Three Steps Communists Are Using to Carry Out Their on-Going Revolution in America

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In this issue of my newsletter, I would like to brief you on the three steps that the Communists are using to carry out their on-going revolution in America. These are not the only steps they are using, but they are three very powerful steps to brainwashing and successfully overthrowing America from within.

Dr. William E. Mayer studied the American POWs who came back from the Korean War. My docuMovie, Brainwashed America, covers a great deal of his findings. You can watch part 1 for free at I have already begun post-editing on part 2 that will be released the middle of October 2022. In his 1956 speech, Mr. William E. Mayer explained that the POWs were subjected to a 3-prong strategy within the brainwashing program.

1. Formal Communist education

2. Self Criticism and Criticism of America

3. Censorship of reality and truth

Did the Communists in the 1950s learn just how well this three prong strategy worked on Americans in the POW camps of North Korea that the Communists, foreign and domestic, put it into practice within America? Let's look at the first of the three step strategy: Formal Communist education.

In a January 25th, 1982 issue of U.S. News and World Report, they noted that even then, there were 10,000 Marxist professors teaching at America’s colleges and universities. Tracking a growing trend, Georgie Ann Geyer, writing in a 1989 Denver Post article, reported that “the percentage of Marxist faculty numbers can range from an estimated 90 percent in some Midwestern universities.” In 1987, Herbert London, writing in “Marxism Thriving on American Campuses” wrote:

The strides made by Marxism at American universities in the last two decades are breathtaking…Every discipline has been affected by its preachment and almost every faculty now counts among its members a resident Marxist scholar.

Sadly, the formal education of America’s children and young people is filled with Communist lies.  Many years ago, the Communists and globalists set as their goal to assault the existing morality of our nation at all levels, to change the worldview, values, and conduct of Americans until they were willing to embrace Communism under the names of liberalism, progressivism, social justice, common good, shared community and a dozen of other masking terms.

In 1958, Mr. Hunter testified before a U.S. Congressional Committee and warned our nation’s leaders then that the Communists were penetrating our nation at all levels in an effort to take over America without firing a shot:

I spent 30 years, a little bit more perhaps, in countries under various forms of Communist pressure and attack. What I am witnessing in America is not different from what I saw in those other countries. I am often referred to as someone who has made phenomenal predictions that proved correct on things to come. Actually, I have never made a prediction in my life. I have only predicted in the manner that one predicts the total of 4 after seeing the figures of 2 plus 2.

I have been watching developments under Communism in other parts of the world, and now I see exactly the same developments here in America. They include, first of all, the penetration of our leadership circles by softening up and creating a defeatist state of mind.

This includes penetration of our educational circles by a similar state of mind…I see primarily, as part of this softening up process in America, the liquidation of our attitudes on what we used to recognize as right and wrong, what we used to accept as absolute moral standards.

Step two of the Communist strategy used in the POW camps of North Korea was self criticism and criticism of America. American students and adults are increasingly called up to be involved in self-criticism and criticism of American values. Americans who embrace the free market system are told to acknowledge their racism or their white privilege. Patriotic American men are told to acknowledge their toxic masculinity.

Step three was censorship of reality and truth. This strategy is visible in America as truth is censored from the mainstream corporate media and replaced with lie after lie and distorted facts and context.

Patriotic Americans are de-platformed from social media, and fired from their jobs within broadcasting so that the cultural Marxist narrative cannot be challenged and refuted.

The Communists made sure that the American POWs in the Korean War did not receive any letters from home that told the POW that their family was praying for them, missed them, and were waiting for their safe return. Our soldiers were told that no one at home cared for them, that they had been forgotten, that their families had moved on with their lives, and that everything they had been fighting for was a lie. The goal was to divide, isolate, and demoralize the POW. But to do this the soldiers had to be separated from the truth, and that required censorship of reality and truth. Clearly the three-pronged strategy that was used on American POWs in the 1950s in the North Korean prison camps are fully on display in America today.

One of the favorite techniques of the Communists is dialectal materialism. It is vital that Americans understand what this means. While the topic is extremely vast, dialectical materialism can be broken down so that anyone can understand this philosophy. Remember, the globalists and Communists do not want you to be a leader. But if you are to be a leader, you must understand the tactics of the enemy. Thus, it is vital that you understand how dialectical materialism is being enacted throughout our daily lives as part of the brainwashing strategies of the globalists and Marxists.

In part, dialectical materialism involves setting up a conflict of values within a cultural so as to cause society to question the validity of values based on absolute truth. As has been going on in America for decades, the goal is to convince society that all values are relative and situational and that anyone holding to absolute truth, particularly based upon the Judeo-Christian worldview is intolerant, bigoted, hateful and racist. By blaming Christianity and capitalism as the source of all suffering and oppression, society begins to not only reject, but to hate, the values that established and maintained America’s Constitutional Republic.

