Worldview Report Transcript For December 29, 2021 Second Report of the Day

We lead off tonight with massive protests breaking out in Israel on Christmas Day in front of the residence of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The protests are against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates. Protesters blocked roads and demanded an end especially to child vaccine mandates. Some protesters reported being whipped by police and hit by water cannons. Police reportedly arrested 13 people on charges ranging from disturbing the peace to possession of knives and one set of brass knuckles as Israeli citizens say they have had enough of Covid tyranny. Let's take a look at a report from WION.

WATCH VIDEO [Cut off at 2:16 mark]


More news out of the Middle East tonight about Covid vaccines, and it's not good. Egypt’s third division’s Rabat & Anwar goalkeeper Ahmed Amin passed away yesterday after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.

He is the fourth professional soccer player to die suddenly of cardiac arrest in just the past week.

All of them played in leagues with extremely high rates of vaccination, from 96 to 100 percent.

Croatian Marin Cacic, 23, Algerian Soufiane Lokar, 30, and Omani Makhlid Al Raqadi, 29, all died this week from heart attacks. None had known preexisting conditions that could have caused their deaths.

Nobody appears to be trying to get to the bottom of why so many young, super-fit athletes have been suddenly beset by heart problems. The numbers are unprecedented. More than 365 documented cases over the last six months, since the pro sports leagues started mandating the shots.

As the Liberty Daily reports, one conspicuous group who avoid seeking answers are journalists.

"The stories have received zero coverage in the United States and international corporate media has avoided the obvious question. Searches on DuckDuckGo revealed no mentions one way or another about the players’ vaccine statuses. In fact, none of the stories that we checked mentioned Covid-19, vaccines, or boosters," the outlet reports.

But don't expect any of the mass media outlets to suddenly get a conscience and start asking questions.

Even when members of its own die suddenly of heart attacks, they don't inquire.

As the Covid Blog reports, a 49-year-old international reporter died suddenly of a heart attack just hours after getting a Moderna booster shot on Dec. 17 and the story was reported in a matter of fact fashion that spotlights the corporate media's loyalty to big pharma.

Carlos Tejada was the deputy Asia editor for the New York Times. He worked for the Wall Street Journal as China news editor prior to that. In other words, he was firmly entrenched as a mainstream media voice. Unfortunately, that also means he was beholden to Pfizer, Moderna, masks, etc. It looks like that loyalty cost him his life.

He posted on a social media account in July about how he felt almost guilty because of his "privilege" to have access to the wonders of modern science, the life-saving vaccines, while he was "mournful" that those in poor countries didn't have that access. The post included a photo of him getting jabbed while proudly holding up his vaccination card.


Then on Dec. 17, he made another post of himself getting the Moderna booster. "Double-vaxxed, Janssen-fueled, Moderna boosted. Hey, Omicron: Hit me with your best snot," he wrote.


Hours later he was dead.

He wife posted to his Twitter account that he suffered a heart attack.



A task force organized by the Biden administration to combat "extremism" has redefined the term. And critics are warning tonight that a door has been opened for the removal of soldiers, sailors and airmen who visit counter-jihad websites or even hit the "like" button on a pro-life Facebook post.

Daniel Greenfield reported in an article for FrontPage Magazine that new rules to root out extremism in the military have been created by the Countering Extremist Activity Working Group headed by Bishop Garrison, an Iraq war veteran and social justice warrior who serves as a senior adviser to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Bishop was hired for one reason – to purge all Christians and social conservatives from the military.

The taskforce redefined "extremism activities" to include "advocating widespread unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender identity, or sexual orientation."

According to the new military protocols on "extremism," any member of the military who regularly checks out Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website would be considered a dangerous extremist and be singled out for punishment. If he persisted in reading forbidden websites, he could be expelled from the military.

As WND points out, the new definition of extremism, citing "discrimination" against "gender identity," could also lead to punishments for military personnel who oppose the forcing of teenage girls to shower with men.

Greenfield says the new policy calls for punishing anyone who engages "in electronic and cyber activities regarding extremist activities, or groups that support extremist activities – including posting, liking, sharing, re-tweeting, or otherwise distributing content."

Apparently, even watching this news show could now get a military man or woman in hot water under the administration of Joe Biden and the Pentagon's woke leadership.

It may be time for conservatives to reassess any plans for joining the military. This is clearly conquered territory.


Next tonight, millions of truckers have threatened to walk off their jobs if the Biden administration persists with its vaccine mandate edict, the enforceability of which rests on the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling.

If the Supreme Court approves the mandate, the trucking industry will fall like a stack of dominoes, trucking industry leaders say. And that will cripple the nation's already struggling supply chain.

