The U.S. Riots of 2020 Are Largely Sponsored by Communist China

Two pro-China communist parties — Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road — are playing leading roles in coordinating the often-violent protests now occurring across the United States. - TREVOR LOUDON

In previous articles I have asserted that communists are behind the Black Lives Matter “protests.” Many would disagree, citing police brutality and racial equality as causal factors. Any reference to communism nowadays is rejected as “Cold War” thinking. Yet the violent unrest of 2020 was organized and prepared by communists. This is undeniable, says Trevor Loudon — an expert on communism.

After decades of “ideological subversion” and deception, with the fabrication of pretexts and the misconstruction of contexts, most Americans are unable to see that a communist power-grab is underway. It is multifaceted, multidimensional and multi-pronged.

For thirty years Marxist-Leninists, in every country, proclaimed the end of the communist bloc. The Cold War was over, they said. And Americans believed them. Since 1991 many countries have fallen to communism: South Africa, Congo, Nepal, Venezuela, Nicaragua. Meanwhile, China and Russia, the leading countries of the old communist bloc, are working together, helping Cuba, propping up Venezuela, giving weapons to North Korea.

It is said that you “cannot cheat an honest man.” Communist active measures have always pandered to our moral weaknesses: — to our lazy preconceptions, our cravings for convenience, our intellectual shallowness, our unwarranted optimism. After a hundred years of ideological subversion what remains of our truthfulness? We now say an unborn baby is “unviable tissue,” that sex is not biologically determined, that America won the Cold War, that the greatest danger we face is global warming, that the police are racist and America must undergo “fundamental changes.” Americans have accepted many of these these propositions. That is why the country appears unwilling to defend itself in the current crisis. Each proposition is a piece in a larger strategic whole. Each piece supports another piece, and all of it depends on our intellectual dishonesty. Why have we succumbed? Shakespeare’s Hamlet says, “To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.”

It seems we cannot resist the lies we want to believe. Putin’s regime, for example, is willfully misunderstood as a champion of Christian Orthodoxy and Russian nationalism. But a genuine Russian nationalist, like Dmitry Savvin, says Putin is a neo-Bolshevik. He is, quite simply, a functionary of the “sword and shield” of the Communist Party Soviet Union. He has not changed his essence; and neither have the “capitalists” who run the Chinese Communist Party. Meanwhile, the domestic American communist has morphed into a “community organizer,” and a champion of blacks, Hispanics and immigrants. The subtle meaning of this policy is now coming into focus as a declaration of war has been announced against “the white Jesus.”

Precisely because we’ve marinated so long in disinformation, and have been deceived on so many tertiary issues, our thinking has been falsified. The KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov described the situation in terms of “ideological subversion.” He said:

What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of the average American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to a sensible conclusion about defending themselves and their country.

Here is the explanation of America’s non-reaction to the riots — to the tearing down of the statues of George Washington and Ulysses Grant and Teddy Roosevelt. Here is why defunding the police is seriously considered in major cities. Here is why no violent public reaction to these and other desecrations has occurred — why governors and mayors accept lawless acts as “healthy.” And this is why a communist revolution is widely misconstrued as “anarchist” or “peaceful.”

To get clarity on who actually organized this revolution, and what their objectives are, I turned to Trevor Loudon. He is an expert on communism from New Zealand. To start out, I asked him about the politics of his native country.

“Both our mainstream parties in New Zealand are controlled by the Chinese,” Loudon explained. “One of our members of parliament was an instructor in a Chinese spy school who goes on trade trips to China with the Prime Minister.”

I asked if conservatives made an issue of this.

“It’s all right by them,” Loudon said. “You have to understand, New Zealand was always the weak link of English-speaking countries. It was easier to subvert.”

I asked why New Zealand was easier to subvert.

Loudon said, “Because we were smaller, more easily co-opted. The New Zealand Labor Party was taken over by the communists in the 1980s, through the labor movement.”

Loudon explained that outside the United States, the communists had infiltrated and captured most of the labor unions around the world. It was only a matter of time before most left wing parties succumbed to communist pressure from these movements. Meanwhile, conservative parties, in turn, were influenced through business deals with communist countries that began to accelerate after Nixon recognized Red China in the 1970s.

“Originally,” said Loudon, “the labor movement in the United States was not run by communists. Then, in 1994-95, they put John Sweeney in charge of the AFL-CIO. They removed the clause in their bylaws against communists. So the communists came flooding in. The communists, through the unions, got a left-of-center party — the Democratic Party — to adopt far left policies. All these recent Democratic policies, from the Green New Deal to opening trade with Cuba, come from the communists.”

Loudon explained that the communists were influencing both of America’s political parties in different ways. The Democrats were influenced by the unions, the Republicans were captured through policies of “engagement” with the communist bloc.

“It was a complete mistake,” said Loudon of engagement. “You cannot trade safely with communist countries. The communists are political criminals. You don’t reform the mafia by bringing them into the police department. I had a friend who infiltrated the communist movement and trained in Moscow. He was taught that communists do better in times of Detente. That was in 1983, by the way. They were then planning to put communism on a back burner. They were going to do it under Andropov, but he died of kidney disease and they had to train a new leader, Gorbachev. The Detente thing has always been a sham. They are all about world domination, and ‘engagement’ is just a Trojan Horse. Kissinger, who was identified as a Soviet agent by [General] Michael Goleniewski, was the one who sold Nixon on opening China. How has this worked out? In the 1970s China was a threat to no one. Today China has the biggest military in the world, the second-largest economy in the world, and is now the leader of a resurgent global communist movement. We have created a monster so Americans can buy cheap toasters at Walmart.”

According to Loudon, “China has way more money to buy politicians than the Soviets ever dreamed of having. The Chinese communists can even draw conservatives into their network through ‘legitimate’ business deals. Left wing groups are ideologically sympathetic to China as it is. ‘Engagement’ with China has produced a situation we might not survive — thank you very much, Henry Kissinger.”

I asked Loudon if we can definitively connect the violent unrest in American cities to China.

“Absolutely,” said Loudon. “You have the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Liberation Road and the Communist Party USA leading this. The first two are responsible for ninety percent of the rioting. They have the big infrastructure for making this happen. Liberation Road has many front groups and nonprofits. They get money from the Ford Foundation, George Soros, even Levi Strauss. They created something called The Movement for Black Lives, which is the coordinating body for Black Lives Matter. BLM was set up in 2014 by three women deeply affiliated with Liberation Road. There are connections here with Marxist terrorist groups like the Weather Underground. In Manhattan there is even an affiliate funded by German taxpayers. It is called The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, with branch offices in Moscow and Beijing. Two of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Kahn-Cullors and Alicia Garza, publicly admitted to being ‘trained Marxist organizers.’ Those are their exact words. The Liberation Roads faction has sent three delegations to the Palestinian Territories. These people have heavy connections to Marxist terrorist groups.”

I asked how these revolutionaries tie in to the Democratic Party.

“They are definitely tied in,” said Loudon. “They have an activist group that flipped Virginia from a red to a blue state and took credit for Obama winning the election in 2008. They registered a lot of minority voters.”

The story of how the communists hijacked minority causes and interests to cobble together an electoral majority is explained by Loudon as a clever game of political divide-and-conquer. Communist revolution is not merely a phenomenon of the streets. It also takes place in voting booths across battleground states. Communist strategy holds that several types of struggle are engaged at once. If gains are made in one venue, they are used to leverage victory in another.

In Part 2 Loudon will discuss the communist strategy for winning the November election, the significance of “critical race theory,” and more.

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