We Have Alerted the FBI to Threatening E-Mails

A few weeks ago our office began to receive emails that we perceived to be of a threatening manner from someone whom we believe is not mentally stable. The emails not only mention me, but my wife and family. Despite our refraining from engaging this individual, his emails have continued and have risen to a level, that as of today, we believe are a direct threat to our safety. We alerted the FBI of this matter in early January of 2020 and are working with an FBI agent to seek a remedy to this issue. We are asking the FBI to please expedite their investigation into this matter and provide my attorney and I with the name, whereabouts, and picture of this individual. Why? Because as a public figure, I am at a disadvantage when people who make such threats know the town in which I reside and what my wife and l look like. We have no idea where they live or what they look like, but they know these facts about us. Thus, we don’t know if someone approaching us has good intentions or not. Please pray that this situation will be resolved, and resolved quickly. We are going public at this point so there is a public record of this issue and that we have asked law enforcement to please assist us in a timely manner. Sadly, there are far too many documented stories in which mentally unstable individuals who were known to law enforcement went on to commit disgusting crimes for which law enforcement was left to admit the perpetrator was on their radar prior to their heinous crime. Let’s pray this pattern will not be repeated.

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