Who Will Secede Klaus Schwab?

INTRO: Moderna announces at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos that
it wants an mRNA manufacturing plant on every continent as it expands its lineup
of mRNA products well beyond just the Covid vax.
We have reports out of Brazil that Brazilians arrested in the recent uprising against
that country’s corrupt and illegitimate government are being poorly treated,
including many who have been forcibly vaccinated.
Project Veritas strikes again, and you won’t believe the deceptive business
practices they’ve uncovered regarding how public schools purchase the curricula
being taught to your children.
Mega-globalist octogenarian Dr. Henry Kissinger is nearing his 100 birthday this
year but he’s still a revered figure at the World Economic Forum. We’ll bring you
his latest advice to his fellow globalists regarding the war in Ukraine.
And Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican governor, caused quite a stir when he
announced he was heading to Davos to rub elbows with the globalist elites. We
have a follow-up report on what he said while he was there.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon
Our top story tonight: Supreme arrogance coming out of Davos.
The CEO of the pharmaceutical giant Moderna, speaking in a panel discussion at
the Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum, said he wants to have an
mRNA technology factory on every continent in the world.
You heard him. His accent may have been difficult for some, but he said, “I would
really like on every continent to have mRNA capacity.”
That was Stéphane Bancel, CEO of the government-created corporation known as
Moderna, speaking during a WEF panel discussion titled “State of the Pandemic.”

He said, “The amazing thing about mRNA is you can use the same facility, the
same plant, the same machines to make any vaccine you want.”
So we can definitely look forward to more mRNA vaccines, which were never
approved for humans until the “emergency” of Covid. When this technology was
tested on animals before Covid, most of them died or were sterilized.
But now the horses have been let out of the barn and apparently there’ no reining
them in, even though we have solid evidence that these vaccines are causing
massive numbers of heart problems in young people, strokes, and other health
Bancel said his company, which holds the patent on its vaccine jointly with the
U.S. government, is building mRNA vaccine plants in Canada, Australia, the U.K.
and in Kenya. Yes, the more vaccines we make the more people we can kill and
fulfill the agenda of the WEF, which is the same agenda of the Club of Rome, the
United Nations and the rest of the globalist cartel’s NGOs, which is to “save the
planet” by drastically reducing the human population.
As Bancel pointed out, the mRNA technology may be used for vaccines and
therapeutics of all kinds. For example, Moderna recently announced an mRNA
injection to treat heart failure.
So now, when someone experiences the onset of myocarditis or pericarditis caused
by one of Moderna’s mRNA Covid vaccines, they can line up for another mRNA
injection provided by the same company to treat their damaged heart.
Sounds like a great plan, if you’re in business strictly to make money and sell


A little over a week ago millions of Brazilians stormed the presidential palace,
congress and supreme court, after the well-liked President Jair Bolsonaro
reportedly lost the election to Luiz Lula da Silva, after royalists and supporters of
Bolsonaro believed the election was fixed to insert a new regime.
National media was not too kind to these protestors, drawing comparisons to the
U.S. Capitol Riots on January 6th, 2021, only this time it was even more people
who came out to demonstrate their support for the “far-right” President
Bolsonaro. Agência Brazil added that these protests bled-out into the streets as
well, where cars and buses were set ablaze.

Brazilian outlet Estadão compiled a short list of some of the protestors involved in
a video titled “Let’s Collapse the System,” depicting the “extremists premeditated
the invasion in Brasília influenced by the speech of former president Jair
Bolsonaro is not even in the country, having escaped to Florida, and tweeted out
from his new American home that it was his desire for the protests to remain
Since the new government has taken over with Lula da Silva at the helm, it is
reported that 763 of these protestors have been arrested, and were given roll-up
mattresses to sleep on, separated from the normal prisoners, forced to give up their
phones, and provided a basic ‘hygiene kit’ with select toiletries.
They were not given blankets or pillows because these are “items that can be used
for acts of violence,” Estadão wrote.
498 men and 265 women have been detained.
There are also reports of forced vaccinations for prisoners – who the media refers
to as “scammers.”
Estadão reports:
“Upon arriving at the prison, the scammers also went through a medical screening
process. A task force was set up to carry out tests on people, vaccinate them
against diseases such as Covid-19, where necessary, and take note of those who
have some type of comorbidity or take some regulated medication. Everyone will
be entitled to ‘sunbathe’ once a day.”
Do you see the parallels here? The DC gulag for Trump supporters and the
Brazilian gulag for Bolsonaro supporters.

This next story is from The National File and it’s a follow-up to what we reported
last week about GOP Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia.
Kemp joined the World Economic Forum on stage at Davos on Wednesday,
January 18th, where he was given a figurative pat on the head by one of Klaus
Schwab’s top men for his refusal to “give in” to the election integrity movement.

