Judge Rules in Favor of Abortion Clinic in Case Versus a Church

INTRO: We have more information on that tragic turn of events Monday night
when a Buffalo Bills football player collapsed on the field during a game with the
Cincinnati Bengals.
Another former NFL player collapsed and died a few days before the incident in
Are you still refusing Big Pharma’s death shots? If so, the United Nations World
Health Organization has launched a global PR campaign to demonize you and
blame you for the creation of an anti-science “killing force.”
The former CEO of the bankrupt FTX crypto trading firm gets his initial day in
court, and the judge allows him to keep secret the billionaires who secured his
$250 million bond.
And this is no laughing matter, Katie Hobbs pulls a Kamala Harris during the
solemn ceremony that was her oath of office.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome the Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
The Gateway Pundit reports that another fake “fact-checker” working for the
globalists has been successfully identified. 
Politifact’s Jeff Cercone joins the army of biased and unqualified, dare we say
fraudulent, fact checkers who pride themselves in telling us what the truth is and
what it is not. 
Joe Hoft exposes him in his article at the Gateway Pundit.
Hoft writes:
“The ‘fact-checker’ scheme was invented by the far-left as a means to discredit the
truth. Fake fact-checkers are used to proclaim that the truth is a lie. This is an effort
to keep the American people in the dark about the reality of the world around
The left feels that if they discredit the truth early and often, then Americans will
begin to believe that boys are girls, kids should be taught porn in grade schools, the

world is hurtling toward a global climate disaster, and Joe Biden won the 2020
Election, fair and square.
Hoft rightly notes that, “The far left uses fact-checkers to support their censorship
of the truth. Sites like Facebook use these sites to discredit conservative sites like
The Gateway Pundit based on bogus and faulty information.”
We’ve learned recently that this fake fact-checking operation is being funded by
the government and by extension the U.S. taxpayers.
This weekend another fake fact-checker was identified. Jeff Cercone from
Politifact has no credentials in the medical area. His career has consisted of
reporting for small publications where he faithfully pushed far-left talking points
unrelated to truth.
In a series of tweets, Politifact’s expert fact-checker was identified as another
unqualified quack.
Texas Lindsay on Twitter is very kind when she refers to Jeff Cercone as an
unqualified fake fact-checker for Politifact.
Jeff is a fake fact-checker and “wordsmith” who is one of many in an “epidemic of
“False Fact-Checking Prophets,” Lindsay notes.
As Lindsay points out, Jeff uses evidence that directly contradicts his claims.
Lindsay shares that one might ask:
 Are ‘False Fact-Checking Prophets’ just totally inept? Or,
 Are ‘False Fact-Checking Prophets’ relying on the ineptitude of the public?
One could make a case for either, or both.

In the final analysis, Hoft concludes, “Jeff makes assertions that doctors are unable
to make with no credentials to back them up.”
That’s classic propaganda.


In other news, ABC TV producer Dax Tejera and his wife had reportedly left their
two young children alone in a hotel room on December 23 when they went out to
enjoy a night on the town. Little did they know he would die suddenly of cardiac
His wife, Veronica, was arrested shortly after the 37-year-old was transported by
ambulance after experiencing a heart attack.
Veronica Tejera, 33, was arrested by New York Police on two charges of “acting
in a manner injurious to a child.”
The Daily Mail further reported:
“Dax Tejera and his wife had left their two young daughters in a hotel room alone
and gone out in New York City when he collapsed in the street and died. The ABC
News anchor, 37, suffered a heart attack two days before Christmas while enjoying
an evening with his wife Veronica while their children, aged five months and two
years old, were alone at the Yale Club in Manhattan.”


After the on-field collapse of Damar Hamlin during the game between the Buffalo
Bills and Cincinnati Bengals Monday night, Dr. Peter McCullough made a request
for information through The Wellness Company.
In a press release from The Wellness Company, Dr. McCullough stated:
“I watched the play live both as a fan and a cardiologist and I saw blunt neck and
chest trauma, a brief recovery after the tackle and then a classic cardiac arrest.  I
have communicated to one of the most experienced trainers in the world and we
agree that it was a cardiac arrest in the setting of a big surge of adrenalin.  If Damar
Hamlin indeed took one of the COVID-19 vaccines, then subclinical vaccine-
induced myocarditis must be considered in the differential diagnosis.”


It was announced in the hospital parking lot Tuesday that Hamlin is not expected
to make a full recovery.
In a Substack post Tuesday, Steve Kirsch reported that Hamlin was indeed
vaccinated. The Buffalo Bills are a 100% vaccinated team and proud of it.
Kirsch goes on to say that Hamlin’s jabs “likely played a very major role” in his
cardiac arrest, but we will likely never find out for sure. Why? Because the
government has a narrative to protect that involves a lie, and too many Americans
are now invested in covering up that lie.

