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WVW-TV Turns Information Over to Intelligence Agency Contact Concerning Possible Entry of Club K Cruise Missile Cargo Container Entering Through U.S. Port

Last month, after reporting extensively on the Club K cargo missile launching containers, here:

we received an email from an employee at an international company who works in the gulf in the Middle East. We verified the company of the individual who was emailing us. We were asked to protect their identify so as not to create an issue for their work in the Middle East. The man contacting us heard our program on the Club K missile cargo containers after a family member alerted them to our program.

The man with this international company who works in the gulf of the Middle East sent us numerous emails detailing countries & ports of what he said was a ship with a Club k cargo container on board. He reported that the container was under armed guard and at one point when the ship was underway, the container was painted to resemble the logo and containers of a well known shipping container company. The contact had reason to believe the container made it through a port in the southern part of the U.S. He identified that port of entry to us with other details. The man reported that there were many other such reports and details he could provide. The source wanted us to bring the information to any contacts we had in national security. We turned his numerous emails and information over to a long time contact inside a national intelligence agency who has several hundred who answer to him.

Our contact inside the intelligence community is warning key members of the military & intel community of the Club K containers. Our contact in this intel agency told us that until our reporting on the Club K cargo containers, he had never heard of them. I asked how this could be. He said people specialize in the intel community on different areas of work and if it is not in their area of responsibility it would not be something they would necessarily know about. He printed many copies of the 91 page report we were reporting on and distributed it within intel community. He said many in intel community did NOT know about Club K cargo missile launching containers and he thanked WVW-TV for our reporting and bringing this to his attention so we can bring it to the attention of as many as possible within in the intel community and agency for which he works. All this to say: We are living in very dangerous times. We told you before the election of President Trump that his election would cause America to enter into some of the most dangerous days we have faced as a nation. Why? We said President Trump would move against the Islamic groups and they would fight back.

The battlefield here in America was prepared by our national enemies for 8 years during the dereliction of duty by the Obama Administration. The patriots inside our intelligence community tell us, due to how their hands were tied for the 8 years of Obama, they are not sure who is here in the U.S. and what they might have in their possession. The patriots inside the intelligence community are very concerned about the coming days and are telling us they want the American people to know how dangerous things are so the American people will put pressure on their elected officials to make our national security a priority. They also want Americans to prepare for the dangers as individual families. These patriots in the intelligence community also have families, children, parents, relatives, and friends and they want them, as well as their fellow Americans, to wake up to the dangers we must face together as a nation through individual preparation but also by collectively putting pressure on elected officials to secure the nation, and deal with the known threats that include Islamic and Marxist terrorist groups openly working, plotting and raising money in the U.S.