The Silent Majority Must Rise Up or the Cultural Marxist Mob Will Destroy All of Us

“The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.” – Dr. Van Helsing, fictional character in 1931 film, Dracula

Ray McKnight lost his job this week for publicly stating what most folks were thinking about a grisly murder in rural Georgia.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the “silent majority.”

You hear it on conservative talk-radio, Fox News and various YouTube channels.

Clearly we are living through dark times in America, unrest that feels different from anything we’ve previously known. The battle lines are more clearly drawn, the mobs more angry, the demands more audacious, the fear more palpable. Guns are flying off store shelves and ammunition is becoming an expense outside the reach of many average citizens.

But cooler heads will ultimately prevail, the theory goes, if for no other reason that this is America and they always do. The mythical silent majority will rise up at some point to save us from the chaos and insanity of these days.

We’ve witnessed the vandalizing and desecration of churches, toppling of historic monuments, smashing, looting and burning of businesses. We’ve seen the cancel culture destroying the lives of innocent, hardworking Americans whose only crime was to state the obvious.

They are coming for you

The cancel culture has grown into a full-blown Cultural Revolution. Even small towns aren’t exempt.

Take, for example, the case of Ray McKnight. He worked as an announcer for the Newnan High School football team in Newnan, Georgia, in ultra-conservative Coweta County. But he was fired over a Facebook post he made this past weekend that his employer deemed “controversial” and offensive, even hurtful, according to the Times-Herald.

What did McKnight say that was so horrible as to warrant his immediate termination?

He said that four people deserved to “hang” for beating and burning 83-year-old Dorothy “Dot” Dow in her Meriwether County home in 2016. The four killers, two girls and two guys, broke into Dow’s home with the intention of finding her son’s money stash. He wasn’t there so they tried to pry the information out of her through brute force. She pleaded for her life, telling her attackers that she didn’t have any money, so they beat her, broke both her arms, slashed her face, poured lighter fluid down her back and set her on fire.

dot dow
Dorothy Dow

They disabled the helpless great-grandmother’s telephone and grabbed her medical-alert device from around her neck so she could not call for help. She crawled to a cell phone to call for help and used water from a sleep-apnea machine to put out the flames. She died in the hospital 20 days later.

McKnight apologized profusely for his Facebook comment. But that didn’t help him keep his job.

This was an “extremely insensitive and inexcusable” comment, said Newnan High School Principal Chase Puckett in a statement on Facebook, and McKnight was immediately removed from his position.

Boom. Gone. Canceled.

“Mr. Ray McKnight is no longer affiliated with our school or athletic program,” the principal said in a virtue-signaling Facebook post. “We would like to reassure you of our continued commitment to fostering a safe and loving environment for all our students, staff members, stakeholders, and all our student-athletes.”

It’s not clear what McKnight’s comment, aimed at four cold-blooded killers sitting in prison cells, had to do with students, staff, stakeholders or student-athletes at Newnan High School. But he had to be punished, severely, for the principal to look good in the eyes of the mob.

Clockwise from top left are convicted killers Justin Pierce Grady, Angel Latrice Harmon, Cortavious Deshun Heard, and Mina Christine Ellery

If the silent majority had any influence over their high school in Newnan, it would be the principal, Mr. Puckett, who loses his job, not McKnight. Puckett is a coward who panders to the loudest voices, the biggest bullies in the room, regardless of the facts.

Some of us have warned that these are not victims of social injustice who are pressuring everyone to bend the knee. No, these are Marxist agitators bent on grabbing power. But Americans have trouble believing that. Marxists in America? You’ve got to be kidding.

“Didn’t communism die in 1990?” they say. “A Trojan horse? Really?”

Nevermind the fact that the co-founder of Black Lives Matter has come out and admitted she and her partner are “trained Marxists” who are “super well versed in ideological theories.”

A new autonomous zone in Atlanta?

In another case this past weekend in Atlanta, a couple was attacked for no other reason than they happened to be driving through a section of town declared off limits to those with a particular skin color.

