What President Trump Must Do to Stop China’s Invasion

The President of the United States must publicly change his position on China. In the past, President Trump has described China’s President, Xi Jinping, as his “friend.” It is necessary, at this pivotal moment, for President Trump to say that President Xi is not his friend. He must admit, instead, that Xi is America’s enemy. To do otherwise is to paper over President Xi’s many hostile actions, his preparations for war, and his policy of blaming America for the pandemic.

It is time for the President of the United States to face the truth — and tell the truth — about Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. It is time to return enmity for enmity, to reciprocate communist China’s hostility, and prepare to repel their aggression. For they have used our openness and generosity against us. They have taken our kindness for weakness. They have practiced treachery on our good faith, and they have made war on our economy. We can no longer refer to communists as “friends.” They are enemies,

We must hear the truth from our president about communist China’s fifth column in the United States. This truth must not be softened, or watered down with the usual stupidities about free trade and peace; domestic concord or racial tolerance. We are in a life-or-death situation now. Enemy propaganda and enemy propagandists should be identified and ostracized. We cannot allow communist agents of influence to turn the tables, blame America, condemn patriotism, and open the country to enemy attack.

Regarding those who wish to return the country to economic dependence on China: Communist regimes will always use trade as weapon. They will corrupt everyone and everything they touch — businessmen and politicians, sports stars and Hollywood producers. To negotiate with communist China is a fool’s errand. A treaty, for them, is like a pie crust — meant to be broken. The history of communism is long, and the criminal nature of all communist regimes cannot be denied. There is no excuse for having relations with them. To make partners of them is to become their partner in crime.

President Xi made a conscious decision to allow the CCP virus to incubate in Wuhan until the Chinese New Year — the biggest calendar day of outgoing travel from China. Reports about the outbreak in China are not ambiguous in this regard.

What happened in Wuhan was directed — every step of the way — from the office of President Xi. Party officials were forced to allow crowds to congregate during the New Year holiday in Wuhan. They were compelled by Beijing to host 40,000 people at the city potluck, even though an infectious form of viral pneumonia was spreading through the city. Xi’s intentions can be read through dozens of news reports and official edicts. Xi only allowed Wuhan to fight the pandemic after the city’s holiday visitors had returned abroad — carrying the infection to Europe, Australia and North America.

The decisions made by the Chines leaders, in this regard, were not improvised. Chinese strategic decisions are carefully thought out in advance. Years of study had already gone into bat viruses at the Wuhan BSL-4 virology lab. In fact, the placement of the BSL-4 facility in Wuhan defies logic — unless we recognize Beijing’s remarkable foresight.

In order to launch a biological attack, China would need an alibi to avoid retaliation. The alibi would have two sides: one alibi would focus blame on America, the other would mask Xi’s malevolent intentions.

The two-sided alibi would, by necessity, have the following features: (1) To forestall retaliation against China, evidence would be planted regarding safety issues and a leak at a Chinese virology lab; (2) to silence criticism from the Chinese public, Communist Party officials would claim the CIA or U.S. military planted the virus as part of an attack on the Chinese people.

To make these parallel alibis deployable at the same time, Chinese planners would first have considered which Chinese city an enemy would target in a biological war. As the central hub of China’s rail and waterway communications, Wuhan would be the logical choice. Therefore the Chinese planners would have built their strategy around a Wuhan infection scenario. To make this scenario compatible with the “leaky lab” alibi, China’s strategist would also have to place their BSL-4 facility in Wuhan, instead of a more remote location in the Gobi Desert.

It is impractical to carry on a biological war without giving the first iteration of the virus to your own people. Because an alibi is paramount, Wuhan had to become the center of the pandemic. Chinese people would be the first to suffer. Therefore, the initial iteration of the weapon would be designed according to the principles of asymmetric warfare, with the following stipulation: First, the weapon would strategically benefit China; second, it would harm the West.

Consider the virus’s effects. It typically kills the elderly and infirm. From a Darwinian standpoint, the virus favors survival of the fittest. For An overpopulated country like China, such a viral outbreak is useful for thinning the herd. Given a half century under China’s “one child policy,” that herd is not only too large, but too old. Meanwhile, America and the West are irrevocably committed to protecting the weakest and least fit members of society. The West could be counted on to expend untold trillions to stop the virus. China would suffer a brief shock, of course, and economic losses, but these losses would be made up in the end. China would be ordered back to work — with countless elderly citizens sealed alive in body bags for cremation.

Do you think such a plan is too monstrous for someone like Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping is a Communist. His heroes are Mao, Hitler and Stalin — the three greatest mass murderers in history. Do you see a connecting theme here? Come now! Such a person is easily capable of euthanizing the elderly! Why would he hesitate under the circumstances?

