Pelosi Impeachment Democrats Like Monkeys With Hand Grenade

Watching Nancy Pelosi, Al Green, D-TX, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, the Halloween sisters, i.e., Ocasio, Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and faux-Republican Mitt Romney et al play out their seedy melodrama of impeaching President Trump is like watching monkeys with a hand grenade. The one inescapable fact is that – sooner rather than later the monkey is going to figure out how to remove the pin, release the safety lever and blow themself to bits.

The things they’re spewing are comparable to encopresis of the mouth sans micturition. Next these people will be accusing President Trump of wearing imitation cashmere sweaters and claim he should be impeached for deceiving the people by not wearing real cashmere.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of all their shrill pontificating about the rule of law and President Trump not being above the law – it’s nothing more than hypomanic babble. If Pelosi, Romney et al were serious about rule of law, Hillary’s entire family would be in federal prison, along with probably two-thirds of all politicians, including Obama, Susan Rice and “Low-ret-tah” Lynch.

That this theater is based upon extraordinarily bad calculus cannot be overstated unless there are other more draconian motivations. Suppose Pelosi’s end game is more than just harassing President Trump? There’s no scenario in which I see Pelosi being successful in impeaching the President even with the help of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Not even if the Republicans in Congress continue to behave like repugnant sissies afraid to take out hammer and tongs in defense of President Trump.

My analysis of this political theater demands I ask: Suppose the impeachment process isn’t about removing the President as much as it about trying to block his filling another seat on the Supreme Court (SCOTUS)? It may not be polite to say, but there are many people secretly making bets on how long it is before Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg expires.

Ginsburg will be 84 years old early next year. Associate Justice Stephen Breyer turned 81 years old this past August. And while it hasn’t been reported that either Ginsburg or Breyer are watching soap operas and eating oatmeal at this stage of their careers, as one prominent late Justice was said to have done; Ginsburg has defied colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and her second bout of pancreatic cancer, for which she was treated just weeks ago this past August 2019.

I’m not attempting to play God, pretending like I know who’s continued existence on earth is extremely limited. But I think it’s unreasonable to suspect something else is involved in this otherwise historically bad political calculation.

Kamala Harris called for the impeachment of Associate Justice Kavanaugh just two weeks ago. (See: Kamala Harris Calls for Brett Kavanaugh to Be Impeached;; 9/15/2019;

Even though the chances of the Pelosi led impeachment inquiry coming anywhere close to removing President Trump from office or preventing him from winning reelection – Democrats with their media hordes can attempt to prevent the President from placing another Justice on SCOTUS.

It might be too soon after Christine Blasey Ford’s lies, to run a phalanx of women out claiming the next male Trump nominee roped, groped or doped them into sexually compromising positions without their consent or if nominee is a woman accusing her of being anti-feminism.

Pelosi could be providing Senate Democrats and the bureaus of agitprop that masquerade as news journalists, grounds to oppose another President Trump nominee by arguing that with the President under the cloud of impeachment he shouldn’t be allowed to nominate another SCOTUS Justice.

I see nothing standing in the way of such a maneuver. Quite the opposite, the longer the impeachment charade can be kept alive the better for Democrats, if my prognostic is correct, because the impeachment circus will still be taking place during President Trump’s second term.

I wouldn’t say that in Pelosi’s view, this scenario wasn’t worth having the Bidens, Menendez, D-NJ, Leahy, D-VT, “little” Dickie Durbin, D-IL, John Kerry’s step son, Romney advisor Joseph Cofer Black and however many others must go under the bus to protect the SCOTUS; which with John Roberts as Chief Justice the Democrats still for the most part control SCOTUS.

However all of that changes when President Trump makes his next pick. And, you can quote me; there is going to be another opening on SCOTUS.

With the Trotskyites at the major networks, CNN and MSNBC, whose sole purpose for existence has been reduced to being the manure spreader for neo-Leninists; Democrats are confidant in getting their talking points out. Add to this, the blatant suppression and restriction of all articles, conversations and/or ideas Twitter and Facebook deem not to conform with their neo-Leninist agenda – keeping investigations alive can take as long as they want, which was evidenced by the Russian collusion hoax.

Add to that alchemy the sanctimonious Chris Wallace, Paul Ryan, Andrew Napolitano and Shepard Smith at FoxNews who comprise yet another cadre of fanfaronade calumniators who hate President Trump and us for supporting him and it’s not difficult to see why Pelosi et al might view this as worth the risk, even for what would certainly be the pyrrhic victory of the ages.


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