Psychological Reasons the Biden Regime is Trying to Force Doctors to Commit Murders?

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Brannon Howse: All right. Before we go to Susan Swift in California, and then we're going to have Wayne Allyn Root on. I also have a video clip for you. And I want to play because we've got doctors there trying to push doctors to do a lot of things they don't want to do against their conscience. Why would they do that? Why are they trying to weaponize the health system? We'll discuss that tonight and some history. We'll talk about Germany, Nazi Germany, what was done there. Learning from history. Because if you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. And that what the old saying goes. You're going to hear this. Before we do, let me take you over to, I want to show you something. Scroll down the page when you get there. Scroll down the page. Do you see this right here? Radio podcast special. The picture of Mike Lindell wearing a pair of headphones in front of a microphone. That's the little banner you're looking for. Click on it and right away there pops up. Six piece Mypillow towel set was $99.98. Then it went to 49, 99, now $25. If you use the promo code B66. Use the promo code B66 and you'll get those towels. Six piece towel set for $25. They were $100. Now $25. These would make great gifts for dad for for Father's Day. I love the mypillow towels. Once you try them, that's all you're going to want. They're very thick and luxurious and they actually absorb the water, not just push it around on your skin.

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Susan Swift: Thanks so much for having me back on. Brannon. It's always fun to be with you.

Brannon Howse: You as well. Susan, tell our audience, the organization you're with, and the website, please.

Susan Swift: Sure. I'm the vice president of legal affairs at the Right to Life League, which is America's first pro-life organization, founded in 1967. And you can find out more about our organization if you go to our website, which is Right to Life Right to life Perfect.

Brannon Howse: Right to life folks. All right. So take a look at this article here folks on my website Worldview, your aggregated news site. I put new articles up there every day. Take a look at this article because both of these are very disturbing. And we're going to get to some good news. So hang on. I do have some good news. But this is also good news because these doctors now have California's backed down, but California backs down on forcing doctors to participate in assisted suicide. Now, I called her today and I said, Susan, I want to talk about this because I have to ask the question, why would the state of California want to force doctors to participate in assisted suicide? Why would they want to do that? And I said, let me tell you what I believe. And then and then we start having a historical conversation. So here's what I said to her. I said experiencing I think there are a couple of reasons. One, I believe they want to know who is the opposition and who is not. They want to know who is on their side and who is not. As they weaponize our medical system, as they weaponize health care, they want to know who is on their side and who is not.

Brannon Howse: Then I believe they want to get as many doctors as possible agreeing with this so that there is a orconsensus that which was once considered against the character nature of God, the laws of nature, nature's God, that which was against the Hippocratic Oath of do no harm, that which was against common sense and decency, is now seen as actually being very advanced. Society evolves, morals evolve. You know, this is their idea. The law evolves societal evolution that now they can get people to say that doctor assisted suicide is embraced by the majority of good thinking, compassionate doctors. It's the compassionate thing to do. And good doctors know this. And this is following the science. We know that this is the right thing to do for many reasons. We're overpopulated. There are too many resources. It's kind of like the spot from Agenda 21 we've played before. I lived a good life. I've lived a good life. You got all these older people saying the world can't sustain the population. So science now agrees that this is the best thing to do. And if we get enough doctors in white lab coats doing this, it can be accepted. Then the final reason I believe that I share with Susan was if they're going to weaponize the health care system, they have got to get doctors to participate in atrocities in order to break their conscience, sear their conscience, damage their conscience so that they find solace among their peers.

Brannon Howse: And I was telling Susan how I read how Himmler, head of the SS, made his SS troops be involved in horrible, horrible atrocities to numb their conscience, but blending them into the group of the SS because they could not go home and be understood by their church. They could not go home and be understood by their family and friends. They had participated in such atrocities. The only ones they could seek solace with were within the group. So it put and molded the group together. And I believe if you can get enough doctors in America performing atrocities serving their conscience, it will bind them to the medical-industrial complex of atrocities. And they won't be able to step outside of that because that group is where they find solace for the horrible things they've done, whether willingly or coerced or forced. I think this is a gigantic psych op. What do you make of all that, Susan?

