Understanding & Exposing the Systematic Steps of Brainwashing Being Used to Overthrow America

On Sunday nights we have been hosting our free, online, Biblical worldview class entitled: Brainwashed America. If you missed any of the lessons you can watch many of them now at wvwtv.com, with more to be posted soon.

Our free Sunday night class is revealing that Americans have been brainwashed for generations without even knowing it. In fact, in my research I have uncovered the actual systematic steps for brainwashing that were used by the Communists on our American P.O.W.s in the Korean War as well as the techniques used by the Communists on the people of China during the Communist Chinese revolution of 1949. These very same 10 systematic steps for brainwashing are now being used on the American people as I reveal and document in this free Sunday night class that you can watch live at www.livestream.com/wvwtv or at www.facebook.com/worldviewweekend. If you missed the live class, you can watch the archived broadcasts now at www.wvwtv.com

It has taken years of studying on this topic before I was ready to conduct this class on this important topic. Some of my research has included reading two vital reports from the 1950s. One report is by Major William E. Mayer of the U.S. Army. Mr. Mayer studied countless U.S. P.O.W.s that came home from the Korean War. The U.S. military was shocked at the numbers of U.S. servicemen who were brainwashed without drugs or torture. The study revealed that the average U.S. serviceman, when he was in school in the 1940s, had not received an acceptable education worthy of refuting the lies and propaganda of the communists. His lack of knowledge about our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, the state Constitutions and our form of governments as a Constitutional Republic at both the state and federal level left him unable to refute the fake history or out of context history of the communists. Even a basic understanding of the Constitutional and Biblical principles upon which our free-market system relies would have allowed him to refute many of the myths propagated by the Communists. The average American today is far less prepared to counter the lies of the Communist, progressives, socialists or cultural marxists than were the American P.O.W.s of the 1950s.

The Jefferson School in New York City was a communist institution, and they developed a little curriculum that was used by the North Koreans to turn the hearts and minds of America’s P.O.W.s against America. Our soldiers were told that no one at home cared for them, that they had been forgotten, that their families had moved on with their lives, and that everything they had been fighting for was a lie. Our American servicemen were led to believe that greedy capitalists were behind the war and they were being used as pawns only to be discarded when captured.

In fact the brainwashing operation was so successful that four out of ten Americans became depressed and despondent, and simply pulled the covers up over their heads and died. In his November 27th, 1956 speech, Major William E. Mayer revealed the following:


[quote] We didn’t find men dying trying to resist communism. We found a lot of men died. As a matter of fact, out of every ten men captured, approximately four died in captivity. Four out of ten. Thirty-eight percent to be precise. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the highest death rate of Americans in any kind of captivity in any prison in any war since the American Revolution. But they didn’t die, as we thought, because of mass executions or systematic starvation. It’s true the diet wasn’t good enough, the medical care was non-existent. These were contributing factors in every death in Korea. 

But the specific reasons why men died were disturbing ones. They died because of some failures and lack, relative to the development of character, the development of loyalties, the development of leadership that you and I, are responsible for, not the communists…We saw another kind of surrender in Korea. We saw a kind of psychological surrender that was fatal. There was a disease there that killed hundreds of American troops, which the medical service had no name for. So the prisoners named it. They called it ‘give-up-itus.’ [end quote]


So unprepared were these U.S. soldiers to destroy the arguments raised by the Communists about America and our way of life that some actually converted to Communism and refused to return to the U.S. when the war was over. 

I have also been studying and reading the research of Edward Hunter who wrote a book in 1956 entitled, Brainwashing. Mr. Hunter had not only studied the American P.O.W.s of the Korean war like Major Mayer, but he had also studied how the Communist Chinese brainwashed their own people in the 1949 Communist Revolution in China.

In 1993 and 1995, my first two books were published on the state of America’s educational system. Since 1993, I have written 14 books. In writing and research for all of these books, I have seen a familiar template over and over that has been used to brainwash the American people. Only after years of studying the topic of brainwashing, including the reports by Mr. Mayer and Mr. Hunter, was I able to develop what I believe to be ten systematic steps for brainwashing a people of any nation. All of these steps have been and are right now being carried out in America through the powerful institutions of education, media, and religion.

Many years ago, the Communists and globalists set as their goal to assault the existing morality of our nation at all levels, to change the worldview, values, and conduct of Americans until they were willing to embrace Communism under the names of liberalism, progressivism, social justice, common good, shared community and a dozen of other masking terms.

In 1958, Mr. Hunter testified before a U.S. Congressional Committee and warned our nation’s leaders then that the Communists were penetrating our nation at all levels in an effort to take over America without firing a shot:

[quote] I spent 30 years, a little bit more perhaps, in countries under various forms of Communist pressure and attack. What I am witnessing in America is not different from what I saw in those other countries. I am often referred to as someone who has made phenomenal predictions that proved correct on things to come. Actually, I have never made a prediction in my life. I have only predicted in the manner that one predicts the total of 4 after seeing the figures of 2 plus 2.

