Tom Littleton's Wife Targeted by Gospel Coalition Thugs?

Thomas Littleton

Note From the Editor: Apparently going after the wife of anyone that reports the truth about them is now a common tactic of the evangelical Mafia and their friends in and around The Gospel Coalition. The wife of Brannon Howse was targeted in 2017 by some of the evangelical Mafia as Brannon has publicly reported on radio, television and in print. Now, the wife of Tom Littleton is apparently a target of these tactics. Such behavior should not only reveal the character of these men but add to the evidence that they are in fact the very type of men the Scriptures warn us of in Acts 20 and Jude 3. This is the first of several articles that will further reveal the rotten core of modern-day evangelicalism and the men you thought you could trust but clearly cannot. 


In the last 12 days the writer at Thirty Pieces of Silver has been engaged in defending an open assault on his family at the hands of a TGC affiliated and influential church . For four years  this group in behind the scenes efforts have targeted Littleton but on July 12th  TGC church leaders began to target his wife in retribution for his writings.

The one constant of this group has been defending and attempting to cover the sin TGC and it’s of compromise leaders  like Tim Keller , Russell Moore,Albert Mohler and the influence of TGC in general on their church .

Some have advised “just walk away”- But this is the response tweeted out this morning .It is a sober reminder  of the kind of obsessive paranoia that drives our opposition .


“If in the heat of battle for the heart and soul of the faith remember -If you have considered surrender and walking away – think it through- The guys who will go BEHIND your back when you are facing them will go FOR your back the moment you turn to walk away.”

For years now this writer has been warning of the compromise over many issues related to TGC’s progressive politics and emergent theology . The area indicating the greatest compromise has been the LGBTQ+ movement coming against the faith and the churches.This writer is acknowledged- even by those who have opposed the work – to be  privy to insight on this movement unique to the background in ministry of over the last four plus decades. Still the fight has been against their efforts to bebuff – ignore and even discredit this messenger .That battle has been relentless and carried out locally through TGC leadership and a respected congregation whose pastor has affiliated it with TGC .

The link below provides just ONE example of the kinds of warnings this writer has tried to bring to bear on the churches and ministries of Central Alabama in the heart of the Bible Belt . These warnings  have been helpful and  received by some while they have prompted  severe reaction and “search and destroy “efforts by the local TGC loop.

On Friday the 12th of July 2019 an elder and ministry leader from this leading  local TGC church began the organized targeting of this writers wife. Because of their decade plus involvement in a local ministry to the community  and her role in that ministry leadership Board – the TGC church elder called insisting she meet him , potentially alone to discuss a matter about which he was concerned related to that ministry. This was 8:15 p.m. on a Friday evening . Insisting to know what the meeting was about -she was told it “is about your husbands article” ( from June 29th  on TPoS) . This TGC church elder refused to agree to have her husband in the meeting which he was insisting she agree to.

This inappropriate behavior by a TGC church elder is just the beginning of a 12 day (and counting ) launch sequence  into the “TGC Twilight  Zone”. IT GETS FAR WORSE AND BIZARRE .More details and specifics are forthcoming as this set of events and coordinated attacks by a TGC church- on a woman- in retribution for her husband’s speaking the truth -play out. Prayers appreciated. Its far from over. All efforts to address this issue with the TGC pastor were and are ignored and the targeting continues as  ever more bizarre behavior and events unfold.

These churches under TGC influence are quickly becoming unsafe for you and your family – proven by the very fact that anyone in church leadership  assumes they have any Biblical basis or authority to attempt to- plot and scheme to not only target Women but to come between husbands and their wives . Itn this case it is even admitted to be in retribution for the husbands ministry.


This  new style  “Evangelical Brown Shirt  Brigade” insist that they agree with the warnings against such dangers as this ministry engages -but their  determined and paranoid actions betray something else entirely. Fear of their own compromise being exposed or of fragile egos being criticised or something in between – must be at the root of the obsessive effort to search and destroy perceived opposition .

The one constant  complaint from people in this TGC leadership locally is “It’s your tone – your tone ‘ that is the “problem” . In most cases – as is true in this past Monday nights continuation to target this writer’s- wife – the leaders driving the effort have NEVER spoken to the “accused “and would not “allow” him in the room as they drilled her about his writings for two hours .  Yet they judge his TONE  to be the problem .


This writer – agreed with his wife – who was up to the  task – to allow them to force this effort to play out AND allow her to be in the room with ten men who had been informed against her husband while he was “required” to sit outside the room. This writer left the room/meeting only after expressing support for his wife and the understanding that she was NOT to be subjected to any of the kind of abusive actions of the previous week . The elder of the TGC church who had first targeted her was NOT in the meeting nor have his bizarre and inappropriate actions been confronted or addressed to date. The current TGC church elder taking charge of the Monday meeting agreed but allowed his own anger to manifest on multiple occasions as he demanded answers about her husband’s ministry and did not like the response . Her general response was ” He is right out there (pointing to  both the IRONY  and the door) why don’t you ask him ?He nor those others responsible for targeting this writers wife need not expect a chance at a repeat performance with such unbiblical efforts.

So with TGC inspired leadership and compromise this is the kind of new reality in what some of our best churches have become- paranoid centers of inquisition willing to divide couples and target women -and in  the greater reality of the dangers they ignore and allow in – even your children.

Below is a link to one of this writers presentations in the 2019 God’s Voice Conference.

NOTE :A significant effort to undermine God’s Voice Conference was carried on for months leading up to the February event.

Who coordinated that effort? THESE very same TGC church leaders!!!

Judge the tone for yourself if you care to invest some time to understand what is really going on – and consider that the “TGC Tone Police ” actually NEVER talk to the accused whose “tone is so bad “that they must “reject the message” . No they just go behind your back and will even go after your wife.

If the tables were turned it is highly unlikely the “Paranoid Brothers of TGC Frat House ” would maintain the “tone” they assert is needful for a hearing . More on this and the “Serpents Business” that a TGC church would engage in attempting to come between a husband and wife and the covering God calls all husbands to provide for their beloved.

“To my wife- you are amazing – and it is a joy to watch Christ in You as you allow this to play out for the sake of the Kingdom.

As you watch the “Tone “- listen to the Gospel HOPE –  humor – honesty – and REALITY – that:

“The church in our generation has only one chance to get issues like LGBTQ+ and the church RIGHT and ( because of influences like TGC on even our best churches) we are getting it WRONG”.


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