Susan Swift: I think you're right. And even if it goes beyond what we're experiencing here and now in 2023 with the laws and, you know, hospitals and doctors, this is an attack in a spiritual realm as well. It is an attack on the soul. Because if I can convince a doctor to follow the science, whether it's masking children and keeping them locked down for years and away from education, whether it's frightening mothers and fathers so that they they have to be locked down in their homes and they lose their jobs because they're not complying with the latest science. Whether it is now, I have to sell parents that, you know what, it's okay to suicide yourself and it's okay for doctors. To participate in suicide because we're just hastening the inevitable and we're easing your pain. All of that is an attack on the soul as well. It's it's insidious. It's like brain worms that get in and it starts justifying all kinds of medical atrocities, including That's one of the reasons I believe that abortion is also used in the same way. It's just a clump of cells. We can go ahead and kill it. It's not a human being. And so at the end of life now, since so many people are buying into the lie that abortion is health care when it is simply murder. Now we can go to the other side of the spectrum of life, right, the other side of development. And we can say, oh, suicide assisted suicide, we can help.

Susan Swift: You know, the doctors can help with that because that's a mercy killing. And all of these attacks I think you've done a brilliant job laying out all it binds groups together. It creates a camaraderie, almost like a military it kind of sense of now we're in a group together. So so that you have a very much stronger adherence to the faith of death if you will. And now what we're seeing is that this is true in our country and probably around the world. I mean, Canada has assisted suicide as well. Right. And now it's the sixth leading cause of death in Canada, by the way. So this is a cult of death. And I think you're right. They are recruiting medical soldiers to participate in this cult. And it starts to weigh on your mind and it invades your soul. And you can somehow feel that you are unworthy and you can turn away from God. Because if you've done enough horrible things, then you don't even check. You don't look to God and say, Please save me, please redeem me. You don't think you're even worthy of being saved. And that is ultimately an attack on God. It denies the existence of God. So this is a complete attack on our sanctity as humans and also our laws that uphold the right to life from natural conception to natural death.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Well said. This article said that California has backed down on enforcing a law requiring medical practitioners to participate in physician-assisted suicides against their will and has agreed to pay $300,000 to the Christian medical professionals who took the state to court. California legalized assisted suicide in 2015 with the End of Life Option Act, under which physicians were able to opt out of participation and could not be punished for, quote, refusing to inform, quote, a patient about his so-called right to assisted suicide or for refusing to make a referral to a more willing physician. However, in October of 202016,000-member, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law SB 380, which states that, quote, participating in, quote in assisted suicide remains, quote, voluntary, unquote, but requires refusing physicians to refer patients to someone else and defines participation so narrowly as to effectively compel participation in the practice. According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, which filed the lawsuit against the law. And on behalf of the 16,000-member Christian Medical and Dental Association and Dr. Leslie Cochran. This is very good news. But of course, I think they still win because now they know they've tested the waters. Who's going to stand up to them? Which groups are going to be the ones that stand up? So now they know they can somehow, some way go after the alliance defending freedom, make sure they get their profit status away from them at some point. You know, even when we call this a victory, they are gaining the needed information to see where they are in the chess game. What say you?

Susan Swift: Yes. And it's critical to understand what the pro-life Governor Newsom passed SB 380. It's a law that's very similar to what just failed in California. It was an attempt to force these doctors to participate against their will, kind of a conscience, you know, violate their conscience by requiring them to refer to, you know, okay, don't do suicide, but I'll refer you to somebody else. And then they criminalize the fact they say, I'm not going to refer to suicide. And this is the result is lawfare that the pro-life Alliance Defending Freedom, which is a fabulous organization, had to get involved and had to take it to a federal court. The federal court granted a preliminary injunction, which is excellent. And then only then after the court had enjoined this law, finally the state settle and said, well, okay, well, we won't enforce SB 380. No, we'll let it go for now. But it's still on the books. It's still on the books. It's really interesting, too, because it's it is a form of compelled speech. It is a way of saying to these doctors, you must refer to people who perform assisted suicide. That's very, very similar to what they did in Nifla versus Becerra, which is a Supreme Court case that came out of California.