Once society comes to hate the foundational values of America, they eventually come to hate the very foundation. The cognitive dissonance society feels between the conflicting anti-American values they have come to embrace and the Constitutional Republic foundation of their government, leads them to demand an end to the uncomfortable cognitive dissonance by demanding the overthrow of their very own government.

This softening up phase is what former Communist KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov referred to as demoralization. As we learned in part one of Brainwashed America, the four stages of a Marxist revolution include:


And the new norm of socialism

As Mr. Hunter warned in 1958, it is imperative if re-education of subjects is to be successful, that the subjects be softened up or conditioned. This is done by undermining a belief in absolute truth or a belief in right and wrong. Once they have been conditioned to no longer believe in right or wrong, they have been prepared, conditioned, or softened up to embrace the desired value system of the facilitator of the brainwashing operation.

To be softened up for Communism required the Communists orchestrate anti-American activities, propaganda and agitation that would result in recruiting and training new disciples. Thus the Communists and their useful idiots used their position in and outside of government to make victims out of Communists.

Terms such as race baiting, Mccarthyism and black listing were hyped by the media to portray those exposing the threats of Communism as extremists and conspiracy theorists. So successful were these attacks that the FBI was eventually suppressed in their lawful and constitutional obligations to root out and eliminate the cancer of illegal Communist activities within America.

John Stormer in his book, None Dare Call it Treason wrote:

The Congressional committees which once investigated Communist activity were abolished in the mid-1970’s. Since then, the FBI has been forbidden to investigate domestic Communists, or keep them under surveillance unless there is evidence that a crime has been committed. As a result, on-going FBI investigations of Communist activity in America dropped from 24,414 in 1973 to 51 in 1983.

U.S. Senator Frank Church of Idaho should go down in history as one of the biggest useful idiots of the Communists in American history. In 1975, U.S. Senator Frank Church began to investigate the intelligence agencies of America. This led to a parallel investigation in the U.S. House of Representatives. After hundreds of interviews with individuals within the intelligence arena, many of these documents were leaked to the media.

In a 2010 article, Larry Anderson reveals the consequences these leaked documents had on America’s war on Communism, and how it led to the deaths of many anti-Communists within Communist nations.

Between the two "investigations" and subsequent reports of the committees, the top-secret intelligence procedures, operations, and even the names of some active intelligence operatives working for the United States were made public and distributed to all of our enemies -- including the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea, and Communist regimes in Asia, Africa, and South America.

The reports, taken together, literally destroyed America's worldwide intelligence-gathering network. The Pike Committee report was so obviously and outrageously a threat to the intelligence community that even the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted against its publication. The report was nevertheless leaked to the media.

Within days of the release of the reports and documents, thousands of people sympathetic to the cause of freedom in Communist countries around the world were arrested. Hundreds of people simply disappeared -- most of them were executed.

In the late 1970s, I worked for the Justice Department while I was in law school. I was able to meet some of the people mentioned in the documents -- and some individuals who knew the people rounded up by the Communists as a result of the Church and Pike reports.

As a result of the Church report, the “Levi guidelines” were released. The guidelines were named after President Gerald Ford’s Attorney General, Edward Levi. The guidelines tied the hands of the FBI and stopped them from conducting surveillance on known Communist individuals or groups unless a crime had been or was about to be committed.

How would one know if a crime had been or was about to be committed unless the FBI could conduct surveillance? Columnist Stan Evans quoted then FBI Director William Webster as saying, “We’re practically out of the domestic security field.”

Remember this was all occurring in the years surrounding the Communist group known as the Weather Underground, carrying out bombings all over the U.S. from 1969 to 1977. The 1960s had already seen massive riots orchestrated largely by the Communists.

The Communist group known as The Black Panthers and their Black Liberation Army carried out deadly attacks from 1970 to 1981. And yet, in the mid 1970s, the FBI was being limited in their ability to properly and effectively investigate and oppose the Communist infiltration into America.

The seeds of conquest by the Communists against the anti-Communists were planted years before the FBI was neutered in the 1970s. Edward Hunter, author of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Powers, testified before the Senate Security Subcommittee, and its report was released on July 11, 1961. Hunter revealed that:

A Red anti-anti-Communist drive, that was openly initiated under orders issued to the Communist forces of the world, especially to those in the United States, through the Red manifesto of December 5, 1960.

John Stormer gives us the background of the Red manifesto when he writes:

The Red Manifesto Hunter exposed was issued December 5, 1960, in Moscow at the conclusion of the strategy conference of the 81 Communist parties of the world, including the Communist Party, USA. After acknowledging the growth of the anti-communism movements.

According to the July 1961 Senate Security Subcommittee report the Red Manifesto declared:

To effectively defend the interests of the working people, maintain peace and realize the Socialist ideals of the working class, it is indispensable to wage a resolute struggle against anti-Communism—the poisoned weapon which the bourgeoisie uses to fence off the masses from socialism.

