Systematic Steps for Brainwashing Americans Has Been Underway for Generations

The systematic steps for brainwashing Americans has been well underway for generations. One of the first things that must occur for brainwashing to be successful is to remove any leaders who can disrupt the brainwashing process or break up the group consensus. During the Korean War the communists would evaluate which American prisoners of war were leaders, and remove them from the other American POWS. The percentage of leaders who were removed was five percent. It only takes the removal of a small percentage of men who are leaders within a culture to block the opposition of the change agents. Today, America desperately needs leaders. America needs men of courage and conviction. And yet, the war on men in America dates all the way back to at least 1933, as revealed in our new docu-Movie, Sabotage. Please remember you can watch the first hour of Sabotage right now at

In January of 2019, the American Psychological Association released a report declaring that parents should not encourage their sons to be masculine. Their report claimed that a successful male leader of courage and conviction and determination can lead to a psychological disorder. In fact the APA declared that masculinity can lead to homophobia, and by phobia, they mean an unreasonable fear. In other words, they believe masculinity can make your son or grandson or nephew crazy. The APA also declared masculinity is marked by competitiveness, dominance, and aggression. In other words, a man who works to achieve success is too competitive. A man who has unwavering convictions is being domineering. And a man who stands up for truth and opposes political correctness (cultural Marxism) is being aggressive.

The goal of all this attack on masculinity is the destruction of men as principled leaders of courage so the brainwashing of his family, friends, community, churches, educational systems, and nation can be successful without any opposition. The goal is revolution through lies, fake news, revisionist history, and a denigration and assault on Christianity and capitalism. Christian men who are committed to the biblical definition of manhood, family, marriage, government, law, economics and national security must not be allowed to be developed by the rearing of young boys into masculine men who lead and defend all the values that make America great.

The cultural Marxist of the Frankfurt School openly wrote of their desire to destroy masculinity and femininity in order to attack the existing morality of the American culture. Today, we can clearly see the fruit of their chaos and worldview and their years of hijacking education and media to inculcate their worldview into millions of Americans.

Yet, there are still many of us who will not go along with this information operation or propaganda known as brainwashing. Informed conservative leaders who will not go along with the global paradigm are even now being marginalized, characterized, censured, shadow banned or blocked on social media or cancelled from actual media.

The initial goal of brainwashing at the national level is revolution. Once the revolution has occurred, the goal of brainwashing is to maintain the revolution through citizens who are voluntary slaves that love their servitude. One of the goals of brainwashing is to stop people from thinking and to respond from a place of emotions, feelings, and manufactured guilt. The goal must be to destroy reason, logic, and context in the heart and mind of a nation.

Brainwashing was initially called ‘heart washing’ by some of the communist Chinese. Heart washing or brainwashing includes invoking a spiritual element that includes hijacking religion as a tool of manipulation. In my latest book Marxianity, I explain just how this is being accomplished within mainstream evangelicalism by well known individuals. You can find out more about this resource at

An important objective of spiritual brainwashing involves convincing subjects to reject attention to and understanding of current and world events that are perceived to be negative and could thus disrupt “spiritual centering” of the subjects. Through this lie and manipulation, the communists and globalists are successful in convincing a population to not even notice or care that a revolution is occurring right in front of them. In the 1980s, former KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov, explained how pleased the Soviet Communists were when they found out that America was embracing yoga or transcendental meditation, because they understood it would encourage Americans to look within and to reject anything perceived as negative or disturbing that could disrupt their attempt at inward spirituality. The nature of deception is that people do not know they are being deceived and the key to brainwashing is to not name it or identify it or its systematic processes so that it might be successfully accomplished. Yet, over the next few weeks, WVW-TV will be filming, post-editing, and distributing a series of FREE television programs on the systematic steps of brainwashing so that we, nor our loved ones, are taken captive by these tactics of deceit and manipulation.

Colossians 2:8 warns us to: Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

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Brannon Howse
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