Susan Swift: Becerra Was he He's now HHS secretary, but he was our attorney general here. And that was another law that was trying to compel professional speech for two pro-life clinics. And they were California was demanding that the pro-life the pro-life-clinics refer for abortion, saying, well, we don't provide abortion. However, this is what abortion is and you can go find abortion here. They were compelling professional speech, which is against the Constitution, and violates the First Amendment. So this is good news. But again, once again, we see California over and over again trying to compel speech, trying to invade our First Amendment rights and compel speech. In this case, it was forcing doctors to participate by referring to abortion. Just recently, just two days ago, in the California legislature, two bills failed. California Bill AB 315, was another one of these attempts to silence pro-life clinics. They were trying to say, if you're advertising as a pro-life clinic and you're advertising services that don't include abortion, we might be able to attack you for false and misleading deceptive advertising because you're not presenting all of the health care options. Fortunately, that bill was also a compelling professional speech. It just failed and it died in its suspense file.

Susan Swift: Now similar one to that was AB 710, which was a big boondoggle, trying to say, well, we're going to set up a fund that's going to cost between 5 and $8 million to make sure that w, we let people know we give them abortion information so that they can access abortion. And we're going to make sure we give out these grants. That one died as well. So we keep seeing over and over again in California, whether it's assisted suicide or if it's abortion. They keep trying to force pro-life individuals or conscious, you know, religious objectors, if you, will that don't want to participate in this death cult. The law California law is compelling people to do things against their will. And it's not going to go well for California because we continue to object. I'm so proud that stood up and took on that case. But we all have to as Americans, as mothers and fathers and individuals, have to stand up and collectively say, no, you cannot force me to do things against my will and my faith. That is what we all must do as Americans to push back against this godless, secular society that is pushing death, abortion, and assisted suicide.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Absolutely. Susan, here's another article over at Worldview I put out today. Look at this one document and you guys can go there to Worldview It's your aggregated news site okay And I put up new articles all the time so here are the ones I found today every day I'm doing show prep, I'm looking for the big stories of the day, stuff that other people aren't covering and then go and find. Yeah, yeah.

Susan Swift: You know what? You know what your site is now. Got to tell you, it's the new Drudge Report. That's where everybody ought to be going to that site because it's got all of the good news on it. So you are the new drudge man. You are.

Brannon Howse: I appreciate That's what we're kind of doing. So thank you for that. That's what we hope. So hopefully mission accomplished. Thank you. That's very kind. So this one just got to make your blood boil because here you are listening to Susan tonight. Does she seem to you like a potential domestic terrorist? She's a mom. Does she seem like a potential domestic terrorist to you? Well, the Biden regime says so. Documents show Biden administration considers pro-life moms potential domestic terrorists. I touched on this on my radio show today because it made me so angry. And we need more righteous indignation. The thing people say is, oh, it's a sin to be angry. No, it's not Jesus, you know, tied together some cords and made it into a whip. It's righteous indignation. Righteous anger. There's a difference. So we need more of that. And this made me have that righteous indignation, I believe, today. So I had to discuss it on the radio today as well. Why would you want to declare pro-lifers terrorists? And I had an attorney on my show today who's also a pastor out of Texas, and he said the reason why is because under things like the Patriot Act given to us by George W Bush and stuff after 911, anyone that is deemed a terrorist, they can take their stuff.