This next story is one we touched on before the Christmas break but it’s worth
following up on now that we’re back into the swing of things with a new year.
The United Nations World Health Organization has, in the face of increasing
evidence that the Covid “vaccines” are killing people, doubled down and flipped
the script. Rather than admit the vaccines are harming countless people who took
them, the WHO has launched a PR campaign to demonize those who have refused
to take the Covid shots while falsely accusing them of the very sins that they, the
WHO and its collaborators, are guilty of committing. The campaign accuses
vaccine refusniks of forming a “major killing force globally.”
The video launch, being placed in social media globally, accuses those warning of
the dangers of the COVID vaccine of displaying “anti-science aggression." It
features pediatrician Dr. Peter Hotez lamenting the “devastating impact of
misinformation and disinformation” regarding the COVID vaccines.
Hotez goes on to make several unsubstantiated claims that “anti-vaccine activism”
is more deadly than terrorism, gun violence, and other heinous crimes. 


The Daily Wire reports that Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried pleaded not
guilty Tuesday to multiple charges stemming from the collapse of
his cryptocurrency empire and the alleged money-launderer was allowed by the
court to conceal who is securing his $250 million bond.
The 30-year-old former billionaire garnered controversy after users learned that he
commingled funds between exchange platform FTX and sister trading firm
Alameda Research, losing untold billions’ worth of assets as customers rushed to
withdraw their balances. Bankman-Fried pleaded not guilty to eight charges,
including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit securities fraud,
and conspiracy to commit money laundering.
Bankman-Fried was recently released on a $250 million bond and permitted to stay
at his parents’ home in northern California near the campus of Stanford University.
Caroline Ellison, the former chief executive of Alameda Research, and Gary
Wang, a co-founder of FTX, have already submitted guilty pleas. Reports have
speculated that Ellison, a former romantic interest of Bankman-Fried, may have
cooperated with prosecutors.
U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan tentatively established a trial date for October
during the arraignment, according to a report from journalist Matthew Russell Lee.
Mark Cohen, a lawyer for Bankman-Fried who formerly defended Jeffrey Epstein
cohort Ghislaine Maxwell, requested that Kaplan permit the sealing of the names
and addresses of two individuals who secured the $250 million bond citing
attention drawn to the case. Kaplan approved the motion.
Bankman-Fried is well-connected with Washington power centers: extensive
political contributions made by the former executive rendered him the seventh-
largest overall donor in the recent midterm elections and the second-largest donor
to the campaign which placed Joe Biden in the Oval Office, according to data from
Open Secrets.
Among the beneficiaries of Bankman-Fried’s donations were incoming House
Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), Senator
Joe Manchin (D-WV), Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Senator Dick Durbin (D-
IL), and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA).

He claimed during a recent interview that he donated “about the same amount” in
dark money to Republicans.
Bankman-Fried, who faces 115 years in prison if he is convicted on all counts,
was granted audiences at the White House with senior administration officials in
the months before his arrest, according to a recent report from Bloomberg. 


While all eyes were focused on the sudden collapse of Damar Hamlin during the
nationally televised Monday night game, another NFL player also collapsed
suddenly off the field a few days before on December 30.
Former Purdue and Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri died
suddenly on Friday. He was 38.
The offensive lineman was found unresponsive at his wife’s home in West
Lafayette on December 30, according to TMZ, which reported:
“Nwaneri was at his wife’s home in West Lafayette — about 65 miles northwest of
Indianapolis — when police received a call around 1 AM stating the 6’4″ NFL
guard collapsed in a bedroom.”
According to the report, medical personnel tried to save Nwaneri but were
An autopsy that was performed by the Tippecanoe County Office of the Coroner
on Monday revealed that there were no signs of foul play.
Uche may have died from an “enlarged heart with sudden heart failure,” as stated
by the coroner in their preliminary report.
According to authorities, there are no signs of trauma or foul play.
Toxicology results are expected back in a few weeks, at which point the official
cause will be announced.
Nwaneri received his Covid shot last July 2021 with Moderna, according to his
Twitter post.

Nwaneri was an advocate of Covid vaccine and Covid passport. In September of
2021, he actually demanded that anyone who refused to be injected should be
arrested and charged with a crime “to protect life.”
“Ok so let’s get these vaccine mandates and Vaccine passports up and running
ASAP,” he wrote, adding:
“We seeing children DIE daily from the unvaccinated selfishness. Pregnant women
at risk too. PROTECT LIFE. MANDATE THE VACCINE. Jail anyone who
refuses, to protect LIFE.”


Rep. Lauren Boebert has just posted a video that shows two men removing the
metal detectors positioned outside the House floor.
In the video, Boebert stated Nancy Pelosi ordered for the metal detectors to be
placed outside of the House Chamber two years ago.
Boebert would continue and say “We’re turning Pelosi’s House back into the
People’s House.”
Thank you, Lauren Boebert. That’s a good start, and highly symbolic. But we’re
going to need much more in the way of substance from this Congress.


