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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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Ozarks Family Reunion 2018

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As many Crosstalk listeners have seen from news accounts, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was the scene of a tragic shooting. A gunman took weapons into a gun-free zone and killed 17 individuals. Nikolas Cruz, who reportedly made a social media comment, stated he aspired to become a professional school shooter.

Joining Jim to discuss this along with other security issues was Philip Haney. Philip is the founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection. He's a past senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy. Philip has deep experience in threat analysis and intelligence and 40 years experience in the strategy and tactics of the global Islamic movement based on Quranic Arabic with parallel strong focus on counter terrorism. He's a current member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association. He's the lead author of 'See Something, Say Nothing' a best-selling expose of the Obama administration's submission to the goals and policies of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as other Islamic groups operating in America and around the world.

Philip began by noting what he referred to as '...the way too familiar response from federal law enforcement that somehow or another, they knew about the individual but they just couldn't seem to figure out how to track him, stop him and prevent these kinds of attacks from happening.'

For Philip, this goes all the way back to a fundamental clause or premise of the Constitution itself. It's the idea that the primary duty of the federal government is to protect the nation from invasion and outbreaks of domestic violence. What happened in Florida certainly falls into the category of the latter.

Jim pointed out how we're told that if we see something, we should say something. Then again, something was said to the FBI as they were alerted to this shooter but they claim they couldn't make a determination as to who really made certain comments. However, after the fact they seem to have no problem finding such information. So are such individuals that illusive that federal authorities don't have the tools to adequately pinpoint them? Is it a resource problem?

Philip believes it comes down to old fashioned law enforcement. If you were to receive texts on your phone or computer that threaten violence, what would you do? You would report it. If you had the authority to follow up on them, what would you do? You would find someone within the network of the person who sent those and you would talk to them. The technology we have today allows us to do this.

So what's keeping law enforcement from doing that? Are they overwhelmed? Is political correctness paralyzing them? Is it a training or motivation problem? Philip thinks it's probably some of all of these factors. When we're continuously told that if we see something to say something, and when we do nothing happens, the normal reaction of people is to stop trying.

Jim followed this up by pointing out an interesting phenomenon. When someone says something deemed to be politically correct, many are quick to jump on that individual. The media unleashes on them and investigations take place. Yet when something so blatant occurs, like the civilization jihad we see taking place where the Council on American Islamic relations has been infiltrating our political system and schools, we make every accommodation for that to continue. In the meantime, the voices of warning are ignored.

How can we be heard so as to avoid increased cynicism by the public while at the same time preventing such tragedies from occurring in the future? Philip presents his solution during this vital Crosstalk broadcast.​

Chris discusses a new story about a collection of female evangelicals (including Beth Moore, Joni Eareckson Tada and Kay Warren) who appear in a video titled "I was a stranger" based on a reading of Matthew 25:31-46. The video suggests that to reject immigrants (legal or illegal) is to be guilty of not welcoming the stranger, as Jesus commands to do. Interestingly, this same approach is used by the Jesuit Order in their America Magazine, where in 2017 they made the same argument with an article titled, "I was a stranger and you did not welcome me." They also make reference to the journey of Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem before the birth of Christ -- but did they arrive as illegal aliens? Or were they actually obeying the laws of the government at that time? And what does it really mean to be a stranger in the context of Matthew 25?

Ongoing Islamization of our schools: 



1) What are some examples of this Islamization?

2) Is there a spiritual root to this Islamization?

3) Where is the ACLU and isn't there a double standard?

4) Isn't this blatant indoctrination and proselytization?

5) What is the end goal of those pushing for this Islamic indoctrination?

6) What can parents do about it? 

7) Can anything be done legally?

The City of Jerusalem is the location that the Lord has chosen to dwell among His people, the Jewish People, forever. This Holy City will be the site of the Kingdom Temple where Jesus will rule and reign from for ever. It is the eternal city that is the center of God's plan for the future. These will be the the issues that Jimmy DeYoung and Winkie Medad will discuss on PTIB today, and in addition to the already mentioned subjects Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss that the EU is telling Israel that they must share Jerusalem with the Palestinians; that the Western Wall was invented by the Jews 50 years ago; and that there will be a "high-speed train" from the Ben Gurion Airport to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

(Program #120) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with Ken Timmerman, who is on the road traveling, and their discussion will focus much on Russia. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the Turks declaring "Islamic Jihad" on the Kurds in Northern Syria; the US military scores a direct hit on Hizbullah and Iran; Syrian rebel forces shoot down a Russian jet fighter; Nikki Haley ask why the Russians are not dealing with Syrian Chemical WMD; and US and Russian military forces in Syria are in a major conflict.

