Worldview Report Transcript For December 23, 2021

Starting us off tonight, the Biden administration issued a chilling message to millions of American families just days before Christmas.

At a news briefing last weekend, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients issued a prepared statement with a message to both the injected and uninjected.

To the injected he said this:

“We are intent on not letting Omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated. You’ve done the right thing, and we will get through this,” he said, according to a White House transcript.

To the uninjected, Zients had a different message.

He said, quote:

“For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.”

This was interesting given that data has thus far shown that the majority of those getting the so-called Omicron variant are the injected.

South Africa, where the variant originated, is already past the peak of Omicron infections and has suffered no major calamity like that predicted for America.

This begs the questions: Does the Biden administration know of something else that is getting ready to be released? Something that can perhaps be blamed on Omicron when in actuality has a very different origin?

These are all issues we will stay on top of as we head into Joe Biden's dark winter of "severe illness and death," remembering that there is a higher power who will not be surprised by any new plague released on humanity.


Since Senator Joe Manchin announced he will not vote for Biden’s global reset bill, the so-called “Build Back Better” initiative, a lot of the social-engineering policies meant to complete the fundamental transformation of America have been at least temporarily shelved.

Regarding the bill, Manchin told Fox News, “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, I just can’t. I’ve tried everything humanly possible. I can’t get there.” The White House immediately rebuked the wayward Democrat, saying he should, “honor his prior commitments and be true to his word.”

Among the policies that have been, at least for now, defeated, include free childcare and work permits for illegal immigrants, and universal taxpayer funded pre-K nationwide.

As The Republic Brief reports, "after shutting the entire nation down, shuttering businesses, and causing millions to lose their jobs, you would think the Biden administration would be focused on getting those people back to work instead of making it easier for those living in the country illegally to take jobs from American citizens. Sadly that isn’t the case, though."

The bill that passed the House contained $380 billion for pre-K and child care assistance – although it was phased in over a period of six years.

The pre-K provisions were slated to cost $110 billion.

And of course we couldn't have a Build Back Better bill without radical measures to combat climate change. And this bill was intended to move the country from fossil fuels to “alternative” sources of energy.

The Daily Mail reports that Manchin may have a vested interest in slowing down the abandonment of fossil fuels:

Manchin, who has drawn attacks from the left for his financial holdings in the coal industry, has long complained about the bill’s climate provisions. He says the nation cannot transition too quickly to cleaner energy sources or become dependent on foreign sources of energy.

Other items in the now-dead Build Back Better bill include: Refundable child tax credits, funding for home care and housing, and paid family leave.

On BBB, Manchin rightly stated that “Spending trillions more on new and expanded government programs, when we can’t even pay for the essential social programs, like Social Security and Medicare, is the definition of fiscal insanity.’


Are doctors receiving a perverse monetary incentive to vaccinate the masses? Are they paying 'hush money' to victims' families?

In a new report, the RAIR Foundation says yes.

According to the Foundation, veteran New Zealand doctor René de Monchy’s career came to a screeching halt after he refused to be injected with the Covid serum. After 48 years as a medical professional, he was fired, banned from his hospital, and not allowed to say goodbye to his patients.

Now, the general practitioner and psychiatrist is speaking out on the globalist forces using Covid to help them seize control of the world. He questions why doctors and patients are being given monetary “vaccine” incentives. Dr. Monchy believes the actual number of people who have died from the vaccines has remained hidden from public view, and relatives of those killed from the injection are receiving “hush money.”

From their inception, Dr. Monchy was very critical of the “experimental, never-before-used mRNA vaccines.” The Doctor disagreed with the vaccine’s “lack of a control group and long-term outcomes,” reports the Doctors Collective.

"…what closed the door for me was when the vaccines were also given to children, who are absolutely not at risk with corona infection. In addition, the mRNA vaccines were also promoted for pregnant women, which is completely contrary to any medical and scientific tradition of carefully weighing the pros and cons. The immune system, especially of a child, is a delicate interplay. It is like a symphony orchestra with several sections; the winds, strings, and percussion, all of which must fill in at just the right time. By administering vaccines whose effects are still largely unknown, you are going to disrupt this interplay. We have every reason to be cautious."

To achieve its 90% “vaccination” goal, Dr. Monchy explained that every citizen of New Zealand who received the injection was bribed with a voucher of 20 NZD (12 euros). At the same time, doctors have been given 359 NZD (216 euros) per vaccine.