But when asked if he would reconsider the mandate in light of the supply chain issues, Biden did not hesitate with his answer. Take a look.


On the night before Christmas Eve, the U.S. Supreme Court moved to schedule oral arguments for January 7 in a pair of requests involving two Biden vaccine policies: the vax-or-test mandate for large employers, and the vaccine mandate for health care facilities.


One way or the other, America's fate as a free nation has been laid before nine un-elected justices in black robes. That's never a good way to deal with controversial issues in a society that claims to be free and open.


An online magazine that studies persecution of Chinese Christians is reporting that the leader of a Chinese Communist Party-linked church group has announced mandatory sermon points for pastors in that country.

The information was documented by Bitter Winter, an online magazine that studies persecution of Christians in China.

Xu Xiaohong is chairman of the Chinese Christian Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee, and the report explains he recently "organized an extraordinary meeting of the committee and of the China Christian Council, which supervises education in the Three-Self Churches."

They listened to a videotaped speech of China's supreme dictator, Xi Jinping, and planned how to implement his demands in the name of "patriotism."

All national leaders of the Three-Self Church were present, including Pastor Wu Wei, chairperson of the China Christian Council.

The report explained, "Xu Xiaohong said that churches are expected to leave aside less important matters and focus on two issues, prevention of COVID-19 and the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party."

He summarized Xi Jinping's speech with several points.

The report explained:

"First, we must deeply understand that religious work is a part of the larger work of the Communist Party.

Second, we must obey the party’s leaders and the officially approved religious leaders.

Third, we must study and implement the Marxist theory of religion. Fourth, we must study and implement the CCP’s directives on religious work."

Question of the year: How are segments of the American Church any different than China's Three Self movement when they reflexively obey whatever the latest edict is from the White House and the CDC, allowing those government entities to set protocols for church worship?

That's definitely something to ponder heading into a new year.


We do have some good news to report tonight in the battle for life.

With all of the problematic developments we saw take place in 2021, it was actually a historic, record-setting year for the pro-life movement in this nation, a banner year for those who've made it their mission to protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us, the unborn.

19 states passed a record 106 pro-life laws in 2021, including total abortion bans that could protect tens of thousands of unborn babies every year if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

You know you are having successes when the other side is bemoaning the sad state of America, actually mourning the fact that fewer babies are being murdered in their mothers' wombs. reports one such organization is Guttmacher Institute, a pro abortion research group that once served as the research arm of Planned Parenthood. A new Guttmacher Institute report that tracks state legislative actions on abortion and so-called reproductive rights came out describing the year-end situation.

Elizabeth Nash, the author of the report, described 2021 as “the worst year for abortion rights in almost half a century.”

According to the report, states passed more abortion bans and restrictions in 2021 than they did in any other previous year since Roe v. Wade in 1973; the previous record was 2011 when states passed 89 pro-life laws.

The move that got the most attention was the Texas heartbeat law, which bans abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks, went into effect Sept. 1. It is the only pre-viability abortion ban to go into effect since 1973, the report found. And it is giving Americans hope that the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe and allow states to protect unborn babies from abortion again.

Pro-life leaders estimate the Texas law has saved thousands of unborn babies’ lives in the past three months – and could save tens of thousands more every year if it remains in effect. Even abortion activists admit that, while some women are traveling to other states for abortions, many others are having their babies instead.

Other states that passed several pro-life laws each this year include Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Montana and South Dakota.

These laws include total abortion bans, bans on discriminatory abortions that target unborn babies with disabilities like Down syndrome, bans on dangerous mail-order abortions, safety requirements that ensure abortion facilities are prepared to help women suffering from complications, and more.


All semblance of décor is being removed in the U.K., where government officials are now talking about preparing teams of government agents to go door to door and forcibly vaccinate the Brits.

The plans are being considered by government ministers to reach the estimated five million people yet to be jabbed.

Discussions between the Department of Health, NHS England and No 10 Downing Street over the past week have looked at a nationwide drive to send vaccine teams to areas with low rates of vaccination as a final solution to the virus. The pretext being discussed is to avoid lockdowns and other restrictions, but we all know that previous promises used the same excuse and were not kept.

One of the focus areas of the door to door campaign will be to get jabs into rural areas, where people have been less accommodating of government propaganda aimed at getting them jabbed.

According to Resist the Mainstream, one Cabinet Minister has already committed to back the plan, saying: ‘I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant is sensible,’ before warning: ‘The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.

‘I am all in favor of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 percent of the country who are vaccinated for the 10 percent who refuse to be.’

The vaccination drive continued throughout Christmas Day. NHS England said thousands of first, second and booster jabs were given on a Christian holiday in which many of the nation's most prominent Christian churches canceled their services.


