Trevor Loudon: 'Manufactured Economic Collapse' Could Trigger Final Stage of Marxist Revolution Followed by Gun Confiscation

Trevor Loudon, a researcher and author specializing in international communism and revolutionary movements, made a stunning pronouncement about America's own advancements toward a Marxist revolution in a recent interview with Brannon Howse.

Howse asked Loudon about Chinese aggression, including plans revealed in an unofficial Chinese website to take Taiwan and Japan in preparation for an eventual U.S. invasion.

According to leaked statements made by Chinese military officers in the late 1990s, including General Che Haotian, one potential scenario calls for the Chinese to release a bioweapon against the U.S., to "cleanse America," killing two-thirds of the U.S. population and transferring ownership of its land to Chinese settlers.

Loudon said the Chinese are built for war. If they don't go to war at some point they will ultimately collapse from within.

"This is what they are planning nuclear weapon detonated in the upper atmosphere would shut down America's entire electric grid," Loudon said. "How would we defend ourselves then?

"Then they'll just release some biological weapons, there will be virtually no one left alive in a couple of years, then they just come in and occupy. This is what they're planning. People need to understand that evil is on the march and stop living in Polyanna-type existences. The only way we're going to stop this is by facing the truth and acting accordingly."

Howse asked Loudon to predict the Biden administration's response should China attack Taiwan and then possibly Japan.

"I don't see it responding. Biden has just given Afghanistan to the Chinese, with a whole bunch of American weaponry thrown in," he said. "They would have had an American base on their western front. That would have made a problem for them. They would have to fight on two fronts. Now, thanks to Biden, they only have to fight on one front, and they've got more weapons to do it.

"So Biden just tipped the world balance of power in favor of the Chinese. Biden has been working with Beijing and Moscow and Tehran his entire career. This is only to be expected."

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a full-scale Marxist revolution, how high would Loudon rate the current revolutionary movement in the U.S.?

"Were about an 8," Loudon said.

"Wow. So one good financial collapse or crisis will push it the rest of the way and a lot of Americans who are opposing it will go along once they don't have any food, right?" asked Howse.

"Same with the guns," Loudon said. "People say they're never going to take my guns. When you're starving, when your wife's screaming in your ear, when your kids are crying and the cops come to your door to take the guns and you know it’s the only way you're gonna get fed, you know what most people are gonna do."

Howse and Loudon discussed the mechanism which could trigger an economic collapse.

They both foresee a manufactured crisis, likely involving the banking system.

Biden has recently nominated a full-on communist to fill an important bank-regulating role, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Saule Omarova is Biden's choice for that position. She grew up in the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan.

"She has praise and love for both the Chinese and Russian systems," said Loudon.

"She was a dedicated young communist who went to train at Moscow State University the last year of the old Soviet Union," he said. "Her thesis was on Karl Marx's economic analysis and his theory of revolution and capital. So she is a committed Marxist and a committed revolutionary. She moved to the U.S. in 1991 but is still very actively involved with civil Marxism."

Howse explained that in his own research for Marxianity and several other books, he found the Marxists love to use manufactured crises to advance their agenda.

"That's the Fabian window. Bring it down, destroy the system. That's what they use all the time, their hatred of the system," he explained. "So they need a manufactured crisis to get the American people to go where they would otherwise never go.

"Everything they're doing right now is in the Communist Manifesto," he continued. "One way you know it's being deliberately engineered is when they put someone into power, charged with regulating banks, who is a Soviet-trained communist."

A photograph recently surfaced of Saule Omarova with two other known Marxists, one of who is fellow Cornell University professor Robert Hockett, who stated in a 2015 Facebook post of the picture, "Here they are, the Bolshevik contingent in Cornell's finance group."

According to Loudon's research, Hockett works with an organization backing Marxist guerillas in the Middle East, has connections to the most hardcore Marxist senators such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He's co-authored books with Saule Omarova.

"He talks about nationalizing banks in his literature and now his best friend is in a position to do just that," Loudon said. "He has gone on record to nationalize airlines.

"He's a full on Soviet-style socialist. He wants everything under government control. Omarova comes from that background as well. Now she [could have] control of the U.S. currency. Well, what could possibly go wrong?"