Seated between the Democrat Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, and Delaware
Democrat Senator Chris Coons, a close ally of Joe Biden, Governor Kemp was one
of just two Republicans taking part in the World Economic Forum’s panel on
American governance at Davos, along with Florida Congresswoman Maria
When called upon by Børge Brende, the panel’s lead who’s often seen as Klaus
Schwab’s second in command and possible successor atop the WEF, Kemp was
complimented on his refusal to “give in” to the election integrity movement, after
multiple contested races in his home state of Georgia resulted in the “election” of
left-wing Democrats, most notably Joe Biden in 2020.
After slamming Republican candidates as “election deniers,” Brende lauded
Kemp’s inaction on the documented election fraud and irregularities that marred
his home state.
“We know you well,” Brende told Kemp, before remarking that, during America’s
recent elections, “a lot of candidates who were ‘election deniers’ were not elected.”
“You came under some pressure [to secure Georgia’s elections] but you didn’t
really give in on that did you?” Brende asked.
Kemp responded with a nod, before shifting the conversation to the economy, and
claiming that he believes that Democrats will join with Republicans in securing
America’s southern border.
He went on to sit silently as Illinois Democrat JB Pritzker blasted the GOP and
claimed that Joe Biden has “gotten things done for the United States,” though he
did butt in to defend Georgia’s film and entertainment industries.


Breitbart reports that Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive director of the
World Economic Forum, is said to have a “god complex” and aims to run the
organization until his death like a pope or a monarch.
This is based on interviews with current and former staffers of the German
engineer and professor.
A number of individuals involved with the World Economic Forum are reportedly
discussing the NGO’s post-Klaus Schwab future amid the organization’s annual
conference this week.

It comes as Schwab himself will turn 85 in March of this year, prompting some
close to the organization to seek clarification on who will succeed the arch-
globalist at the top of his organization.
Breitbart reports that unlike many other organizations throughout the world, the
issue of succession within the WEF is one solely in the leader’s hands, with the
group’s charter listing Schwab as having the sole prerogative to choose his own
According to a report by POLITICO, various individuals who used to or are
currently working with the World Economic Forum do not believe Schwab will
provide clarity on the issue anytime soon, with the publication specifically citing
critics who say Schwab rules the group like a king or pope, and that this succession
question fits in with this style of leadership.
Schwab “has a god complex, and thinks he’s in the fittest 0.1 percent,” one WEF
veteran based in the United States reportedly told the publication.
“But no one is immortal,” they continued. “It’s insane that they don’t have a
succession plan to build public confidence around.”
Another staffer reportedly suggested that Schwab might try to control the process
of his own succession from — what POLITICO describes as — “beyond the
The staffer told Politico: “Klaus has changed his will multiple times a year for
decades, so it’s just impossible to know what he will decide in the end.”
The staffer added that:
“There are former heads of state who thought they were in the running 20 years
ago,” but all these candidates reportedly had either gotten sick of waiting for
Schwab to hand over power, or fell out of Schwab’s favor.
Overall, the publication suggests that there is a significant chance that a member of
Schwab’s own family could succeed him, again like a king.


Summit News reports that Dr. Richard Ennos, a retired professor of evolutionary
biology at Edinburgh University, has undertaken a thorough analysis of the U.K.’s
COVID-19 Yellow Card vaccine adverse event data and found it indicates
“unequivocal safety signals” for adverse reactions caused by the Pfizer and

Moderna vaccines affecting the blood, heart and female reproductive organs. He
concludes that: “There can be no question that the mRNA vaccines should be
withdrawn with immediate effect.”
In the U.K., three COVID-19 vaccines – AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna – have
been used in a nationwide inoculation program. All three vaccines provide the
genetic code that enables vaccinees to produce within people’s bodies the spike
protein. In the AstraZeneca vaccine, like the Johnson & Johnson vaccine used in
the U.S., the genetic code for the spike protein takes the form of DNA, and is
introduced into the recipient’s cells by a genetically modified chimpanzee virus.
For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the introduced genetic code takes the form of
heavily modified RNA, and is carried to recipient’s cells within lipid nanoparticles.
There is no control over either the tissues to which the vaccines are transported or
the length of time for which spike proteins are produced by those tissues.
According to the esteemed evolutionary scientist’s report: All three vaccines rely
on novel technology that has never before been used in humans. At the time of
their introduction, they lacked any long-term safety data, and therefore required
Conditional Marketing Authorization from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare
products Regulatory Agency or MHRA. To monitor the safety of the three
vaccines the MHRA established the COVID-19 vaccine Yellow Card reporting
scheme. This collates standardized reports of suspected adverse reactions to the
COVID-19 vaccines that can be analyzed to detect safety signals and potentially
trigger withdrawal of the vaccines.


Dr. Judy Mikovits joined Alex Jones to expose Dr. Anthony Fauci’s crimes of
“premeditated murder by injections” and gatekeeping the truth.
“So we know, Fauci has been doing this all along…” Mikovits said.
Take a look.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:21 of video)
Interesting take from Dr. Mikovits.


