LA Crosse Bans The Constitution: Creates a Police State: by Tom Sweeney Former member of the La Crosse City Council

by Tom Sweeney
Former member of the La Crosse City Council

The La Crosse City Council approved an ordinance to ban private and confidential conversations when they voted to ban Conversion Therapy.   In doing so, they have violated the Constitution of the United States of America.

This ordinance bans certain conversations even though they may be private and confidential.  Think about that.  How would you feel about the government snooping in on your private conversations and penalize you if you say the “wrong” thing.  With this ban on private and confidential conversation, what might be next?  So you may not care about this one but unless they are stopped, sooner or later they will reach something you do care about and how many of us will be left to stand up with you on your concern?

Next question;  how many of you knew that the city was considering this ban on Free Speech, along with violating other First Amendment  protections of Freedom of Religion and the Free Exercise of Religion?  This also violates the Right of the people to assemble and associate FREELY.   The government is now telling you how to raise your children.  Are you okay with that?

While this Ordinance bans constitutionally protected Rights mentioned above, it establishes protections for those who would “counsel” your children in sexuality you disagree with.   The hypocrisy is palpable.   Among others, the School District of La Crosse signed on to support the ban on the constitutional protected Rights.   I would ask the School District, is the Constitution being taught in the School District of La Crosse?   I would implore the School Board to find out and make sure that it is.

Upon finding out about what the city has done, a group of concerned people drafted a letter to the mayor and organized a rally outside City Hall asking Mayor Reynolds to veto the Ordinance.  Passed Ordinances automatically go into effect 24 hours after publication. They do not require the mayor to sign.  Though he indicated he signed the Ordinance on Monday, it did not cause it to go into effect any sooner.  The media made mention that, “…it was too late”, which was not the case.  The mayor had until 5pm on the Tuesday after the council voted to veto the Ordinance.  In a statement regarding vetoing this Ordinance he said it was, “… not a consideration.”   So I am wondering if considering the Constitution slipped passed him.   Not only may the Constitution have slipped passed the mayor, it may have slipped passed councilmembers also.

The June 11, 2022 La Crosse Tribune printed from council member Kiel,   Going forward, Kiel said it will be important to let the community know this practice is no longer allowed, and to educate the public – especially parents and youth – on what exactly conversion therapy is.

“If you hear of something like this, then question it, look into it.  The police department is here to help and see if it’s against this ordinance,” Kiel said.

This is reminiscent of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany of the 1930’s.  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -- George Santayana, Spanish Political Philosopher

We are now under a Police State.

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