim summed it up well when he had Alex confirm that the Lima Commitment that was put together and promoted at the Summit of the Americas is an endorsement for the U.N.'s Agenda 2030 program. According to Alex, the summit didn't even attempt to hide the connection. He reminded listeners that Agenda 2030 seeks to work for redistribution of wealth at the global level, have governments control production/consumption, provide reproductive justice/rights (abortion), turn children into agents of change to help implement sustainable development, and more.


Guests: Dr. Andy Woods & Shahram Hadian. David Platt: “Useful Idiot” & Mouthpiece For Neo-Marxism. (Part 3). Topic: Why are racial offensives being created where there is no such offense? How does this play into the hands of the Neo-Marxists in America? Topic: Karl Marx promoted class warfare while the Neo-Marxist Frankfurt School promoted class warfare and a culture war. Topic: How are men like Matt Chandler and David Platt assisting in setting up the persecution of true conservative Christians. Topic: 50 progressive leaders are meeting at Wheaton College this week to discuss how to respond to Christians that support the policies of President Trump. How are many of these progressive pastors working to portray Christians who support some of Trump’s policies as racists or un-Christ like? Topic: David Platt literally cries in a speech about how white some churches are in membership and implies this is because of racism. Is David not aware that after the Civil War many white church denominations assisted black pastors in forming their own denominations and associations because they did not want to be under the supervision of white congregations. Is this because the black churches were involved in reverse racism? Of course not! Topic: While every church should be welcoming to individuals of all people groups why is it that we see predominantly Asian congregations, black congregations, hispanic congregations and even Messianic Jewish congregations? Why does this not have anything to do with racism. Topic: Just because many people in the day of Martin Luther King, Jr. did not support his theology or methodology, did that mean they were racists? Hear how many black pastors did not support Martin Luther King, Jr. and in fact kicked him and his associates out of their Baptist convention.

Hot in The Headlines--the Story Behind the Stories. Topics discussed include: Was Pres. Trump’s strike in Syria unconstitutional? James Comey’s Book. Attorney/Client Privilege. Is our judicial system corrupt?