Toilet Bowl Democrats and Country Club Republicans: Both Betrayed Our Trust

Once again, I ask that you permit me to be blunt.  Democrats and liberal neo-Leninists are the reason toilets were invented.  They are the absolute worst of humanity.  Their ideals, morals, goals and objectives are antithetical to what the Founders of America intended our nation represent; they are the very antithesis Creator God recognized in the Declaration of Independence.

Republicans on the other hand are the country club set of the Democrat party.  Republicans are feckless, rudderless, dishonest, elapids who have mastered the art of giving soundbites.  They take turns saying something that sends up cheers from the eternally hopeful, then they along with their front groups panhandle dollars for the supposed cause.  But, at the end day they accomplish nothing but take our money.

Republicans are at their best being out of power, because it allows them to panhandle boatloads of cash that accomplishes nothing for We the People.  They too have fine-tuned the Marxist tactic of turning people against one another.  The difference being that Democrats the psychopathic hebephrenics against so-called conservatives, whereas Republicans turn their own against one another when they dare refuse to be blind ideologues.  For example; I warned people Mitt Romney was a backstabbing liberal masquerading as a conservative man of We the People.  I was assailed by Republican ideologues void of discernment.  He stank, but their olfactory sense failed them.

When I refused to be a crayon color minstrel face smiling on the platform with the late John McCain at a Capitol Hill campaign rally, my refusal was met with displeasure.  I didn’t like him; I didn’t believe his lies, and standing on the stage with a presidential candidate didn’t excite me.  I said similar when Karl Rove invited my to the White House to attend a Bush #43 Easter egg whatever.  I explained that I wasn’t compromising my self-respect for dyed hardboiled eggs.  My rejection of both was looked upon unfavorably by no few of my colleagues and counterparts.  I refused McCain because he was a maniacally evil man who represented everything I opposed.  To have accepted Rove’s invite would have been tantamount to my accepting him and I neither respected nor cared for him.

Republicans are more egregious than liberals and amoral neo-Leninists, because one point they were almost an honorable political Party.  Today they’re rapacious calumniators.

Democrats and their minions have never attempted to hide their contempt for humanity and morality. They are pernicious renegades committed to failed political constructs that have not worked in the history of Marxism.  However, if Republicans had the integrity of truth and principle that Democrats have for violence and subjugation – Republicans would be worth supporting.  But, they’ve become as antithetical to what America was meant to represent as Democrats.

Democrats are cheap bullies and thugs.  Democrat men in the highest echelons of the political strata are celebrated rapists, serial molesters, godless, practicers of pedophilia and reprobate sexual deviancy.  Their women are harlots and animalistic: Think Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Ilhan Omar and the Obama woman.

Democrats practice subjugation and suppressing individual rights.  They singularly believe We the People are incapable of thinking and reasoning for ourselves.  They demand We the People embrace their godlessness.  Hitler vilified Jews, neo-Leninist Democrats Vilify white Christian males.  They hate propriety and modernity.  They hate unborn children and those who identify as a crayon color black most of all.  They’re the progeny of Satan.

They attempt to rewrite that portion of history they don’t seek to erase.  They support domestic terrorism, having successfully used the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to terrorize the former slaves.  Democrat members of the domestic terrorist groups of the 1960s and 1970s, e.g., The Weathermen and The Weather Underground, The Black Panthers,  Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), Environmental Terrorists, moved into professorial positions in higher education and have assumed political positions just as John Kerry has done.  Today they use Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other domestic terrorist groups to keep their blacks in their place and to attack white Christian males.  The children of rabid segregationists like Al Gore’s father and Kennedy family patriarch Joe Kennedy, held the most powerful political positions.  Jimmy Carter has hid his racist past.  Bill Clinton has never acknowledged his either.

Biden may be a diaper wearing molester with dementia, but he’s cashed in on a criminal enterprise that would make Al Capone proud.  Biden, his son Hunter, and reportedly Biden’s brother have cashed in to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars because of Biden holding political office.

Republicans on the other hand are interested in brie, caviar and putting the money they receive from the voters they swindle, into their pockets.

I can understand dead from the neck up godless infidels who are ideological terrorists being brainwashed into neo-Leninists.  It’s those who refuse to understand that the Republican Party isn’t our friend, that I wonder about.  We give Republicans money and they immediately betray our interests.

If what I’m saying about Republicans weren’t true President Trump would not have had his reelection stolen; the fact that God was and is fully in control notwithstanding.

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