A Russian barracks in Donbas has been hit by a rocket system supplied to Ukraine
by the United States. The death toll is said to be in the hundreds. Russia has noted
the U.S.’s role in the attack as the world inches closer to an all-out war between

“Russia’s Defense Ministry said Monday that Ukrainian forces used a U.S.-
supplied High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, to destroy a
facility used as a base for mobilized troops in the city of Makiivka,” The Wall
Street Journal reports of the attack in Russian-occupied Donbas.
The Ukrainian side is claiming the true numbers among the Russian dead is much
higher, with the Ukrainian military asserting that around 400 were killed and
another 300 wounded – though Kiev didn’t directly take responsibility in the
immediate aftermath, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 
Though only revealed for the first time Monday, the strike reportedly took place
soon after midnight on Sunday, New Year’s Day. Some Russian sources are
suggesting an ammunition depot was next to the targeted facility, which likely
resulted in a deadlier, expanded blast.
Watch this video report from the U.K.-based Telegraph.


A judge has ruled that a church meeting near an abortion mill caused psychiatric
harm to Planned Parenthood and its customers.
According to a report by the pro-life website Live Action News, the Church at
Planned Parenthood in Spokane, Washington, has been ordered to pay $110,000 in
damages to Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho.
According to KXLY, a judge ruled that the church violated state law, and that their
meetings interfered with patient care. Their actions, the judge claimed, “created an
increased risk of hypertension, increased pain, and a variety of psychiatric
These so-called symptoms were allegedly caused by the group “willfully or
recklessly disrupting the normal functioning of a health care facility” by “making
noise that unreasonably disturbs the peace within the facility.”
An injunction was issued against the church last year, with Judge Timothy B.
Fennessy ruling the church intends to interfere with the “services” Planned
Parenthood provides — namely, abortion.
The church meets on a strip of grass across the street from Planned Parenthood.

The Church at Planned Parenthood was founded by Pastor Ken Peters. He said his
goal was never to harass people but, rather, to meet people where they are.
Peters told Live Action News:
“We gotta put legs to our faith. We’ve gotta find that balance between being mean
and nasty and yelling. We’ve got to find the balance between that and doing
He also added, “We don’t want to be mean like Westboro Baptist Church.”
With last year’s injunction, congregants were banned from gathering anywhere
within 35 feet of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic. Peters initially said they
were not sure what their next move would be.
In a statement on Facebook, Peters said the congregants tried to comply with the
injunction, and though they lost, he said he would not change anything.
“We lost in court. We appealed and lost again. We owe Planned Parenthood a lot
of money for singing, praying and preaching. We owe Planned Parenthood for
lawful and peaceful assembly. We obeyed everything the police ever asked us to
do. We did it on city property after their murder day once a month. The judge said
the Church at Planned Parenthood’s actions (singing, prayer and preaching) created
an increased risk of hypertension, increased pain, and a variety of psychiatric
symptoms for Planned Parenthood patients. I would do it again. It’s a badge of


New York became the sixth state to legalize human composting after the state’s
Democrat Governor, Kathy Hochul, signed legislation to that effect on the final
day of 2022. 
The Democrat assemblywoman who introduced the measure says it was needed as
people grow more “environmentally conscious,” and begin “seeking an alternative
to cremation which uses fossil fuels and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions,
or traditional burials which use up open land and contribute to soil and
groundwater pollution.”  
The legislation was introduced in an effort to meet a policy goal of eliminating
carbon emissions by 2050, the Epoch Times reported.  

The process of human “composting,” also known by the euphemism “Natural
Organic Reduction (NOR),” entails placing the deceased into a sealed reusable
vessel padded with biodegradable materials such as woodchips, alfalfa, and straw.
The body remains in the vessel at an above ground special facility for 30 days to
decompose, after which point the resulting compost and bones are left to cure from
two to six weeks after being ground, yielding about a cubic yard of “soil.”
The resulting “soil” could then be used for gardens, forests, be disbursed, or used
for conservation efforts. 
New York follows the lead of California, Colorado and several other states in
legalizing human composting.
When California legalized it in September last year, Kathleen Domingo, head of
California’s Catholic Conference, told SFGATE that the practice “reduces the
human body to simply a disposable commodity,” and suggested that spreading
composted remains of human beings over trafficked areas “risks people treading
over human remains without their knowledge.” In addition, she argued that
“repeated dispersions in the same area are tantamount to a mass grave.” 

Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
Katie Hobbs was sworn into office on Monday, January 2. It was not your typical
oath of office optic.
Taking the oath of office is typically a serious, sober occasion since the oath-taker
is assuming a tremendous amount of responsibility.
We should not be surprised then, that the fake governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs,
turned the occasion into a mockery. Hobbs could not seem to keep a straight face,
and can be seen laughing throughout the swearing-in ceremony. Perhaps she was
laughing because she knew that she, with the help of very powerful people, had
pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, slithering into an office she has neither the
skills to handle nor the moral legitimacy required by a fair and honest electoral
Take a look at the ceremony in this revealing video.

That, ladies and gentlemen, tells us everything we need to know about those
selected, not elected, to do the bidding of the deep state cartel who runs this
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for
supporting this broadcast.
Until next time, God bless and may God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take

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