A Message From Michael Reagan

My good friend Brannon Howse has been kind enough to permit me to send you this Official Pro-life Petition to the United States Senate.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
We are now facing the most significant pro-life battle of the past fifteen years with the new Supreme Court vacancy.  We know that President Obama, who was openly pro-abortion and THE MOST liberal member of this radical left, pro-abortion Senate before being elected President, is unlikely to select a pro-life Justice.  Our only hope is in the Senate, where 41 Senators can block a new Obama Supreme Court nominee.  
I am writing to ask you to join with me in taking a stand on this crucial vote, where one vote may well be decide if we have a new pro-life or pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice.  Take a stand now, and sign your Official Pro-life Petition to the United States Senate.  I will see to it that your petition will be delivered directly to every United States Senator.  Your petition demands that our Senators vote against any Obama nominee who is pro-abortion.  Even one Senate vote could make the critical difference!  
I know my father, who often said that God guided his actions as President, would be proud of your willingness to fight on behalf of the unborn.  So please sign your Official Pro-life Petition today and help defend the lives of our most vulnerable and innocent children.
Thank you, and may God bless our efforts.
Michael Reagan                                                                www.mikereaganforlife.com

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