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Going Viral? Social Media Page for Those That Embrace a Biblical Worldview Takes Off In First 24 Hours

Biblical Worldview Social Media Site Started After Talk Show Host Was Locked Out By Facebook Takes Off In First 24 Hours


Memphis, TN:  In less than 12 hours of their official launch was seeing a new account created every forty-five seconds according to their service provider.

Their mission statement is clearly presented on the site’s home page that reads: is where conservative Christians can connect, fellowship, and encourage one another by sharing Biblical resources and discussing Biblical issues that strengthen a Biblical worldview.


On Tuesday night Worldview Weekend sent an e-mail alert to their list of nearly 200,000 people and invited them to join this fast growing site.

The idea for this social media page came about after they were locked out of their Worldview Weekend page on Facebook for four days late on June 20th to June 24th. You can read more about this here:


On June 27thAmerican Thinker reported “over the last couple of weeks Facebook has clamped down heavily on various (around 40) counter-jihad and patriot pages. The administrators of these pages were shocked when they logged on and found that their pages had suddenly 'disappeared'”.  According to American Thinker, “on the 19th of June, 'Ban Islam' was itself banned. ('Ban Islam' had at least 45,000 followers.) The admin immediately set up 'Ban Islam 2' only to be banned again a couple of days ago. 'Islam Against Women', 'Islam Free Planet' and many others have also been banned. The blog Sharia Unveiled estimates that around 40 pages have been banned in the last couple of weeks. And, as that blog puts it, 'from what we are hearing, this is only the beginning'”.  You can read the entire article here:


This very same week Todd Starnes, of Fox News, reported that he too had been banned by Facebook. Later Facebook said it was a mistake but many did not believe that because of the numerous reports of this happening to others. is more than just a social media site as Worldview Weekend has built their site around the daily content they produce that includes articles, news, video clips, and a live, daily, national radio program hosted by Brannon Howse that airs on around 50 stations each day. Howse is also the host of a weekly television program called Worldview Weekend Hour.

Howse has spent the past two years helping some of his Worldview Weekend conference speakers to develop their own daily or weekly radio and television programs. Howse is using the power of free apps, his list of nearly 200,000 followers, his website and now this new social media site asa  platform to distribute these Biblical resources around the world to fellow Christians. 

Worldview Weekend has a free app that is available at and they have a free channel on Roku.

Howse is pleased with what his team has seen in the less than 24 hours of their official launch. “I was hoping that we would have 1,000 members in the first six days but we are now on track to have around 2,000 members in our first 24 hours.”

Howse was adamant that their first goal was not to be a big social media site but a Biblically faithful media site. Howse said, “There are people that are committed to a Biblical worldview throughout the world and we look to offer them a place to connect with other Biblically-minded Christians and Biblical resources. We have not created this page to cater to those interested in Christian happy talk or political correctness but to serve and equip those that love to study God’s Word, those that love truth, those that embrace a Biblical worldview, and those that want to connect and fellowship with other like-minded Christians.”


Jigg Media CEO, RJ Johnston, whose company Howse hired to launch this ambitious project has been impressed with the response. “Over the past 18 months we've had the pleasure of working with Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend.  When Facebook apparently started censoring socially and theologically conservative Christians we jumped on the opportunity to help Brannon build a solid alternative to where conservative Christians can feel welcome.   We are blessed to have this opportunity to work with Brannon and Worldview Weekend and to take what he envisioned and make it a reality for his organization.”


Howse said “If you disagree with what appears to be a liberal agenda by Facebook then you will be pleased to know there is now an alternative. If you are ready for a distinctively conservative social media site where its members and management are committed to a Biblical worldview then sign up and join our online community at”

Howse makes it clear they have real strong terms and conditions that will be enforced to make sure this site accomplishes its mission statement.

Some major ministries have already joined such as:


Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis

Dr. John Whitcomb and Whitcomb Ministries

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung’s Prophecy Today

Mike Gendron’s Proclaiming The Gospel

Mike Riddle’s Creation Training
Chris Pinto’s Noise of Thunder


You can check on the home page of this new social media site at


Worldview Weekend hired @jiggmedia to develop this new social media site.