An Important Message From Broadcast Partner Susan Heck

An Important Message From Broadcast Partner Susan Heck 

It has been a personal joy and privilege to be a part of the Worldview Weekend broadcast team over the past several years. Our program, Women with the Master, has been used  by the Lord to expand ministry opportunities with women, both young and old, and to help them in their walk with the Lord and knowledge of His word.  

One young woman writes: 

“I feel a yearning for a nearness to a woman of true faith. I fear I have no one in my life I can seek for Godly counsel. I wake before my children and pour over scripture and kneel besides my couch in prayer. Yet, I can’t shake my emotional desire for fellowship with other believers. I long for edifying conversation. I turn to your lectures on Worldview Weekend radio.” 

And an older woman writes: 

“I just listened to one of your messages on discipleship on WVW, and it really spoke to my heart.  I am 70 years old and would be one of the "older" women in the church who needs to be teaching the younger ones.  I thought, "Humm, I'm the oldest women in our church, so that means I must have something to teach them all." :-)  Thanks Susan for your work for the Lord and may HE bless you for it.” 

Another lady writes:  

“Dear Susan, I was introduced to your teaching through Brannon Howse's program I heard your interview with him and there were many thinks that  I admired about you, but the 2 things that "grabbed" me was your commitment to teaching women only, and your dedicated memorization of scripture. I knew you were a woman I would have much to learn from.   I have been following your study in 1 Peter, and I also did your study on James. Because of your inspiration, I have memorized both books. Praise God. I plan to do Philippians and memorize it as well.” 

One more dear lady writes: 

“Enjoyed your interview with Brannon Howse yesterday (10/15/2013) Thank you for the insight on the memorization of the Scripture-how it gives you the insight into the Scripture .May the Lord continue to keep you strong & discerning - and open many doors of opportunity for you and the Gospel.” 

And last but not least: 

“Hi Susan, Thank you so much for responding to my question. I really appreciate it.  I first heard about you from Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend. I have been doing your Bible Study in 1 Peter and have been so inspired by you and your teaching. Since so many churches use Beth Moore and I will not listen to her anymore, so when Brannon had you on his program, I was so encouraged to hear you would broadcast your class. I like it so much I told my neighbor about it.” 

My friend, these are just a few of the many emails I receive and a few of the  ways WVW is being used by the Lord to further His kingdom and equip His saints!

Susan Heck of With the Master Ministries 

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