Kamala Harris: Democrat Voodoo Doll – Talk About Her and Turn Into A Racist

Democrats were like a cancerous mutation of skin rot even when they were almost palatable. Today they’ve metamorphosed in something far more damaging, i.e., a pernicious cabal of double standards.

I offer into evidence the now darling Democrat devil doll Kamala Harris, whom one can observe as giving credibility to the character played by Julia Roberts next to Richard Gere sans “Pretty” preceding “Woman” in the title. In brief, a woman of low morals or in the case of Harris a woman of zero morals can gain political standing by trading adult favors with married political powerbrokers.

Democrats are quick to attack as racist anyone who dares speak the truth about Harris. And, the truth is: Harris is an immoral, conscienceless individual who wears the stench of moral turpitude as a tiara of accomplishment.

Her political rise is not based upon talent, brilliance or compelling personal accomplishment. It’s based upon her malleability of morals with Willie Brown, arguably one of the most powerful political 

figures in the history of California politics. Brown also remains allegedly one of the most underhanded and dishonest politicians in the history of California.

But the incogitant dilettantes representing themselves as Democrats, who are in reality the very definition of poseur, feign insult and squeal racism when the unflattering truths are revealed about Harris.

It’s not racist to point out that when confronted with the question of how to ascend the political ladder, Harris employed the one skill her kind have at their disposal. She has lied about the late Tupac Shakur and about smoking dope – things that were inconsequential, adn should never have become part of her political dialogue. In what scenario could she have thought lying about doing drugs and listening to crude vulgarity set to a catchy rhythm would make her a woman of the people?

What matters is that she’s more supportive of the murdering of babies than Obama. She used her position as prosecutor in an unprecedented attempt destroy the life of David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress when he released undercover videos fully exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale and profiteering from aborted baby tissue. She engaged in a scorched earth vendetta against Mr. Daleiden juxtaposed to holding Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body-part industry responsible for trafficking in the tissue of murdered babies.

Harris viciously attacked and maligned nominees to the federal judiciary based upon their religious beliefs.

It’s not just that Harris is a liar; she is an unmitigated stupid liar. She lies about things more easily exposed as lies, than it is easy to prove the sun is shining on a sunny day. Not least of which is her lies about being black.

It’s a pure canard unless she’s going re-identify what it is to be what black, separate from what the identity ethnicists consider “African-American in this country. Her great grandfather was a White Jamaican of either Irish or English descent. He was a landowner and wealthy exporter prior to his death in 1936. This is significant, because Jamaica did not gain independence until 1962. It’s important to note because unlike in America where there were free slaves owning property in Richmond, Virginia and extremely wealthy black slave owners in the South and New Orleans prior to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865 – native Jamaicans enjoyed no such privilege under British governance. Even though Snopes, the leftwing fact-checking site running cover for Harris, claims it’s inconclusive that Harris is the direct descendant of a massively wealthy slave owning family. It’s Snopes that’s being typically dishonest. It’s not inconclusive when Harris’ father and family freely acknowledge their slave-owner background – a wealthy slave owning family, who were so, in the immediate years leading up to Jamaica’s independence in 1962, no less. (See: Kamala Harris’ Jamaican Heritage – Updated – 14.01.2019; https://archive.fo/907zm)

Snopes and Democrat malfeasants, including their administrators of agitprop in the media, can attack Dinesh D’Souza all they want; her father and relatives support what he says regarding Harris’ ancestral history. (See: Kamala Harris’ Ancestors Were Slave Owners – Will the Left Cancel Her; Andrew J. Sciascia; Western Journal News; 8/12/2020)

White Jamaican father and Asian-Indian mother doesn’t produce American black, anymore than a curly-mop-top hairdo and fallacious claim make the white woman Rachel Dolezal black, even though she self-identifies as black.

Harris is the abortionist’s abortionist. She advocates for the most extreme abortion policies and practices imaginable. She voted against every pro-life piece of legislation she could, including bills with bipartisan support. (https://www.westernjournal.com/op-ed-god-help-us-kamala-harris-voted-pr…)

Her presidential campaign bid was dogged by near non-responsive fundraising efforts over the year and credible allegations from field-tested veteran campaign people who charged her with political incompetence pursuant to operation, discipline and strategy. State operations director, Kelly Mehlenbacher wrote in her resignation letter, that as a veteran of three presidential campaigns: “[She had] never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly.” Harris was one of the earliest resign a presidential bid with single digit numbers. (See: Kamala Harris Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race; Mark Moore; New York Post; 12/3/2019)

And yet the wild-eyed equivalents of chattering zinjanthropines in the Democrat legions scream it’s racist to point these things out about Harris. Obviously their definition of racist is anyone exposing the Jamaican-Indian running mate of Joe Biden.

Okay; fine. Just call me a racist then.

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