In October, New Zealand held its “Super Saturday Vaxxathon,” a festive campaign, with the sole purpose of giving as many people as possible a shot. Dr. Monchy reported that one health center made 175,000 NZD (105,000 euros) during that vaxxathon. “There is a perverse incentive for doctors to participate in this kind of campaign,” said Dr. Monchy.

WATCH VIDEO [clip from 2:22 mark thru 3:54]

Perverse indeed. And at some point, a reckoning will come for those who have pushed this radical experiment on humanity.


Now, on the subject of wars and rumors of wars.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s government warned, on December 20, 2021, that if its adjoining nation of Ukraine becomes a NATO member, that is a line in the sand that could touch off World War III.

Some astute observers, such as the website Global Research, are making the comparison to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when U.S. President John F, Kennedy’s administration warned that Soviet missiles in Cuba would mean World War III.

U.S. missiles in the Ukraine would present weapons of mass destruction only a 7-minute flight time away from Moscow, just as Russian missiles in Cuba would mean a similar flight time from Washington, D.C.

Eric Zuesse, writing for Global Research, says Soviet communism may not be what it once was, and the old Warsaw Pact is gone; "but America and its allies have continued the Cold War against Russia; and, now, finally (after decades of NATO expansion right up to Russia’s borders), Russia has laid down the gauntlet to them, just as America had laid down the gauntlet to the Soviet Union and its allies, in 1962, regarding Cuba."

Russia’s RT News bannered a headline on December 20th that read, “Russia promises ‘military response’ to any further NATO expansion”.

Zuesse notes that any military response would be against NATO — all of it — and "probably within less than an hour, most people on both sides of that nuclear war would be either dead or doomed soon to die — and even throughout the world there would be billions of deaths."

He writes that no U.S./NATO-Russia military conflict could remain non-nuclear, "because whichever side would be losing any non-nuclear war would promptly release all of its nuclear stockpile against the other, and so the nuclear exchanges would become a part of any U.S.-v.-Russia war."


Now, we take a look tonight at the criminal history of the biggest pharmaceutical giant now operating in the United States, Israel, Central and South America and many other parts of the world.

That company is Pfizer, one of three corporations allowed under an emergency use authorization to have its technologically unproven gene-based Covid vaccines injected into every eligible man, woman and child.

But what is the history behind this company that so many Americans are trusting implicitly with their health and their bodies?

In September 2009, Pfizer was slapped with the biggest criminal fine in U.S. history. As part of a $2.3 billion settlement with federal prosecutors, the company pleaded guilty to misbranding the painkiller Bextra, and falsely promoting the drug for purposes that regulators had never approved. They paid kickbacks to cooperating doctors.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, this was the largest healthcare fraud settlement ever successfully won in the DOJ's history.

And when it comes to Pfizer's bad boy image, the very same image that the corporate media is today covering up, that's just the beginning. Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO [Run first 1:58 of video]

And knowing what we know about this criminal enterprise that people refer to as Pfizer, what should we make of their CEO's recent proclamation that anyone who publicly criticizes his vaccines should be treated as criminals?

WATCH VIDEO [Play the final 17 seconds of the above video showing CEO Albert Bourla making threats against his company's critics]

Does this sound like a corporation worthy of your trust? Worthy of giving its unproven, high-risk gene therapy to your child?

You be the judge.


New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a recent press conference that her office would ask businesses to ban people who aren't fully vaccinated.

And she admits that the definition of "fully vaccinated" is a living, breathing term that could change at any moment of her choosing.

At some point we may have to determine that ‘fully vaccinated’ means boosted as well, and we’ll give people a sufficient time frame to make that happen,” she said, adding. “I’m just sending out the message now: Prepare for that.”

As ZeroHedge reports, the Democratic governor also advised vaccinated people to get booster shots and wear masks, citing “cases of reinfections" among the fully vaxxed.

People who have been vaccinated are getting it again and again,” she said. “They may not be in the hospital, but they could also be in contact with someone who ends up being in the hospital.

The call for a new standard comes as the Biden administration signals a possible redefinition of what it means to be “fully vaccinated.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading member of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 response team, said the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is open to changing the definition to include a booster shot for the two-dose vaccines.

The Biden administration’s push for boosters is unlikely to change the minds of those who remain unvaccinated, according to a survey by Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). In September, when booster shots received federal approval, the KFF found the idea of getting a booster was a “net positive for people who are already vaccinated, but a net negative for the unvaccinated.”

According to the KFF survey conducted among 1,519 adults living in the United States, 71 percent of the unvaccinated say news about boosters is a sign that the vaccines aren’t working, compared to 22 percent who say that scientists are continuing to find ways to make vaccines more effective. Meanwhile, 78 percent of vaccinated people say talk of boosters shows that the science is improving.

