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Is Mark Driscroll Not Being Honest about What Happen to Him at John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference?



I just hung up from talking to my father who is attending John MacArthur's Strange Fire conference at which Worldview Weekend speaker Justin Peters has been a speaker. This news report linked below is interesting in regards to what Mark Driscoll and his friends are reportedly saying about his books being confiscated at the conference today. My father told me he just talked to one of the security guys and he told my father that they did not take Driscoll’s books. The security guard my father talked to witnessed the entire thing and told my father what he saw and my father told me when I just happen to call him minutes after his conversation with the security personnel. If Driscoll is really putting out the report that his books were confiscated then I think this tells me a lot about Mark Driscoll in addition to what we already know. This article also quotes Mike Riccardi of Grace Community and we carry Mike’s columns at This is all very interesting and we will keep you posted on what we hear and read. Here is an interesting article on all this.

In October of 2012 my book Religious Trojan Horse was published. In this book I discuss Mark Driscoll in great detail along with the Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation and how the New Religious Right is merging with them all. This book is 485 pages and his hard cover and has 595 footnotes. If you want to understand how false teaching from neo-evangelicals, the New Religious Right and the spiritual left have invaded the church to establish a coming false world religion then secure your copy now.

You can download the ebook right now and it includes about 100 links to video clips where you can see many of the things I document with your own eyes as you read the ebook.