Brannon Howse: June 20, 2017

5 Biblical Reasons We Need Full-Time Apologists. Description: On a June 19, 2017 podcast the executive director of a Bible ministry declared: [quote] There’s nothing in Ephesians 4 about being a full-time apologist. [end quote] There is also nothing in Ephesians 4 about being full time pastor. The man went on to bemoan apologetic ministries with a brush so wide you could pain both lanes of an interstate with one pass. Several times one was left to wonder if he was describing himself and his own blog.Yet, he told of how he encouraged a young man not to become a full-time apologist. Today Brannon lays out 5 reasons why we need both part time and full time apologists. Brannon also explains how Ephesians 4 actually backs up the description of an apologist. Topic: Brannon will share several verses that describe the Apostle Paul being an apologist. In fact the word in the original langue is from which we get the word apologist. Topic: Apparently one reason some of the evangelical Intelligentsia don’t like many apologists is because they don’t like it when they or their friends are called out when straying from truth. One reason we need apologists is to point out when the evangelical intelligentsia don’t keep the standard to which they hold everyone else. Get your Bible and listen as Brannon encourages you, regardless of your position in life, to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. 

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