In the October 4,1987, New York Times, President Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying:

Remember, there once was a Congress, in which they had a committee that would investigate even one of their own members if it was believed that that person had Communist involvement or Communist leanings. Well, they've done away with those committees,'' he continued. ''That shows the success of what the Soviets were able to do in this country with making it unfashionable to be anti-Communist.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of the lie of white privilege, social justice, man-made global warning, Marxism, globalism, or the reality of voter fraud? Did your words trigger them? No matter how many documented facts you present they refuse to listen and comprehend what you are documenting as they respond with emotion, insults and the lies with which they have been brainwashed.

In 1956, Edward Hunter warned in his book, Brainwashing, that such reactions are a few of the signs someone has been successfully brainwashed.

The long-range objective of brainwashing is to win converts who can be depended on to react as desired at any time anywhere…Even when he stands by himself, the truly indoctrinated Communist must be part of the collective. He must be incapable of hearing opposing ideas and facts, no matter how convincing or how forcibly they bombard his senses…A trustworthy Communist must react in an automatic manner without any force being applied. Only then is he the ‘new Soviet man’ that Lenin foresaw.

Former KGB Officer and expert on propaganda Yuri Bezmenov warned in 1984 that once someone has been brainwashed, convincing them of truth is almost impossible even if you document the truth of the matter with irrefutable evidence. Many brainwashed subjects will never be converted to the truth and others will only believe once they have become the victims and are personally persecuted by the system and tyrants they defended.

As we have learned, the Communist Chinese used a structured curriculum and a classroom style setting to brainwash America’s POWs during the Korean War. In 1956, when Edward Hunter and William E. Mayer released their research and study of the American POWs held by the Communist Chinese during the Korean War, do you think they would have ever believed the Communist Chinese would not have to capture Americans and drag them into brainwashing camps in North Korea, but could openly and publicly enter countless American schools and be paid to brainwash American students? Yet, that is exactly what has happened.

In 2019, I reported on my TV program and national radio broadcast that indeed a U.S. Senate committee on Homeland Security had released a report that the Communist Chinese had infiltrated America’s schools through their Confucius Institutes. Paid agents of the Communist Chinese Party are even now in 2022 brainwashing American students in kindergarten to 12th grade to believe that Communist China is not a threat to the United States.

Not only has the Communist Chinese Party infiltrated our education system in America, but they also own and operate radio and television stations in America by which they can spew their propaganda. It is a documented fact that many of America’s television programs and movies have had their content regulated by Communist China. Countless American corporations, including athletic teams, have allowed China to control what they broadcast or declare.

In the POW camps of North Korea, 80% of the American POWs did nothing to resist, and in not resisting they were actually helping the Communists in their cause. Are you resisting? If so how? If not, why not? Are you willing to follow patriotic leaders seeking to persevere our republic? To do so, you must understand what it is that undermines our Constitutional Republic. You must understand the purpose and function of government and to whom government is accountable and to whom we are accountable. Government is to be accountable to the people and the people are accountable to God. This is the foundation of our Constitutional Republic.

Dr. William Mayer revealed in his research that the North Korean Communists did not think they could convince the majority of our American POWS to become Communists. They only had to convince them to not oppose Communism, to become passive, apathetic, and unpatriotic.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years in a Romanian Communist prison for opposing the Communists. When his freedom was purchased, he made his way to America, and in his 1966 Congressional testimony he warned:

Romanian Communists are very interested in the fact that you have here in the States, something like 300,000 [liberal clergy] on their side. They can't very well win them for Communism, but they can win them for a left wing Christianity which supports Communism.

The Communists do not need to convert you, only to neutralize you, to make you passive and apathetic and to willingly give more and more authority to the government until a socialist state is a reality.

Dr. Mayer concluded his speech in 1956 by challenging Americans to embrace three things that will allow us to resist and defeat the Communist brainwashing tactics and that includes: faith, courage and personal responsibility.

The answer to the Communist attack is to make sure you know what you believe and why, and then defend it and propagate it to your family and friends regardless of their reaction. A drowning man is likely to fight the lifeguard attempting to save his life and yet the lifeguard does not retreat in his duty. Neither should we retreat from our mission of seeking to save our fellow Americans from the lies of the brainwashing proponents regardless of how much they fight us as we seek to win the battle for the mind.

The proponents of propaganda and brainwashing are seeking to illicit passivity and apathy from their subjects. Americans must not succumb to passivity and apathy if we wish to see our beloved republic endure.

In part one of this docuMovie, we talked about the Tavistock Institute. Fred Emery was a senior Tavistock staff member and in 1977 he wrote the book, Futures We Are In. In this book, he discusses the tactic of “social turbulence” which involves the use of one crisis after another that causes people to eventually psychologically retreat and become passive.

America is suffering from one manufactured crisis after another, but we must not retreat. Our hope is that by exposing their tactics we can defeat our national enemies that have risen from within.

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