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Satan, Slander, and Counting It All Joy


I want to thank those of you that pray for me and my family. In June I began a lengthy radio and television series on Twisted Scripture, Twisted Theology. The response has been amazing and we thank God for the many testimonies of how this series is being used to refute false teaching and to strengthen the faith of the Saints. I believe one of the greatest issues facing the church today is Scripture being taken out of context. I think this is one of Satan’s biggest strategies. What is really interesting is that since beginning this series, our ministry has come under unprecedented attacks by even some people claiming to be Christians. I believe that the lies, slander, gossip, and tale bearing coming from different directions and increasing while we are in this series can only be explained as being a spiritual attack. What is interesting is some of the folks Satan is using to accomplish his purposes are self-professing Christians.

The English word “devil” actual means “slander” and thus is it any wonder that one of Satan’s greatest weapons against God’s ministers is slander? In fact, in I Timothy 5:19 Paul is so aware that slander will be used, even within the church, as a way to attack God’s ministers that he says that accusations against an elder must be confirmed by two or three witnesses. In fact in I Timothy 5:13, Paul speaks of those that are “wandering about from house to house, and not only idle but also gossips and busybodies, saying things which they ought not. Verse 15 says that some of these gossips and tale bears “have already turned aside after Satan.

Clearly Paul is warning that slander, gossip, and tale bearing will be used by Satan to bring spiritual attack against those that proclaim truth and that this will even occur among self-professing Christians and within the church. Thus Paul in verse 19 established a way to protect the innocent from such slander and gossip.

Some self-described Christian bloggers have been involved in this slander and are claiming things about our ministry that are 100% false. For example, we have been accused of giving credibility to one man that teaches some odd and troubling things and yet until last week, I never knew who this man was. I have never met him, I have never talked to him, I have never interviewed him, I have never promoted him, I have never affirmed him, I have never read his books, I have never watched any of his DVDs and I have never read any of his articles. Yet, one blogger, in what I believe is an attempt to discredit our ministry, is bearing false witness and has claimed we have “given credibility and affirmed” this man. Even when this blogger is told they are distributing a lie and bearing false witness they do not repent and cease in such activity. This fact alone speaks volumes about their spiritual condition according to God’s Word.

Another blogger recently e-mailed me using some of the most violent, angry, sinful, and disgusting, language I have ever had sent to me by anyone. This woman is upset over many things including some recent programs on the Biblical roles of men and women that I conducted with Susan Heck who leads women Bible studies and is very careful not to teach men or to usurp authority over men in any manner. The person that sent me this disgusting e-mail is a woman and is a “Christian” blogger that claims to run a “discernment” website.  When I sent it to a few Christian men to alert them to yet another attack and to seek their advice, they were embarrassed and shocked at what they read.

Another blog claims I am a Jesuit and/or a Mason because I wear blue ties and because the lamp shade on my desk has a fleur de leis on it and appeared in one of my television programs that was filmed in my office. My wife decorates my office and purchased the lamp and secondly, this plant is commonly used in decorations here in the south and has been a popular graphic since before the Jesuits and freemasons. Thirdly, I have produced radio, television and DVDs exposing the Masons and Jesuits. Never underestimate the ability of Satan to use his servants for his purposes. Never underestimate the ability of Satan to take advantage of the sin in the lives of individuals for his purposes including that of self-professing Christians and the tares that are among the wheat. What we must do is count it all joy that we have the high honor of being persecuted for Christ’s sake. Amen?

I really don’t feel the need to defend my reputation or credibility because I know that those of you that listen to our radio program, watch our television program, visit our website, attend our conferences and even have spent time in my home know my heart and know my convictions. As Puritan Thomas Fuller wrote, “If I speak what is false, I must answer for it; if truth, it will answer for me.” I also think my testimony speaks for itself in how I have sought to commend the ministries of Godly and credible men to our audience.

One of my best friends is a police detective and he is accustomed to seeing how the world operates up close. However, he is not so accustomed to seeing what men that are Christian broadcasters are confronted with day in and day out in the way of personal attacks. Theological is one thing but what has shocked him is the personal attacks.  Yesterday and again today he said to me “I do not know how you keep going when you are personally and falsely attacked week in and week out. It all seems it is for the purpose of distracting you from your Biblical study, preparation and work.” I had to smile and thank him for actually getting it and for his faithful friendship and encouragement.

I know one reason we are able to keep going is because of the power of the prayers of the righteous like you. Thank you. I also know that in our weakness He is made strong. I am reminded of how important it is to die to self and to die to our reputation. Charles Spurgeon said it best: “We shall not get back a strong race of Christians till we get back such a sturdy band of outspoken men as dare their reputation, if not their lives, upon the unvarnished testimony they give to the Truth they know, the Truth as it is in Jesus, the Truth as it burns in their own hearts and fires their tongues, the Truth as it commends itself to every man’s conscience in the sight of God!” Thank you for your prayers and support.

I would encourage you in the next 7 days to listen to this radio broadcast with Susan Hess that fits with this article: