A Farmers Open Letter to President Trump to Fight on and Preserve Freedom

The people of the rural Midwest are solid. Especially farmers. Having left California for the rural Midwest, I’ve had a chance to make new friends. One of them was kind enough to share her thoughts about the election. Here is Mary’s open letter to President Donald J. Trump, urging him to fight:

“FREEEE-DOMM” shouts William Wallace at the most climactic moments of Braveheart.  And that shout reverberates now, from the enormous heart of an admittedly—until 2016—unlikely man, namely, President Donald J. Trump.  

In this, an open letter to President Trump, I urge him onward and upward. Continue taking your fight to the courts, Mr. President, just as Wallace took his fight to the English. So much about this election stinks. Normal people see it clearly. And I, a wife and mother of three living in the rural Midwest, urge the Republican party “nobles” to dig deep and find some selfless heroism somewhere in their collective souls so that we can change the Braveheart ending. To you Republicans, I say, stand with our Braveheart this time. Do not conspire against him for your own gain, lest you be remembered as the reason America’s election integrity was trashed forever without murmur in front of God and everybody, and our freedoms of speech, assembly, press, religion, to bear arms, and more were lost to a Harris—yes, Harris—administration.

As a parent I have learned to “inspect what you expect.” Shouldn’t America do the same?  In our home, a child’s coverup is a worse offense than any original disobedience.  So it should be in our great republic. Republican efforts to move beyond the election, to ignore the brazen fraud committed in full view of everyone, are nothing less than a coverup, and are thus a morally worse act than the original malfeasance. 

Even children watching on election night recognized that vote counting was mysteriously halted at the key moment and in the key states, at just the point when the President’s enormous leads could be rightly assessed.  Even children found it “weird” that vote counting had to be paused for any reason whatsoever in a country so technologically advanced as ours.  Since then, votes have been “found” and poll-watchers forcefully kept at a distance, as Democrats scrambled—for 54 hours at this writing—to counter President Trump’s enormous leads.  Wisconsin’s registered voter turnout was 90%, right?  Right.  And Big Tech and Mainstream Media have obliged by censoring and thwarting every rightful effort by at least half of this country’s citizens to discuss, organize, protest, or otherwise counter the Democrats’ dirty pool. 

We tell our children that “nothing good happens after midnight.”  And so it was that votes for Mr. Biden were “dumped” in Michigan and Wisconsin at three and four in the morning on November 4.  Are our “Republican” politicians and state legislatures going to sit still for this and similar nefarious behavior (i.e., dead people voting) like neglectful parents?  If so, what reason will anyone have, going forward, to not cheat?  Good parents know this.  Why is it so hard for our politicians and lawmakers to get on board and sound the alarm? 

And as for the non-elected class, will our Supreme Court look the other way as Pennsylvania’s democrats openly thwart the United States Constitution by bypassing the state legislature, and judicially changing election laws?  

Mr. Trump, on behalf of not only myself, but also SO many family, friends and neighbors, I thank you for everything you have selflessly done for our country since January 2017.  I fully recognize and lament the egregious, relentless and baseless attacks you and your family have endured since your election, and I fully support you and your teams as you take this fight for the heart and soul of this great country to the courts – instead of to the streets as I believe the democrats would do in your place, and may still do via their strong connections to Antifa and BLM. Fight on, sir, and let’s win this.  Our constitutional FREEE-DOMMMs hang in the balance.  


I agree with Mary’s open letter to Trump. Like many Americans, I believe Trump won the election. We saw all the telltales, just as Mary says. Even children can see it. And if we don’t fight against this corruption, we’re finished.

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