Brannon Howse: July 14, 2017

Guest Dr. Jimmy DeYoung:  Topic: A gun fight breaks out on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a sacred site to both Jews and Moslems. Topic: Israeli government reconsiders the status quo on the Temple Mount, will tighten security. Topic: The Palestinian attack on the Temple Mount was a plan for a way to ignite the Middle East in war against the Jews. Topic: The recent UNESCO declaration that Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount was the basis for the attack. Topic: While we were on the air we received a very troubling e-mail from one of our listeners. A statement was sent to one of our supporters named Kim by a ministry representative of Grace to You whose title is listed as Internet Ministry Coordinator. Kim emailed him to ask him several questions about their executive director that has been so vocal on social media in defense of James White and his interfaith dialogue with a Jihadi Imam named Yasir Qadhi. Kim posted the statement on our Facebook page. We also have the screen shots to validate that indeed this statement did come from Grace To You. In this program you will hear Brannon and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung resounding to this 100% unbiblical statement that seeks to justify the unbiblical interfaith dialogue of James White and Muslim Yasir Qadhi. Brannon and Dr. DeYoung explain why their statement is unbiblical and why this is so troubling for the Body of Christ and the precedent being set.

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