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Ozarks 2020

Why The Spike in Muslim Men Raping Non-Muslim Women & Does The Koran Allow For Such?

Guest: Islamic Expert Usama Dakdok. Topic: Numerous reports reveal that rape of non-muslim women by Muslim men has spiked. Topic: United Kingdom taxi rape epidemic by Muslim tax-cab drivers. Topic: British judge issued a warning that women are not safe when taking a taxi cab in Great Britain. Topic: The history of Islam and its approval of raping non-muslim women by Mohammed and the Koran. Topic: Norwegian visitors are warned to be careful because of several rapes. Topic: Police in Europe are not immediately pursuing Muslim rapists because of fear of political correctness? Topic: Rapists in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are largely Muslim men. Topic: UK implements new law in wake of child sex abuse by gang of Muslim men. Topic: Europe is so politically correct that they will not use the word muslim in news report when talking about rapists and instead refer to them as asian. Topic: Rape of non-Muslim women is not a cultural idea according to Usama Dakdok but the practice of Islam as found in the Koran.
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