What’s All The Fuss About Gold?

If you listen to conservative talk radio or watch conservative television programs you have probably noticed that on nearly every commercial break there is an advertisement from a gold company. Have you ever wondered why?


My name is Wes Peters and I’m an Account Executive with Swiss America Trading. Swiss America has been educating families about diversifying with gold and silver for 33 years. I would like to share some valuable information about one of the oldest and one of the most misunderstood assets - gold and silver.


The most common questions I hear from folks are: Wes, how is gold and silver going to protect me? How am I going to buy bread and milk at my local grocery store with gold and silver?  These are very good questions.


It’s very unlikely we are going to get to the point where we are using gold and silver for barter. Before I answer the question how is gold and silver going to protect you; I would first like to talk about the history of Fiat currencies. This will help give you a better understanding of the crisis that’s coming. A Fiat currency is a currency that has nothing backing it other than the faith of the people. When the people lose faith in a Fiat currency it will collapse and become a worthless piece of paper.


Prior to 1971, the United States Dollar was backed by gold. There was a physical asset actually backing the currency. In 1971 Richard Nixon took the United States off of the Gold Standard. This allowed the United Stated and the Federal Reserve to fire up the printing presses and create money out of thin air.


Fast forward 44 years later and here we are with over 18 TRILLION dollars of debt. Not if, but when the interest rate on our debt goes back to where it was 10 years ago, this country will be paying 1 TRILLION dollars a year in interest on the debt. If we were still on the gold standard today, gold would have to be over $10,000 an ounce to back all of the currency that has been printed this far.



If you believe in history repeating itself, pay close attention to what I’m about to say. EVERY FIAT CURRENCY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD HAS FAILED AND BECOME A WORTHLESS PIECE OF PAPER due to debts, deficits and Hyperinflation. On average they fail within 27 years.


The dollar has had a pretty good run making it 44 years with nothing backing it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not betting my financial future on a bunch of politicians in Washington. Politicians that would mess up a two piece puzzle. Do you really think they will be the first group in history to save the dollar?


Now I will explain how gold and silver will protect you. At some point the United States government will replace the dollar with a new currency. As this is happening the price of gold and silver will go up significantly. You would then exchange your physical gold and silver for the new currency. You would be in a much better position than your neighbor who has nothing but worthless U.S. dollars to exchange.


Gold is no longer being looked at as a commodity. Gold is being looked at as the ultimate currency. Just recently the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was being interviewed on the radio and he was asked his thoughts about diversifying into gold. He said, “ I think gold is a great place to be putting money because it is the ultimate currency. Nothing compares to it, not even the dollar.” He went on to point out that countries and central banks are buying something that pays no dividend and they actually pay a fee to store and insure it. Why would they do that if gold were bad? These countries and central banks do know something. They know the history of fiat currencies. They aren't going to sit back and wait to see what happens. They know how this will end. They are being proactive, not reactive. If you continue wait, it will be too late to protect yourself.


How Would You Answer These Questions?


1.Do you think history will repeat itself and the U.S. dollar will become a worthless piece of paper?


2.Are you aware of the new bank regulations that can keep you from getting your money out of your own accounts?


3.Are you concerned about a cyber attack wiping out your account balances?


4.Are you concerned about the redistribution of wealth that is taking place in this country?


5.Do you think goods and services will cost more 10 years from now?


If you answered yes to any these questions then you owe it to yourself and your family to investigate gold and silver. I’m not trying to sell you. I’m trying to give you information so you can make an educated decision and then decide if gold and silver is right for you.


Be proactive about protecting your financial future. Learn more about investing in your insurance policy against the dollar while there is still time.


If you would like a free information kit or would like to have a further discussion please call me at 877-864-1072.

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