“Most unvaccinated adults see the booster discussion as a sign that the vaccines are not working as well as promised, while most vaccinated adults see it as a sign that scientists are continuing to find ways to make vaccines more effective,” the KFF report reads.


Dr. Ron Paul. Remember him? He's been talking lately about Covid and the freedom sucking, liberty sucking effects it's had on the world.

In an article on his website titled, Omicron: The Lockdowners' Last Stand, the former presidential candidate writes the following:

"Just as President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccination mandates were being ripped up by the courts, authoritarian politicians, public health bureaucrats and the mainstream media announced a new Covid variant to justify another round of lockdowns and restrictions. The things that didn’t work last time would be a good idea to do again this time, they claim.

"For these authoritarians, the timing of Omicron’s emergence was perfect."

The variant originated in South Africa, and was immediately hyped by Western media outlets.

Politicians used the manufactured fear to justify another assault on liberty, Paul writes, adding, "Europe shut down and became a virtual prison camp. In Austria, Germany, and elsewhere, citizens became non-persons without a vaccine passport.

"South African health officials reported that the variant seemed to be more contagious but far milder than previous variants, as usually happens with such viruses. But the lockdowners would not hear of it. From Boris Johnson in the UK to DeBlasio in New York City, the variant was perfect cover for them to put their boots back on the necks of terrorized citizens."

And of course, the Fauci factor kicked into high gear, with the mad doctor's face appearing incessantly across every major media platform.

Paul continues:

"As to be expected, Fauci reveled in the emergence of the new variant, warning of 'record deaths' for the unvaccinated. Similarly, President Biden warned that this would be a 'winter of death' for the unvaccinated.

"But here’s something the media isn’t reporting about the Omicron outbreaks: they are taking place among the fully vaccinated. Cornell University, with 97 percent of the campus fully vaccinated and a mask mandate, has announced that it would return to online only instruction after a massive Covid outbreak. Likewise, the National Football League has postponed several games due to Covid outbreaks, even though the League is virtually 100 percent vaccinated. And the National Basketball Association, which is above 95 percent fully vaccinated, has just announced that due to a surge in Covid cases, it too will postpone games.

"The vaccine is not working to prevent infection or transmission of the virus: cases are raging in states with the highest vaccine levels. Yet the 'experts' continue to maintain that the only thing that can stop the spread of Omicron is vaccines! More people are catching on that this makes no sense. If vaccines don’t stop the spread, how can vaccines stop the spread?"

Meanwhile, as Dr. Paul points out, unvaccinated South Africa is ending Covid restrictions while the hyper-vaccinated North is locking down. Something doesn’t add up.

He said nearly half of Omicron infections are asymptomatic and concludes with the following statement:

"Some experts are predicting that Omicron will spell the end of Covid-19. But we know that as long as people like Fauci are around, Covid-19 will never end. Unless, of course, we repudiate the charlatans and profiteers and reclaim our liberty!"

Thank you Dr. Paul. America misses your voice.


In his address to the nation Tuesday afternoon, Biden said that of the 400,000 Americans that have died of Covid in 2021, "almost all were unvaccinated."

In an effort to demonize those who refuse the experimental gene therapy, Biden said that if someone unvaxxed gets Covid and has to go to the hospital, they will be taking away a bed for a vaccinated person who needs life-saving treatment.

According to the scientific data, Biden's attempt to marginalize and dehumanize unvaxxed Americans has no connection with reality.

If that were the case, how would Biden explain the fact that the most vaccinated states in America right now are also the ones seeing the biggest surges in Covid infection rates?

Gateway Pundit reports that "blue state New York, with some of the most draconian measures violating civil rights in the name of preventing the spread of Covid, is now reporting the highest level of daily reflections since the outbreak started in 2020.


New York is not alone. Add to this list Michigan, MinnesotaMaryland, and Vermont. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. All have heavy rates of vaccination and yet case numbers are soaring.

This is backed up by a new study out of Switzerland, which showed roughly the same number of vaccinated and unvaccinated dying of Covid.

Gateway Pundit compares Biden's Tuesday speech to that of the captain of the Titanic addressing the passengers right before the ship went down.

"The captain of the ill-fated Titanic could not pretend there was no iceberg. The passengers thrashing frantically in the frosty waters knew the truth. The same now applies to Covid. The Biden plan is kaput. His mantra of more vaccines is being exposed as a fraud. You were promised if you got the jab the scary Covid would go away. Turns out that is not true. Grab a lifeboat kids."


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