Police say a man and woman, both white, were attacked by an angry, armed mob gathered in front of the burned-down Wendy’s restaurant where Rayshard Brooks was shot by an Atlanta cop after he attacked two cops and stole their taser, then ran and fired the taser at one of the cops, according to WSB-TV.

Ty Spiceland and his friend were confronted by an armed group of thugs on Atlanta’s University Avenue about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, June 20. Spiceland told police that members of the group punched him in the face three times when he came up on roadblocks and rolled down his window. It only got worse from there.

His companion in the car, Jenny Edwards, gave the following harrowing account on her Facebook page:

“I was on Channel 2 at 11 p.m. Saturday night with one of my friends because we were assaulted. My friend and I were driving in my car on University Ave. trying to get on the highway. When we got to the light we were approached by about 20 people who told us we were not allowed on that road because we were white.

Edwards said she and her friend tried to turn around but the car was quickly surrounded.

“My friend was rolling his window up when he was sucker punched three times in the face. I rolled the window up when someone else picked up that huge boulder and threw it through one window and hit my arm and then my leg landing where it is in this picture. Then they threw another boulder through the other window. A guy in front of my car took a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at me and I just gunned it around him while they were preoccupied with trying to destroy my car. My friend was on the phone with the police…where we were met around the corner with the police. They called the paramedics because I was bleeding and bleeding badly because I take blood thinners…My friend and I were also hit with shards of glass from both windows being smashed. Basically…be careful and I don’t know what else to say except how ashamed I am to be born and raised in Atlanta right now. We were told by these people that we were being attacked because we were white…the news didn’t let everyone know how bad this was. My friend and I almost died today. This is serious…we need to do something together as humans not as black and white people. I am open to any and all suggestions.”

This was barely reported in the Atlanta media and ignored by the national media. University Avenue near the Wendy’s has apparently become a no-go zone for white people.

Fox News showed roving bands of black men armed with long rifles patroling the area around the Wendy’s Tuesday night, June 24. The men told reporters that cops are not welcomed. Meet America’s newest breakaway autonomous zone, where police and white people have now been warned. Enter at your own risk. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has a problem on her hands but she has already demonstrated that her master is the mob. She will likely take a knee.

NASCAR leaps to support fake victim of racist ‘noose’

As if race relations haven’t suffered enough, some look for any excuse to fan the flames. They will even try to stage fake news. That’s what happened at NASCAR’s Talladega raceway this past weekend.

The “noose” found “hanging” in black driver Bubba Wallace’s No. 4 garage made international headlines with saturation coverage at ESPN, CNN, the New York Times and the rest of the fake-new media. NASCAR legend Richard Petty and all current NASCAR drivers dutifully posed for photos to “show their support” for Wallace, the latest supposed victim of “systemic racism” in America.

Even former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley jumped in, offering her support for Wallace’s fake victimhood. [You can always spot a fake conservative GOP politician because they are the first to fall for this type of trap, so eager are they to virtue signal to the mob.]

But an investigation by the FBI concluded Tuesday that the rope had been in NASCAR’S No. 4 garage since October 2019, well before Wallace was assigned to that particular garage, reports USA Today.  Another hoax exposed.

Bubba Wallace with NASCAR legend Richard Petty.

Where is this heading?

It appears we are witnessing the breakdown of civil society. The total collapse of law and order, revved up by the media in collusion with the leftist mob.

The anarchy, fear and confusion unleashed by the enabling of mob rule will eventually be used by the globalist elites to launch Act Two of their revolution — the reset of the world economy under a new one-world system that replaces free-enterprise capitalism and representative democracy with a technocratic dictatorship.

We are assured by many of our fellow conservatives, however, not to worry. This will all blow over if we, the silent majority, just hunker down and ride it out. President Trump’s got our backs and he’s certain to win re-election in November.

Besides, when the chips are down, I mean really down, that invisible “majority” will ride in on their white horses.

I can still hear the voices from my past, good conservative folk, who told me, whenever we got into deep discussions about far-left fringe groups taking over American culture: Don’t worry, the American people would never stand for that!”

