You Can Live Without Twitter and Netflix 
But What About The Power-Grid?

Today's (October 21, 2016) attack on the internet is creating major outages.  While at the point of press it is unclear who is behind the attack, it is nonetheless an attack on our nation’s infrastructure. Here is one article on the hacking that is disrupting the World Wide Web in America today.

Today's Brutal DDoS Attack Is the Beginning of a Bleak Future

http://gizmodo.com/todays-brutal-ddos-attack-is-the-beginning-of-a-bleak-f-1788071976 [2]

You do not have to be a “prepper" to be prepared for the power to go out.

You can live without Netflix or Twitter, but how long can you live without electricity in today's world of just-in-time inventory? Then there is the social unrest that would come as people take advantage of rolling blackouts. It appears that America is moving into even more dangerous territory with the threats to our national security and power-grid, among other vital services. I would urge you to think ahead. Can you cook over a fire in your backyard? Do you have food that you can eat that does not need refrigeration? What about personal safety and security plans? 

Don't think for a minute the terrorists and rogue nations that hate America are not thinking or already attempting to bring down our power-grid. Here are just two articles I found today from mainstream news sources. Notice they are mainstream news sources and not some far right, conspiracy group. 

Russians Have Learned How to Hack Power Grids

https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2016-01-07/russians-have-learned-how-to-hack-power-grids [3]


ISIS is Attacking the U.S. Energy Grid (and Failing)

http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/15/technology/isis-energy-grid/ [4]

I have read books about EMP attacks by people like respected journalist Ted Koppel. His book is called Lights Out and can be purchased here:

https://www.amazon.com/Lights-Out-Cyberattack-Unprepared-Surviving/dp/0553419986/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477081728&sr=8-1&keywords=ted+koppel+lights+out [5]

I have read reports from former high ranking national security experts about the vulnerability of our national power-grid to terrorist attacks or hacks. 

Grid security is one of our greatest national vulnerabilities: An interview with James Woolsey, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

http://www.forbes.com/sites/chipregister1/2014/12/17/grid-security-is-one-of-our-greatest-national-vulnerabilities-an-interview-with-james-woolsey-former-director-of-the-central-intelligence-agency/#547f8da95a20 [6]

After reading many such reports, in 2009, I built a beautiful bonfire pit in my backyard with my own hands. I brought in lots of pea gravel and laid a beautiful stone patio and then built the bonfire pit. I also purchased all the things needed to cook over it. I have never used the pots and pans and hope I never have to do so. 

We do use the bonfire pit all the time as a family for fun and relaxation. However, in 2009, I built it in case the power went out for a few days due to a storm, or worse. A camping stove, firewood, a bonfire pit, camping pots and pans are not that expensive and will be worth their weight in gold if you ever have to use them, if even for a few days. 

Nothing wrong with a little freeze dried food that you drop into a boiling pot of hot water when it is dinner time.

I have enjoyed Mountain House food on camping trips going back to when I was in high school. I purchased 6 months of food for 5 people in April of 2013 for my family. Three and half years later Worldview Weekend became a distributor for Mountain House because we personally know and testify to the quality of the food and understand the need for families to have "food insurance" in an increasingly dangerous world. While I am not a prepper, I do understand the need to be prepared for a national disaster or a man-made disaster. I believe the key is balance and common sense. I have put together a balanced and common sense emergency kit for my family and now we are pleased to offer this opportunity to you as well. When you order your Mountain House freeze dried food from Worldview Weekend you pay not shipping and handling, we believe your getting great tasting food at a great price; and your helping to support the radio, television and conference ministry of Worldview Weekend through Worldview Radio & WVW-TV. Please let us know if we can answer any of your questions by e-mailing us at info@worldviewweekend.com [7].

I am not a “prepper," but I do want to be prepared for a bad storm, or rolling blackouts that bring down the power, if even for a few days. I would urge you to do the same. It just makes good sense. My grandparents’ generation understood these sorts of preparations because of World War II and the Great Depression. Most Americans don't see the need for such preparations or insurance. Yet when and if they do need such resources, for most it will be too late to get ready. They will only be able to sit and wait and hope the power is only out for a few hours and not several days. Are you ready? If not, this weekend is a great time to go shopping at your local camping store and visit your local nursery for big rocks to build a bonfire pit.  You can also visit our bookstore and check out the Mountain House kits we offer at www.worldviewweekend.com/bookstore [8]

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