I have been watching developments under Communism in other parts of the world, and now I see exactly the same developments here in America. They include, first of all, the penetration of our leadership circles by softening up and creating a defeatist state of mind.

This includes penetration of our educational circles by a similar state of mind…I see primarily, as part of this softening up process in America, the liquidation of our attitudes on what we used to recognize as right and wrong, what we used to accept as absolute moral standards. We now confuse moral standards with the sophistication of dialectal materialism, with a Communist crackpot theology which teaches that everything changes, and that what is right or wrong, good or bad, changes as well. So nothing they say is really good or bad. There is no such thing as truth or a lie; and any belief we actually held was simply our being unsophisticated. They don’t say this in so many words, except to those who are already indoctrinated in Communism. [end quote]

Brainwashing falls under many names such as re-education, propaganda, fake news, revisionist history, information operation or psychological warfare. As Mr. Hunter warned in 1958, it is imperative if re-education of subjects is to be successful, they must first be softened up or conditioned. This is done by undermining a belief in absolute truth or a belief in right and wrong. Once they have been conditioned to no longer believe in right or wrong, they have been prepared, conditioned, or softened up to embrace the desired values system of the facilitator.

In America, since the 1960s, one generation after another has been taught values clarification courses or situational ethics. So horrifying is the condition of the minds of Americans that in 2003, Jeff Jacoby writing for a Jewish publication, reported the following:

[quote] A few years ago, Robert Simon, a philosophy professor at Hamilton College, wrote about the inability of his students to make a definitive moral judgment – even a judgment that the Holocaust was evil. "Of course I dislike the Nazis," one student said, "but who is to say they are morally wrong?" At Harvard, James Q. Wilson encountered a similar reluctance to condemn the Holocaust: "It all depends on your perspective," one student told him. Another commented: "I'd just have to see these events through the eyes of the people affected by them.”

Something has clearly gone awry when students at prestigious institutions of higher learning cannot bring themselves to denounce Auschwitz and Treblinka. Too many Americans now shrink from appearing "judgmental" or "moralistic" -- the very words themselves are now used only as pejoratives. The prevailing attitude is: "Who's to say what's right or wrong?”

We live, these days, in a sea of non-judgmentalism. In schools, on the campuses, in the media, there is a belief that all cultures and ways of life are equally valid, that no one is entitled to judge another person's behavior or views.

Even after September 11, there were prominent voices that refused to categorically condemn the terrorists who had slaughtered so many innocent people. Reuters, the British wire service, decided as a matter of policy not to call Al Qaeda and the hijackers "terrorists" – on the grounds that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.” [end quote]


That was in 2003. The problem has now become so egregious that mainstream media will not outright condemn the Jew-hating comments of Muslim Brotherhood proponent and U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar. Yet, Fox News reportedly suspended popular Saturday night host, Judge Jeanine Pirro, because she accurately quoted from the Koran as to why Omar wears a hijab. Indeed, Omar wears a hijab as called for under Islamic law, or Sharia.

Omar has also reportedly been a keynote speaker for a fundraising banquet for Muslim Brotherhood that does business in America as CAIR. If you want to see just how wicked CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood is, then watch hour one of our six hour docuMovie at www.sabotagethemovie.com.

The brainwashing of a vast number of Americans has been so successful by the Communists, cultural-Marxists, globalists, and Islamists that their worldview and values are now all but protected from criticism. Speaking truth about their worldview could have one kicked off YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Unless we are vigilant, we will soon see state and federal laws that bring financial and criminal punishment to those who speak truth about Islam and the ideologies of the cultural-Marxists and globalists.

America is in the middle of a civil war, whether Americans know it or not. The goal of this civil war by the globalists and progressives is a complete and total revolution that will result in the overthrowing of our Constitutional Republic, the rule of law, religious liberty, private property rights, economic liberty, parental authority, and the defense and protection of human life created in the image of God. All this is occurring because Americans have been brainwashed. Sadly, even some pastors have joined in on the brainwashing campaign by preaching sermons and writing books that condemn as sinful and an affront to God any Christian involved in opposing any government in America that has been taken over by the red-green axis of the Marxists and Islamists.

This bring us to another action point. You not only need to watch our series on brainwashing at wvwtv.com, but you need to watch the new TV shows we will be filming and releasing soon on how Americans should respond to ungodly, unlawful, and unconstitutional government. Many pastors have twisted Romans 13 to call for the unconditional surrender to all governments regardless of how cruel or ungodly.