Topic: A common sense security response to the Florida school shooting that took 17 lives. Topic: School security will never be what it should be until the market demands it. Hear a news report about a 72 million dollar high school sports stadium in Texas. This is a national trend and the reason is because parents are voting with their feet and moving to communities that have such schools. When parents understand the necessity of sending their children to truly secure schools, then competition will drive the market as parents move to communities to send their children to schools that are offering the necessary and desired school security. Topic: Why after a few news cycles this story will disappear and market trends will continue as they are? What does this say about Americans? Topic: Liberals are now demanding mental evaluation for gun ownership. Brannon explains why this is a trap for conservatives. Topic: If the politicians want to talk about mental evaluation then let them hold congressional hearings on the number of school shootings carried about by people on psychotropic drugs. Hear the audio of psychiatrist Dr. Peter R. Breggin on the connection between psychotropic drugs, school shootings, and even parents killing their own children. Topics: Reports are that the Florida school shooter had been under psychiatric care. Was he on a psychotropic drug? Topic: Reports are that the school shooter confessed online to wanting to carry out a school shooting and did so even using his own name. When this was reported to the FBI they dropped the ball. See something, say something and authorities do nothing. Brannon talks about the growing trend of law enforcement and government officials dropping the ball even when they have been warned someone has made open threats or has traveled overseas to study and train with jihadis and then returned to America. Topic: Violent video games, movies, and a culture of death. Topic: We take your calls.

According to biblical prophecy, the future contains some dark days for planet Earth. A great battle will climax the end of history as we know it. In Revelation, we read about the end for Satan, the enemy of mankind.

​Jim noted that as we edge closer to a critical election this Fall, there's been a noticeable increase of involvement in politics by the followers of Islam. In states all over the nation, Muslims are running for office. State chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are actively engaged in 'capital days', pursuing an Islamic agenda in state capitals and training in politics in Islamic centers.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Shahram Hadian. Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Shahram has begun the TIL Project (Truth in Love Project) which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America. He has served as a pastor, a police officer, and a former candidate for governor in Washington State.

Shahram echoed Jim's thoughts regarding increased Muslim involvement in politics. He pointed out that evidence proves this at the federal, state and local levels. His concern is at the local level, the level where he feels we often don't pay attention. Muslims are not only running more often but are also getting elected. This shows how they are getting very confident and bold with their agenda here in America.

Shahram explained a unique feature to Islam. Islam has what they refer to as two 'houses'. There's the upper house and the lower house. The lower house is referred to as Dar al-Harb. 'Harb' means 'war'. For the devout Muslim, this means the house of the unbeliever (the infidel).

If Muslims are living within that house, they are permitted to live by the early verses of the Qur'an (the unabrogated verses) and they don't necessarily have to follow all of the strict teachings of Islam.

They are also permitted to lie in this lower house due to the fact that this house is a house of war. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood explanatory memorandum (the document discovered by the FBI), points to the same thing. It noted that they want to sabotage our miserable house because they see it as a house of war.

As Muslims gain strength, numbers and increasing influence in society, then they transfer to Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam--surrender or submission). In that house, everyone is subject to Islamic law. You see this in Europe where enclaves have been forming where the population will be 70-80% Muslim. This has resulted in the creation of over 100 Sharia courts in Great Britain that act as a parallel legal system.

Shahram believes that the hyper-political scenario that Jim described is a sign that Muslims in America are getting ready to move into this upper house.

As Muslims attempt to move from the lower house to the upper house, they go from denying that they want Sharia to a middle phase where they begin defending Sharia and claiming that it's misunderstood.

What about those who say that Islam/Sharia is the antithesis of our nation's constitution? Shahram explained that there are some private religious elements of Islam that don't violate our constitution. However, when it comes to the majority of Islamic law, it is antithetical to our constitution because Islam sees it as man-made law. So for the Muslim, the constitution is never superior to the law of Allah or Sharia, therefore it must be struck down.

There's much more to be gleaned from Shahram as he provides additional details concerning Islam's growing influence on this edition of Crosstalk.

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Dr. DeYoung is in studio with us today as we begin the filming of the new WVW Broadcast Network program; Prophecy Today TV with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Dr. DeYoung will explain that never before have Russia and Iran been in Syria as they are today. Topic: Israeli press is stating that Israel is at war with Iran. Topic: The Prime Minister of Israel spoke on national TV to the people of Israel and declared that he will not resign over the false charges against him. Topic: We take your calls.



Obama/Clinton Gate Scandal Part 4


We are experiencing the exposing of the worst and most criminal corruption of our government in the history of America. This scandal makes Watergate look like child's play. 


"The FBI and the DOJ basically conspired with the Democratic Party (the DNC) and the Hillary Clinton campaign to exonerate her of violations of the Espionage Act, and in the course of trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President- to frame him for a non-existent crime of collusion." -Joe Digenova, Former U.S. Attorney, speaking on the explosive House and Senate "Memos" that were recently released.

Absolutely amazing summary of the over-arching narrative of the FBI/DOJ/Obama/Hillary Clinton collusion to get Hillary Clinton off and frame Trump if they couldn't stop him from becoming President. 

Thank God that the Lord has other plans if His church will pray and act righteously in this reprieve that we have been given. God is exposing the evil, corruption and lawlessness in this nation. What will we, His Church, do about it?

