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Jeff Dornick: February 13, 2018

"The GateKeepers Radio Show | Episode 17 | A Confusing View of Jesus and IFDs | This past week, Pastor Phil Johnson, the Executive Director of John MacArthur’s teaching ministry Grace To You, repeated the claim that Jesus participated in Interfaith Dialogues. Not only did he claim that Jesus participated in Interfaith Dialogues, but that He did so with the Pharisees. This is controversial and unbiblical for many reasons, and simply intellectually dishonest. Jeff takes defines what an Interfaith Dialogue actually is, followed by a discussion of whether the Pharisees were religious leaders of a separate religion than the one Jesus was a part of during His time on earth. This is an important topic to cover to avoid any confusion in regards to Jesus’ earthly ministry.

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Jeff Dornik

Jeff is a fully devoted follower of Christ. He was born into a family who attended Grace Community Church, where John MacArthur is the pastor. Listening to Pastor MacArthur’s sermons helped to develop his theological positions. He attended Southwestern Bible College (now Arizona Christian University), where his major was in Christian Ministries with an emphasis on Youth. Over the years since college, Jeff has worked both in Youth Ministry and as a Worship Leader. More recently, he has been in the business world, working with startups and small businesses helping to develop them into successful businesses. However, he’s always had a heart for ministry and Biblical truth. Jeff is married to his college sweetheart, whom he met the first week of college and have been inseparable every since.