Howse said the globalists are using public-private partnerships, or PPPs, part of a "three-legged stool" that involves big government, big business and the social sector of the nonprofits, to further the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum, "which is communitarianism, or communism light."

Omarova has not yet been confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

"There's been quite a lot of push back from the banks, which is rare," Loudon said. "Normally they're very keen on all the Democrat appointments but this is a little bit too close to home for them. Normally everything else gets nationalized and we get stripped of our wealth but when it comes to them it's a little different, so yes there has been some pushback on her and we should be campaigning further to get her nomination stopped. Already several senators have expressed grave reservations about this appointment."

Loudon said Marxists often use the term "democratize" as a euphemism for "socialize," meaning their desire for government to expropriate private property.

In that vein, Omarova published a paper in “The People’s Ledger” in which she writes:

"[This] article advocates a comprehensive reform of the structure and systemic function of the Fed’s balance sheet as the basis for redesigning the core architecture of modern finance. In essence, it offers a blueprint for democratizing both access to money and control over financial flows in the nation’s economy."

This, combined with Biden's desire to give the IRS access to every American's transactions of $600 or more, would provide a lethal blow to the U.S. middle class and small businesses. Not to mention the politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice.

"The Marxist Democrats are using the DOJ and FBI as their Stormtroopers to go after their political enemies," Howse said. "I reminded you last week, the rules have changed. In a time of war the rules change. You don't comply with these people. You don't trust them. In my opinion, you don't talk to them. They are there to trap you, they are there to set you up, they are there to lie about you, they are there to imprison you, and if you blab your mouth too much like Phil Haney, they will kill you. We are in the middle of a Marxist revolution, the rules have changed. They declared war on America. We didn't change the rules. They have changed the rules. We now simply are in a war of defense, and you better wrap your mind around the fact that you cannot trust your own government. They will take you down, they will set you up and if they have to they will murder you. This is what it's like to go through a Marxist revolution folks. And now these people are going to snoop on your finances and if you write a check, or give money, spend money more than 600 bucks, they are going to be very aware that you are supporting conservative causes, religious causes, and then I guess they can start using that information to start auditing their political enemies."

Howse cited last month's 90-minute address by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano in which the Italian prelate predicted the chances of a major cyber attack were extremely high as powerful global elites seek to consolidate their power in the wake of Covid.

"This supply-chain collapse, this is all on purpose ...This is a convergence of many tactics coming at us at once, to collapse the system to justify the Great Reset, and the pandemic has been part of it," Howse said. "And of course, I agree with Archbishop Vigano, that a cyber attack 'has already been studied and planned.'"

Loudon said the United States "is the tent pole holding everything up. So if you want complete globalist control, you've got to bring down the U.S.

"Collapsing the financial system would be a darn good way of doing it, because when people are hungry, when people are desperate, they will trade any amount of freedom for a loaf of bread, and a little bit of imagined short-term security, so it's just logical they would do that. The question is, what is the time table? How far along are they? And how much resistance are they going to get, how much resistance are they getting?"

And what does Loudon see coming over the next six months?

"I see supply-chain slowdowns, more strife, more payoffs," he said. "I see more conflict worldwide, possibly with Taiwan, possibly the Ukraine, the Middle East, and I see a general panic as people try to get their positions together and sort things out."

All of this could have been avoided if America's pastors had not fallen asleep and instead been taking their responsibilities seriously as watchmen on the wall.

"If the pastors of America had been doing their job we would have millions and millions more Americans who would understand communism, who would understand how they've been trying to penetrate America," Howse said. "You and I would not even have to write books anymore, would we?"

Loudon said a pastor "is supposed to lead his sheep, not act as a Judas goat to lead them to the slaughter. And that is what is happening. For fifty years now, at least, the Christian churches have bowed out of the civil affairs of the nation ...while the world is collapsing around us, while we're going to revolution."

He said most pastors, with some exceptions, are either too cowardly or too oblivious to what's going on.

"And they think this is godly, they think this is holy, they think this is somehow noble to completely abandon all responsibility and all leadership in a time of crisis?" Loudon said. "And they think they have a special place reserved in heaven? I don't see the logic of it, somehow."

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