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"Pastor" Matt Chandler Declares Obama is a Great Guy & Blames Pastors & Ministers For Not Explaining His Policies

Hear the new audio of Matt Chandler telling an HBO program that Obama is a “great man” and because pastors and ministers did not help explain his policies, it led to evangelicals being really scared and ultimately they sold their soul and supported Donald Trump. Chandler, being the socialist justice warrior that he is, also promotes the communist agenda of white privilege. In his interview, Chandler went on to declare that evangelicals are cowards because they do not want to discuss such issues as racial reconciliation. Of course racial reconciliation on the part of social justice warriors has been openly described as reparations and redistribution of wealth.Matt Chandler proves what Brannon has been saying for several years and that is that the Neo-Calvinists and Neo-Evangelicals are indeed looking to use their churches to give support and advancement to socialist government leaders. Topic: We take your calls.

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