Microsoft announced a massive wave of job cuts this week, becoming the latest
tech company to cull its workforce as the global economy hits the skids.
The software company confirmed Wednesday it’s reducing its workforce by
10,000 people through the end of the third quarter of the 2023 fiscal year.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced in a statement to employees Wednesday
that the cuts come “in response to macroeconomic conditions and changing
customer priorities.”
Microsoft reported the layoffs would affect roughly 5% of its workforce.
 Nadella wrote in the statement:
“It’s important to note that while we are eliminating roles in some areas, we will
continue to hire in key strategic areas. We know this is a challenging time for each
person impacted. The senior leadership team and I are committed that as we go
through this process, we will do so in the most thoughtful and transparent way
According to Bloomberg, which cited a person familiar with the matter, Microsoft
will cut jobs in a number of engineering divisions. 
The company’s stock went modestly higher Wednesday after it announced the
massive layoffs.


We’ve had a lot of news the last several days about the World Economic Forum
and its globalist leader, Klaus Schwab.
Many people don’t know it but Schwab is the product of another famous globalist,
Dr. Henry Kissinger, who mentored Schwab as a young man studying at Harvard
And Kissinger, at age 99, is still active on the global scene as a mentor to many
younger globalists.
Zero Hedge reports this week that Kissinger has flipped on the Russia-Ukraine
war. He had taken the position that Ukraine should negotiate a deal to end the war
even if that means ceding a small portion of its land mass to Russia. He’d also
indicated that Ukraine should give a guarantee that it won’t join NATO.

That angered the Ukrainians and many of Kissinger’s globalist buddies who are all
in the opposite camp, that Russia must be soundly defeated on the battlefield with
no negotiated end to the war until that happens.
Kissinger has now changed his tune with regard to Ukraine joining NATO.
Former Secretary of State Kissinger said in a video address to the World Economic
Forum on Tuesday that Ukraine joining NATO would be an “appropriate outcome”
of the war, reversing his previous position that Kiev shouldn’t join the Western
military alliance.
Kissinger said:
“Before this war, I was opposed to membership of Ukraine in NATO because I
feared that it would start exactly the process that we have seen now. Now that this
process has reached this level, the idea of a neutral Ukraine under these conditions
is no longer meaningful.”
Kissinger’s comments reflect an article he wrote for The Spectator last month. In
the piece, he didn’t explicitly say Ukraine should join NATO but argued that “a
peace process should link Ukraine to NATO, however expressed.”
In The Spectator article, Kissinger called for negotiations to avoid another world
war and suggested referendums could be held to settle disputes over some of the
territory Russia has captured from Ukraine. But his opinion on the matter appears
to have changed.
While he still called for talks with Moscow in his address on Tuesday, he said that
the fighting should only end after Russia is pushed back to the pre-invasion
lines. “I believe in dialogue with Russia while the war continues, an end of fighting
when the pre-war line is reached,” he said.
According to Zero Hedge, the chances of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine
are slim as Ukrainian officials are demanding a complete withdrawal and for
Moscow to face war crimes tribunals before talks can even happen. For their part,
Russia says it’s open to talks but maintains that any deal must involve the
territories it annexed joining the Russian Federation.
Kissinger said that the conflict should be kept “from becoming a war against
Russia itself” due to Moscow’s large nuclear arsenal. He also said after the war,
Russia should be given “an opportunity to rejoin the international system.”

Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
The subject of our commentary is Project Veritas and its most recent undercover
revelation about how our public school systems work.
Veritas journalists captured on film a highly educated curriculum salesman with a
PhD who admits that he broke Georgia state law by secretly infusing elements of
the banned critical race theory into the classroom curriculums he sells to Georgia
school districts. He peddles the racist CRT curriculums under the guise of
“diversity, equity and inclusion.” The words “critical race theory” appear nowhere
in the curricula but the talking points of CRT are prominent, that white people are
inherently racist oppressors and people of color are victims of oppression.
This is how the radical left indoctrinates our children, even in red states where
people oppose their poisonous lies about American history, gender and the rest of
their satanic nonsense.
Check out this excerpt from the Project Veritas undercover report on one of
Georgia’s educational fraudsters. He even refers to himself as “an evil salesman”
and Georgia’s Republican governor as “such an idiot” who’s easy to hoodwink.
WATCH VIDEO (start at 1:20 mark and end at 5:05 mark)
That sounds a lot like what happened with the dreaded Common Core curriculum
back in 2015 and 2016. Parents got up in arms, turned out at school board meetings
to complain about Common Core dumbing down their children’s education, so the
school administrators in most states just changed the name, rebranded it to
something else, and the parents thought they’d defeated Common Core. The truth
is the teachers went right on teaching most of it and continue to do so today.
Lessons to be learned here. You can’t defeat the public schools. You have to pull
your kids out of them.
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and
your support of this broadcast. If you’d like to support us in this broadcast venture
and help it grow, you can do that in one of several ways…
Until next time, good night and God bless, and may God save America. Take care.


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