(Program #119) Usama Dakdok reveals the dangers of interfaith dialogues by playing the audio of the interfaith dialogue between James White and Jihadi Yasir-Qadhi. Usama will start and stop the audio as he provides commentary and uses this as a opportunity to refute the misinformation with truth.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners, Col Bob Maginnis and Dr Rob Congdon. Rob will give all of us a European Union Update, with the information that will help us see how the EU is doing political activities that will lead to the formation of the Revived Roman Empire. But first, Jimmy will speak with Bob who will answer the question, "Is North Korea as dangerous as they have always been, even though they have joined with the South Korean Olympic Team, forming one team to participate in the Olympics being held in South Korea?" Then Jimmy and Bob will discuss how this is a major North Korean "Propaganda Ploy" being used to "misdirect" the world's view of the truth behind the leader of North Korea and his sister.



One day the race of life will end. The last lap will be run. The Bible gives us signs that point to the time when that last lap might start, and why we must be faithful to the end.

​Peter LaBarbera is the president of American's for Truth About Homosexuality.

Peter believes the media has no respect for traditional viewpoints when it comes to homosexuality and now transgenderism. Instead, they are obsessed with these lifestyles. The stories listed below are just a sample that show how effective this obsession has been at mainstreaming LGBT lifestyles:

--President Trump sent a congratulatory letter to the Log Cabin Republicans (the homosexual Republican group) to acknowledge their 40th anniversary while using language that plays into the LGBT movement.

--The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the annual gathering of conservatives in Washington, D.C. This year, pro-family, grass-roots activist, Brian Camenker and his group called Mass Resistance, applied for a booth at the conference. Eventually they were told they weren't approved for the booth because there was an objection to something Brian said about the culture war in 2015. The number for the American Conservative Union that runs CPAC is 202-347-9388.

--Dennis Prager put out a video by Guy Benson, the political editor of and a Fox commentator. In the video, Benson identifies himself as a gay Christian while also commenting on the intolerance of the LGBT 'left'. What Peter found disturbing is that Prager University would be espousing the acceptance of homosexuality and also the idea of gay Christianity.

--On Sunday a Lutheran Church in New Jersey celebrated the female to male transition of a pastor with a renaming ceremony.

--A 38 year old Chicago man has been accused of sexually assaulting two 6 year olds and an 8 year old on repeated occasions. He told police he's really a 9 year old trapped in the body of an adult.

--A Massachusetts elementary school principal announced that he is now a woman.

--A high school teacher was suspended for sharing her views on homosexuality on a personal Facebook page.

--A school district in Fairfax County Virginia is shutting down the ability of parents to give feedback on controversial policies such as their gender identity policy.

--On February 5th in Tomah, Wisconsin, the school board held a special meeting and on the agenda was an update concerning court decisions regarding transgender student access to bathrooms and locker rooms.

--6 people were found dismembered in flower pots in a homosexual serial killer case.

--Walgreens pharmacies to allow associates and members of the public to use the restrooms that match the gender customers identify with regardless of one's biology. Walgreens can be contacted at 1-800-925-4733.

Peter provides biblically-based commentary on these stories as well as taking calls from Crosstalk listeners nationwide.

​William Federer is a nationally known speaker, author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America's noble heritage. He's authored numerous books including, 'American's God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations', 'The Original 13: History of Religion in America's First Thirteen States', 'Who is the King in America?' and 'For God and Country: A Handbook for the Statesman-Citizen'. He's the speaker on 'The American Minute' daily broadcast.

William began by noting that Abraham Lincoln is best known for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation and for the freeing of millions of slaves. This came through the idea that all men are created equal as stated in the Gettysburg Address. He's also known for putting the phrase, 'In God We Trust' on America's national coins, which was his last act in office.

It was a year and a half into the Civil War that Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, changing the focus of the war from tariffs (which is how the federal government obtained taxes) and the states breaking away, to slavery.

This was Lincoln's way of gaining the moral high ground because no one wanted to be seen as a defender of slavery, so all of the European support for the Confederacy dried up. In addition, the cotton crop became decimated which forced the South to pay tariffs with less money.

Actually, Lincoln had no authority to free the slaves. When called on it, he had to back-track on this by passing the 13th Amendment.

Lincoln is also responsible for instituting an annual day of Thanksgiving and twice during the Civil War he had days of fasting.

George Washington was unanimously chosen as commander and chief of the U.S. Army, as the president of the constitutional convention, and as the first U.S. president.

During his life, the two biggest world powers were the British and French empires. In 1755, Washington was a colonel under Edward Braddock the commander of the British forces in America. Washington survived an ambush and miraculously survived.

Washington eventually became commander of the Continental Army. After the Declaration of Independence was read to his troops, he appointed chaplains for every regimen.

Washington gave out very strict orders. For example, no games of chance were allowed among the troops. Swearing/cursing was forbidden and he even ran someone out of camp accused of attempting to commit sodomy.

Washington is remembered as a man who gave us a government where the people are the king. As history proves, it's because he wasn't a man who lusted after power.

It's always a fast, fun and highly educational time when William is the guest. Join him for much more when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.