Brannon Howse: They can seize their bank accounts. They can seize their property. So if you can deem pro-life groups to be terrorists, you can seize the assets of the individuals running it and the organization itself. Now, people some people watching tonight would say, oh, that's extreme, but yet you and I know this government is doing all kinds of extreme things that we've never seen. We just had a guy who's now over 800 days sitting in jail in DC for January 6th, waiting on his due process. This, you know, who thought the government would tell us we all had to wear face masks or get arrested, you know, stay distant or get arrested we saw people having him sing and stuff, having church services outside, not wearing masks, being arrested. It's on video in one of my documentaries, compelling people that you're going to lose your job as a doctor or a nurse, or an airline pilot if you don't get a shot. And now many of them are dropping dead from the consequences. So for anyone that thinks that what I'm saying is out of reach, you could be deemed a domestic terrorist, and thus pro-life groups could be their property, their accounts, bank accounts, and loan assets seized. That's not unthinkable in today's world, is it?

Susan Swift: Not at all. We've seen I mean, look at the FBI whistleblowers that are testifying right now before Congress that they were unable to even make a living. I mean, this is the power of the government when you go up against the federal government, even as a whistleblower and you say something's wrong in the FBI, what does the FBI do? It retaliates against people. We've got several of them testifying right now. And we have the article that you're referring to, this came out as it's a result of a FOIA request from American First Legal. They're the ones that broke the story that the DHS had this training document that's aimed at training other people to suspect their neighbors. It's something out of China. Right. Is saying, well, this pro-life mom, she's becoming more devout and she's very concerned about, you know, these different things that are going on in her community. And she calls her mayor a baby killer. What do you do? Do you approach her quietly one on one? Do you ask a friend? Do you here are three options. But what they're doing is they're demonizing pro-life women and another one that they had another character. These are stereotypes that they're putting out, to be sure. Another stereotype they had in this report was a devout Christian mother who There are is very, very devout.

Susan Swift: And she's concerned that there there's child trafficking going on, that there is some sort of collusion with the government and child trafficking. I just kind of shook my head thinking. And yet across the border, we know that children are being trafficked. We are bringing illegal people over the border. The coyotes are bringing them, and these children and women are being raped and trafficked. We know that that's true. And yet here in this report, we have a stereotype of a mom who's now increasingly concerned about child trafficking. And what do you do? Do you go talk to her directly? How should you approach her? All of these different they're demonizing normal, regular American citizens for their faith beliefs and their questioning of the government. I mean, there used to be way, way back when it used to be a shirt that you'd wear that said, you know, question authority. What happened to that now? Right. We're not allowed to question authority. And we have to be dutiful women. We're not allowed to even question the notion of abortion. We got to go along with that. And guess if we're, you know, devout people and we pray every day, if we pray the rosary, well, that's we're domestic terrorists.

Brannon Howse: We go to Latin Mass. Now, the FBI wanted to go after people.

Susan Swift: You're a rad trad man. Then you're big, big time. You know, because, actually, and hey, full disclosure, I'm Catholic. And you know what we believe? We believe that prayer is the most powerful force on earth. So am I then a domestic terrorist when I whip out my rosary beads and start praying at you? I mean, this is what the training at the DHS suggested. Now. Now, to be fair to what the DHS said, they came out this is the American first legal had gotten the documents and DHS responded in a way that said, oh, well, this was just a contractor we had we had reached out to for a possible training scenario. And the guy who's wasn't under the current administration, it was under the prior administration. And we never put it into effect. In other words, they're trying to blame Trump. That's what they're trying to do. They're trying to get out of this. But it's shocking to me. It's shocking to me that they're stereotyping. Regular American men and women who are devout, and believe in God. And then they're twisting that to say, well, you pro-life, you might be a domestic terrorist. And think you're right about I'm glad you talked to that attorney that made the point that, well, if you have been deemed a terrorist, then the government can seize your stuff, probably without even any due process whatsoever. Oh, exactly. Because you have to go back in later and you have to prove your innocence, which is against, again, what Nancy Pelosi likes to say when Trump was indicted. Right. Remember when she said he has a chance to prove his innocence? This is the mindset of these people in government, which tells you we are guilty without being innocent.

