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New WVW Broadcast Network Website & Television Program with Host Melissa Kay Howse

On this August, 8th, Melissa's birthday, we are pleased to announce a new WVW Broadcast Network website & television program. The new website is and is the website of the new fall TV show with host Melissa Kay Howse. This program will feature cooking, decor, interior design, and special reports and guests. Brannon has been trying for years to convince Melissa to have her own TV show. He was only able to convince Melissa to be on television if Brannon was her co-host. So, this husband and wife team will bring you the first television program this fall. This WVW Broadcast Network produced program and website should be very popular with our largest demographic that is women between the ages of 50-65. Until the first show launches, we invite you to shop from home for your home while also supporting the continued expansion of WVW Broadcast Network. Join us in the feed below in wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MELISSA and be sure to visit