In this upcoming television series at wvwtv.com, we will show you the screenshots of the pastors writing this in their books. We will contrast their twisted scripture with scripture in context. We will reveal how America’s founders, since the days of the colonies, were not only following Biblical principles, but were in fact quoting some of the world’s most beloved Christian men such as John Knox, John Wycliffe and others when they gave us this glorious American system of a Constitutional Republic.

We will also learn that the U.S. Declaration of Independence declares that we not only have the right, but the DUTY to throw off any government that is violating the laws of nature and nature’s God. In addition, we will see that the majority of our state constitutions also declare that it is the right of the people to re-order, abolish, and re-establish state governments should the governments become an instrument of despotism and cruelty.

These two topics are related because many people have been brainwashed to go along and get along with evil. Even worse, pastors that have moved outside of their area of expertise and study are now brainwashing Christians in America to go along with evil and surrender their nation, children, grandchildren, and fellow countrymen to the horrors of sexual rape, slavery, torture, and death that is the history of Communism and Islam. Let these men be marked and avoided for creating such doctrinal divisions as called for in Romans 16:17. We will not shrink in naming these men that have become “useful idiots” as I warn about in my book, Marxianity.

Marxianity came out in November of 2018, and as of April 2019, the compromise and surrender by some of the biggest names in evangelicalism has been proven 100% accurate as such men have now admitted publicly on video their surrender to social justice. These were men that were once trusted that have now become the useful idiots of Marxianity and interfaith dialogue. In 2019, they now publicly admit to what I reported in 2018 in the book, Marxianity, as well as in years of radio and television programs.

As Christians, we must learn from history. Sadly, the majority of German Christians failed miserably in the 1930s and they not only allowed Hitler to come to power, but many of them gave aid and allegiance in his rise to power. This occurred because the schools and churches and seminaries had been infiltrated by philosophies of moral relativism and German Higher Criticism. Countless German Christians were brainwashed into believing that the state was of primary importance. They believed the twisted view of Romans 13 that they were not to oppose Hitler because he was approved of God simply by the fact he had obtained power. They bought the Satanic lie that might makes right.

Make no mistake, what I will present in this upcoming television series from a Biblical and historical position has NOT been taught to Americans of any great numbers in over 100 years. These are the lost principles that we as Americans and Christians must understand before it is too late.

Regardless of who wins the civil war raging in America today, we must not be found wanting in our understanding or response to the evil tyrants of Marxism, Islam, or globalism. We must not succumb to the brainwashing by the liberal media. We must rescue the minds of our young people from the brainwashing of the liberal educational system by arming them with the facts and an unshakable Biblical worldview that was lacking in our American P.O.W.s during the Korean War. We must be prepared to call out and discredit the lies, fake history, and twisted Scripture of well-known pastors that have become the useful idiots of the Islamists and Marxists, whether they recognize or not their utter capitulation and surrender to evil.

If you are thankful for the hours that are spent in study, filming, post production and computer programming and administration in order to make these timely and vital resources available to you on both radio and television, then we need to hear from you today.

Recently, we signed a $24,000 contract with an internationally known streaming company based in Israel. This was necessary in order to continue to offer you free streaming of our content on our Roku channel, website, and app. The streaming demand for our programs reached a point where our old system could not keep up with demand, and many people were increasingly finding it impossible to stream our free programs. Therefore, we are forced to pay $2,000 a MONTH so we can offer FREE radio and television streaming. In addition to this $2,000 a month we also pay over $3,000 per month in additional computer and technology services that are required to continue the FREE distribution of radio and television coming to you at worldviewradio.com and wvwtv.com.

I wish we had a few millionaires or a billionaire that gave us all the operating funds we need as George Soros or others do for the radicals working to destroy our nation and our religious and economic freedoms. But, we do not have such benefactors. We have average Americans like you that make what we do possible.

We have rolled out some new TV shows at wvwtv.com and over the next few weeks you will be seeing additional new shows with new hosts. We told you a long time ago that if you supported our broadcast ministry, then we would distribute cutting edge worldview programming unlike you will find anywhere else. I think we have kept our word and we are growing.

Last week when I opened up the phone lines to callers, we had a call from Mexico, New Zealand, and Great Britain. We truly have become an international broadcast ministry thanks to you and your support. If you are thankful for the free radio and television programs we produce and distribute at WorldviewRadio.com and WVWtv.com, or the free articles at WorldviewTimes.com, please partner with us now through a tax deductible contribution online, by phone, or by check. You can give online at www.wvwfoundation.com, by phone at 901-825-0652, or by check by using the mailing address at the top of this letter. Thank you for your support.

Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
Worldview Weekend Foundation


P.S. We hope to see you at the 16th annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend that is May 3-5, 2019. We have NOT raised the cost of admission in our sixteen years of hosting this conference in hopes of making this a yearly event that all families can afford. Full details at www.wvwtv.com/ozarks


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