Xi Jinping is not a normal person. He belongs to the ancient Machiavellian traditions of Chinese philosophy. He is steeped in the writings of Sun Tzu and Han Fei-Tzu. These thinkers believed in the ruthless use of force and fraud. They opposed the idea that rulers could be friends. Such an idea, in the Chinese legalist tradition, is criticized as dangerous. Therefore, Xi is not President Trump’s friend.

In 1999 I interviewed a famous Chinese dissident, Harry Wu. He spent 19 years in the Lao Gai camp system. When I asked Wu to describe China’s leaders, he said, “They are murderers.”

How can President Trump be friends with a murderer? Xi Jinping imprisons and executes honest Chinese citizens for telling the truth. And like all murderers, Xi Jinping lies — if only to hide his many crimes.

Xi Jinping’s intelligence services have been using international commerce and corporate deals to infiltrate our political system, steal our technology and undermine our economy. His agents have used money as a carrot and a stick. They have bought politicians. They have corrupted our media. They have entered our research institutes.

President Xi’s agents infest Washington. Some of us think these agents should be driven out. Give us one good reason they should be permitted to stay in our capital? — and give us a reason that is not tainted with cowardice or greed.

Think, now, what is coming. Ask yourself where our relationship with communist China is taking us. Xi Jinping is a follower of Mao Zedong. In 1958 Mao gave his generals a strategic directive. He said: Prepare the People’s Liberation Army for the day when Chinese troops will land in Manila and San Francisco.

This directive is still in effect. How do we know? Because China has built an amphibious fleet with a six thousand mile range. This is exactly the range needed to land Chinese troops on the U.S. West coast — in San Francisco. Two divisions have been prepared for an immediate landing (to secure port facilities). Does anyone think Xi needed amphibious transports with a six thousand mile range to invade Taiwan? Defeating Taiwan gets him nowhere. Taiwan is not his primary objective. He must defeat the United States. If America loses a war, Taiwan will surrender without a fight. What, then, is the point of invading Taiwan?

Bypass it!

When a country develops military capabilities, like an amphibious fleet with a six thousand mile range, you have to sit up and take notice if you are six thousand miles away. Strategic thought guides China’s force development. The attack range of these troops was not haphazardly assigned.

Consider the grand strategy behind Xi’s war preparations: Biological weapons soften, then cripple the target country. Nuclear weapons and cruise missiles, launched from hidden locations, can destroy America’s naval, air and strategic assets. China’s amphibious fleet then lands on the West coast and secures port facilities for follow-up merchant ships loaded with men, tanks and artillery.

Is the invasion of the United States by China possible? Yes — it is more than possible. The Chinese have been preparing to invade us for decades. They have been secretly stockpiling supplies in Mexico, as Journalist Scott Gulbransen learned many years ago. He published his findings in a book, The Silent Invasion

There is an old Chinese saying attributed to Lao Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Years ago Gen. Chi Haotian, China’s defense minister, made a speech to high-level party officials. He spoke of a future biological attack “to clean up America.” He said that Beijing’s threat to Taiwan was diversionary. The real plan, he said, was to invade and occupy the United States.

Eighteen years ago a British journalist contacted me. She had been with a documentary film crew, interviewing Chinese sailors during amphibious exercises off the coast of China. She asked how they felt about practicing an invasion of Taiwan. The sailors were baffled. “We’re not practicing to invade Taiwan,” they told her. “We’re practicing to invade America.”

When Chinese military officials realized what the British crew had uncovered, they confiscated the cameras and the recordings. She told her experiences to colleagues in the UK — but she was ostracized for being “anti-Chinese.” She heard of my work through a reader and contacted me. “Listen,” she said. “I damaged my career. But I have to tell someone in America. You must promise not to use my name in telling this story. I have to make a living. I have to get my career back.”

Xi Jinping is not President Trump’s friend. He is America’s enemy. The Chinese have been preparing for war. Their Russian, Iranian, Cuban, and North Korean allies have also been preparing.

I represent a growing number of Americans who don’t want to hear President Trump refer to Xi Jinping as his “friend.” Xi is a murderous dictator, and he is our enemy. We need President Trump to acknowledge this.

There isn’t a moment to lose.



Note: the range of the type 071 transport is “several thousand nautical miles” for a transport that can carry 1,000 troops, plus armored vehicles and (in later versions) helicopters. Ten were built according to one source. There may be 15 presently, but some of the articles appear confused. Add to this existing assault carriers with similar range and China can deliver two divisions of 18 battalions to the U.S. West Coast. the actual lift capacity may be higher, given other ships and conversions not listed.


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