Brannon Howse: And you know the old saying they attack the ones they fear. They attack the ones they fear. They are afraid of the activist pro-life America First Patriotic Moms. Look, my first book was, in 1993 and my second book stereotyping was in 1995. Those books were largely written because moms would send me manila envelopes full of information. About what was going on in their child's school. They would send me photocopies of their child's books. Photocopies of their child's homework. They were the ones that told me, hey, you need to know about this thing called, education. You need to know about this thing called America 2000. That became goals 2000 that became No Child Left Behind, that became Common Core. And so I started writing about that in 93. And when I would go and outcome-basedI was traveling the country and speaking, and that's how these moms would know who I was. They'd get my address, they'd send me the information. And I kept being able to do this. And then when I would go and travel and get on an airplane and fly to speak generally, it was a group of moms that had organized the whole evening.

Brannon Howse: You know, I would go to the venue and meet the people that I'd been talking to on the phone. And it would be largely a group of mothers who had organized, got the building, paid for the building, raised money from local businessmen to pay for my flight, my hotel, and give me an honorarium. And it was the moms, largely the mothers that had organized this same thing was true when I started doing my worldview weekends around the country and over 300 locations we got where we would have moms that would put together committees and they would go out and they would commit to buying 300 tickets. So we could then commit to bringing in 7 or 8 speakers, book their flights, book their hotels, and book the venue. But the moms would commit that, hey, we're going to go around and sell 300 tickets, which guarantees you'll bring an event to us. I'm telling you, and if you take the moms out of the equation, the country will collapse. And I'm not kidding you.

Susan Swift: Oh, absolutely. Moms are the power of this country. You know that because, look, I have seven kids and I love every one of them. And I would do anything for them to help them in any way that I could. And when I see what our schools are doing, I mean, we pulled our kids out of the public schools here in California, got them out because it is it's an indoctrination camp. And I don't want to protect my children against this kind of, you know, Marxist communist indoctrination, the death cults, all of this. And I will do anything to protect my child. So it makes absolute sense to me as a mom. Yes. And that's all you know what that is? All this nation needs is enough Women like Meto to get together and say, enough. That's it. And some of them are doing it, too. They're going before their school boards. And remember when the FBI started targeting parents who objected at school board meetings to what was being taught to CRT and to transgender theology being taught in their school book that is when the FBI started arresting people or targeting them, I should say, for objecting to what was going on in the schools. How dare you question what is being taught at school boards? And we're seeing that more and more moms standing up, going to before school boards and insisting that these school boards get rid of some of the absolute smut and the obscenity in the books that that they are that they masquerade as, oh, we're just teaching inclusion and acceptance with the transgender gender crowd. That's not that hot that is false. It is a form of grooming. It's a form of sexualizing children. It's a way of getting practically pornographic material into the hands of six-year-olds bringing. Absolutely. Under the guise of the school. And by the way, mothers are not going to put up with that. and W has had enough of what this nation is doing.

Brannon Howse: Well, and it's interesting, you say six-year-olds, because Alfred Kinsey, who was the father of so much of this, Alfred Kinsey, believed children should be sexually active by age six, right? Yes. Yes. Let me start.

Susan Swift: All of that sexualizing of children. Yep. And we still see that with Planned Parenthood even today. They believe that children are sexual creatures. And that's why Planned Parenthood is moving into the business of gender transition. Well, here's the article.

Brannon Howse: Here's the article you sent me. Let's show it. Here it is. Yeah, that's what she's referring to. Catholic news agency Planned Parenthood. Now a top provider of transgender hormones after Roe. You know, I asked you an interesting question the other day. I said, wouldn't it be damaging to the business model of Planned Parenthood to be encouraging the homosexual transgender lifestyle? Because, hey, here's a little news bulletin. Planned Parenthood, people of the same sex don't have kids. So wouldn't you want to discourage the LGBTQ transgender thing and be pushing more heterosexual sex? And you said, Yeah, but they have a new business model. They're going to make a lot of money off transitioning. And you're the one that helped send me over articles to show me they were transitioning their whole business model.