  • Then came June 2015 and the highest court in the land ruled that people of the same sex could “marry” in a ceremony that since time immemorial had been reserved for a man and a woman. We stood for that.
  • Then came the toppling of Confederate monuments and some of us warned that this lawless activity, if allowed to continue, would eventually spread beyond Confederate statuary to include all historically significant American figures like George Washington, Francis Scott Key and Thomas Jefferson. Why? Because these weren’t just marginalized victims with hurt feelings who were driving this movement. These are anarchists and cold-blooded Marxists determined to erase our national history. That’s what Marxists do before they take over. We were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” and told Americans would never stand for that, but then came June 2020 and it happened – Washington, Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, every one of them have been either defaced or torn down. We stood for that.
  • In 2018, inappropriately dressed transgendered folks started showing up in public libraries and reading books to kids. These events were promoted by librarians paid by your tax dollars. They suggested to the children that they did not need to accept their God-created gender but could decide for themselves if they wanted to be male, female, or one of the 30-plus other “identities” created out of thin air. We stood for that.
  • In 2018 and 2019 a revamped sex-ed curriculum started appearing in public schools that exposed very young children, as young as first and second grade, to graphic sex including that engaged in by various sexual orientations. We stood for that.
  • Then came 2020 and we were told by our governors that all churches and almost all small businesses were “non-essential” and had to close, because if they didn’t they would be ravaged by a coronavirus that carried a 99.7 percent recovery rate. We stood for that.
  • Then many cities and even whole states issued edicts forcing every citizen to wear a facemask if they leave their home. It didn’t matter that the coronavirus’s death rate continued to plummet, we still stood for that.
  • Then came the riots of 2020, followed by a movement by far-left radicals to form separatist states, they called them autonomous zones, that would not allow cops to enter. Police precincts were occupied in Seattle. A precinct in Minneapolis was burned down. We stood for that.
  • As 2020 wore on, many of our friends and neighbors lost jobs because they said something deemed offensive to Black Lives Matter and other Marxist groups posing as victims and raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate America. We stood for that, too.
  • Bill Gates told us that life will never return to normal until the “entire world gets vaccinated.” But, no, that is not to be taken seriously because President Trump has assured us that coronavirus vaccines will not be mandatory. Besides, Americans would never stand for that.

So apparently the future of America hinges on a silent majority that lies down for everything and never seems to find its voice. They’re hunkering down right now but you just wait… when you least expect it they will ride in to save us.

We keep waiting for those white horses. I dream of them every time another truth-teller gets banned by YouTube or Twitter, labeled a racist or conspiracy theorist, fired from their job, silenced, all because their political opinion doesn’t meet with the approval of the above-mentioned mob.

I’ll keep watching, keep waiting. Maybe that white horse will appear over the horizon. Where is Bill Barr when you need him? Surely he’s saddling up his horse, ready to ride to our rescue.

It’s time to forget these fantasies and get real.

It’s time to take a serious look at mob psychology and how it works to accumulate power, and once it has reached a certain threshold, it will not hesitate to use that power in the most ruthless ways imaginable.

History is littered with examples of folks hunkering down and waiting for a leader to rise up from the silent majority and protect them from the mob.

Where was Germany’s silent majority when Hitler used his Brownshirts to terrorize his political opponents, eventually leading to the near extermination of an entire race of people?

Where was Russia’s silent majority when the Bolsheviks rained down terror on that country? It stood down and watched as blood flowed in the streets of St. Petersburg, and when the dust settled the silent majority were told they could no longer go to church, own private property, or choose for themselves how to make a living.

Where was China’s silent majority when Mao unleashed his Cultural Revolution, requiring citizens to publicly apologize for their middle-class sins before being sentenced to prison or shot? They stood down and we ended up with the People’s Republic of China, where to this day Christians, Falon Gong and Muslims are “disappeared,” and those who aren’t killed waste away in hard-labor camps.

You could find the silent majority of every other formerly free country hunkered down in their homes, unwilling to speak up, apologizing when they do, in the early stages of revolution, when they still had a chance to stand up and stop the insanity.

We’ve waited long enough. America’s silent majority can’t afford to be silent any longer. The time to find our voices is now.

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