Big League Politics has come out with a report that three Israeli weapon's manufacturers have been indicted for selling arms to Communist China.

And we're not talking about small arms.

The indictment alleges that among the weapons being sold were surface to air cruise missiles.

The Economic Department of the office of Israel’s State Attorney notified the companies of the indictment on December 20.

They have been hit with charges of committing security offenses under the Defense Export Control Law and offenses under the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

Ephraim Menashe, the owner of Solar Sky, helped push forward the deal, according to a report by the Jerusalem Post.

Menashe allegedly recruited other people to manufacture cruise missiles and their parts that would later be exported to China. According to the State Attorney, the suspects produced dozens of cruise missiles and conducted numerous tests with them in Israeli-controlled territory, putting human life in danger.

The missiles were then sent to China in a concealed fashion and Menashe obtained millions of dollars in exchange.


The US Navy announced that the USS Milwaukee warship was forced to remain in port after a COVID outbreak hit its 100 percent vaccinated crew.

The infected sailors are being isolated on the ship at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, the Gateway Pundit reports.

The ship had only been on the water for less than two weeks following its deployment from Mayport, Florida, on December 14 where it was heading into the U.S. Southern Command region.


A Team USA swimming official has called it quits over the U.S. allowing trans men to compete in women's swimming events.

USA Swimming official Cynthia Millen resigned in protest over the participation of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in women’s competitions, saying in the resignation letter she can’t back a sport that allows “biological men to compete against women.”

The resignation letter to USA Swimming indicates that Millen, who has been involved in the sport for some 30 years, resigned on Dec. 17.

“I told my fellow officials that I can no longer participate in a sport which allows biological men to compete against women,” Millen wrote in the resignation letter, Swimming World reported.

“Everything fair about swimming is being destroyed,” Millen’s letter added.

“If Lia came on my deck as a referee, I would pull the coach aside and say, ‘Lia can swim, but Lia can swim exhibition or a time trial. Lia cannot compete against those women because that’s not fair.’”

Zero Hedge reports that Thomas, a 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team member who recently broke three women’s records in freestyle swimming, could be a women’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) title contender in a few months.

“Lia Thomas had another strong day in the pool for the Red and Blue,” Penn athletics wrote on their website on Dec. 3.

“During the prelims, she set a new pool and meet record in the 500 free. In the finals she swam more than 12 seconds faster, finishing in first place with a time of 4:34.06. That time is currently the best in the country in the event.”

Previously a member of the USA men’s swimming team, Thomas underwent hormone treatments and is in line with NCAA rules that allow the athlete to compete on the women’s team, according to Swimming World.

Thomas submitted hormone tests and doctor’s medical notes to the NCAA and “they approved everything,” the athlete said in a Dec. 9 interview on the SwimSwam podcast


If you've got a car with a few miles on it that runs, you might want to hang onto it.

The shortage in new car production has been well-documented this past year, but now we are getting reports of a shortage of rental cars as well.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, companies like Hertz are "struggling" to re-stock fleets after downsizing because of Covid. 

At the same time, rental rates are skyrocketing. The daily rate is now $81, which is up 31 percent from a year prior, the WSJ reported. 

Hmm. Didn't the federal government just tell us the inflation rate is 6.8 percent?

Prior to the pandemic, the cost of a rental car was about $46 per day.

In winter destinations like Maui, Salt Lake City and Bozeman, Montana, rates have shot up to $100 per day, the WSJ reported. 


In a stunning defeat for state officials, a Pennsylvania court has ruled that State officials who sought to block transparency and accountability over the 2020 election must honor a request to inspect Dominion voting machines.

This represents a victory for the nonprofit legal foundation The Amistad Project, which has been representing Fulton County in its efforts to get the machines inspected.

“The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has ruled in favor of The Amistad Project and Fulton County, Pennsylvania, allowing the county to send its Dominion voting machines to the State Senate for inspection on January 10,” the Amistad Project stated in a press release.

“The court recognized that it was improper to demand that the county – which owns the machines, and has the responsibility of running the election along with the legislature – can’t determine whether the machines worked properly,” said Phil Kline, director of The Amistad Project. “As the judge noted, there’s no justification for preventing the county from looking at their own machines.”

Pennsylvania’s attorney general and secretary of state had sued to prevent the inspection, the press release notes. It was originally scheduled for December 22, but the judge determined that it must be allowed to proceed, “with a short delay to allow experts from both sides to come up with a formal protocol for the inspection.”

On that note, we leave you tonight and wish you a happy final week of 2021. We hope you will stick with us as we report on all the news the corporate media doesn't want you to know in 2022. Good night from all of us at Worldview Report with Brannon Howse.


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