Susan Swift: Yes, because they're losing market share because abortion is being restricted by common sense laws in many, many states. Right. 27 states. And so now they're circling the wagons in places like California, where AM and New York and other, you know, deep pro-abortion states. But they're also shifting their business model to start profiting off of the transgender surgeries and the drugs. It's all it's it is big Pharma, the abortion cartel. They're pushing it. And you also know that that is true because of what they're doing with the abortion chemical. The chemical abortion. Yes. Mifepristone. And that is the next that's going to be the next tipping point. We just this happened last week or this week, May 17th, 18th, the Fifth Circuit kind of came back and started reviewing this preliminary injunction that was put in place at the district court level to ban mifepristone, basically to shut it down. It went up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court said, well, we're going to be you guys are going to be looking at it, Fifth Circuit, so why don't we leave everything in place? We'll let the Fifth Circuit look at it. They just did. And a couple of the judges in that Fifth Circuit hearing in the oral argument were hammering the pro-aborts. That would be Danco Company, that's the manufacturer of the drug, and also the abortion cartel, the representatives of the FDA that are very pro-abortion. They're all trying to say that chemical abortion drug is harmless. It's like taking Tylenol.

Susan Swift: There isn't any risk. And the point of this case, and this is what should incense all Americans. The point of this case is to ask whether or not the FDA followed its own rules and guidelines in approving a drug. Yes, the drug happens to be a chemical abortion drug, But we should all of us want to make sure that the FDA follows its own rules. We shouldn't have exceptions for drugs that the FDA approves or that maybe the Biden administration or the Trump administration or the Clinton administration, like the FDA, is supposed to be there to control the safety of all drugs. And the essence of this case that's in the Fifth Circuit right now has to do with whether or not the FDA followed its guidelines in approving mifepristone. And so the pro-abortion heads are exploding right now because at this, hearing at the Fifth Circuit, what happened was one of the judges was saying, well, now wait a minute, pregnancy is not a serious illness. What are we celebrating on Mother's Day? Are we celebrating a serious illness? Be real. Another judge scolded bringing the FDA lawyers by by by saying, wait a minute, you're saying that this is unprecedented, that you're coming into court and you're saying that that enjoining something that the FDA has done is unprecedented. We just had another case just yesterday in this court and we the court of appeals, the judicial branch, if you will, collapse the authority to review the FDA all the time.

Susan Swift: So what are you even talking about? So imagine that the pro-Aborts and Danco and the FDA, they're all just their heads exploding and wondering what is the decision that's going to come out of the FDA? I'm sorry, out of the Fifth Circuit. If the Fifth Circuit rules to uphold the district court's injunction, what that does is it takes mifepristone. The chemical abortion drug off the market is in. It's not authorized anymore. And you have to start back at square one with the FDA that that will be a sea change. And you will see such an epic earthquake around the United States in all of these states that are pushing the abortion drug because that's what it is. It's a drug cocktail. That's what they're pushing. That's where the money is to be made, in the abortion cartel, Big Pharma. And if this decision comes down and upholds a complete and total ban because the FDA did not follow its rules, you just watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth that are going to be coming from the people who want to kill babies in the womb. You have to remember that this is what this is. They're trying to kill babies in the womb using drugs. I hope that they I hope that the Fifth Circuit enjoins the entire procedure. And if it does, I will celebrate that decision as much as I celebrated.

Brannon Howse: Dobbs. Let us know. Keep us posted. Right to Life Always great to have you on as a guest. So much information that's so vital. It's so very important. Right to life Thank you, Susan.

Susan Swift: Thank you. God bless you. God bless America.

Brannon Howse: Thank you. Absolutely. Susan Swift checking in the RighttoLifeLeague.Org, folks. Right to Life League now. Banner