Exposing The Cultural Marxist, Race-Baiting, Skubula of David Platt of Back to the Bible

The following is a portion of the transcript from Brannon’s television program The Worldview Weekend Hour.

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Brannon Howse: Welcome to the program. Thank you for joining us. Tonight we talk about the Neo-Marxist ideals infiltrating evangelicalism. Remember in 1933, as we’ve discussed so many times, the Frankfurt School came to America at the invitation of John Dewey. And they were dropped down at Brandeis, Berkeley, and Princeton. Their goal was a cultural revolution. They said, according to one of their leaders, Herbert Marcuse, the old way of revolution was old fashioned. The new way was a diffused and dispersed disintegration of the system.

To do that they said they must attack the entire cultural establishment. That meant the family, capitalism, our free market system, and religion as we know it. In fact, Herbert Marcuse openly wrote in a paper in the mid-60s that there was the need to be extremely intolerant toward those that he deemed to be intolerant – Christians and capitalists.

He openly wrote about the need to deprive Christians and conservatives of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly–that to deal with intolerance and the intolerance of the Christians and conservatives, they, the progressives and the socialists, must be even more intolerant.

Well, of course we know that it is not intolerant to believe in absolute truth, original sin, or to believe in the free market system. But that’s what the Cultural Marxists believe.

To bring about this revolution, the Frankfurt School openly wrote that they needed to create a coalition of victims–poor, minorities, immigrants, the feminists, and the sexual liberation movement. Well, tonight you’re going to hear how one pastor I believe by the name of David Platt, who’s very popular within the Southern Baptist Convention which is America’s largest Protestant association or denomination, is talking before 12,000 pastors and ministry leaders about race and racism. And then offers up the solution. It’ll take us two programs to get through this.

Now why is this important? For a couple reasons. David Platt is very popular, particularly with young people and pastors. He’s the author of a couple books, one of them called Radical. It’s nothing more, I believe, than a treatise on social justice. He also pastors a large church in northern Virginia. At one time until recently he was the president of the International Mission Board, part of the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, along with his friend, Russell Moore at the Ethics, Religious and Liberty Commission, also a part of the Southern Baptist Convention, David Platt, along with Russell Moore, filed an amicus brief to the courts to defend the building of a mosque in New Jersey.

David Platt, also, as of this week, become the daily Bible teacher on hundreds of radio stations as the lead Bible teacher and host of Back to the Bible. Back to the Bible is a radio ministry that was started in about 1939 by Theodore Epp. He was a godly man and, for many years, we have supported Back to the Bible. In fact, one of their last Bible teachers, Woodrow Kroll, spoke for our Worldview Weekend many times. But clearly, something has happened at Back to the Bible. And now they’re bringing in a social justice warrior like David Platt to teach their daily broadcast.

Now this is very, very troubling. Why? Because David Platt, I believe, will now convince many older Christians to follow his worldview by wrapping his Cultural Marxism around Bible talk. After all, the program is called Back to the Bible.

Am I saying that David Platt will never teach or preach or proclaim a good and solid sermon? No, I’m not. In fact, I believe that’s what makes men like David Platt so dangerous. They teach a good solid sermon and in context, and thereby, gain credibility of their audience. And then, the next thing you know, they’re promoting the kind of rubbish you’re going to hear tonight out of his own mouth as we play these video clips.

So again, I believe this is nothing more than the dialectical deception–pitting truth and error against each other and then bringing it together in a synthesis. David Platt will teach biblical truth and then he’ll turn around, I believe, and proclaim the ideals of the Cultural Marxists and their ‘skubula’ (a term the Apostle Paul used)–merging them together and bringing the Cultural Marxism right into the camp of mainstream evangelicalism. That, my friends, is very deceptive for most people. They can’t see through it. They don’t have the Bible knowledge, the history or the discernment to see through it. But that’s why we’re here to offer up this broadcast as a service and a warning so the true church, real Christians, will not be deceived by this mixture of truth and error.

David Platt has openly talked about the need to recruit and go after 18 to 25 year old students for their ultimate goals and purposes. Are you prepared to refute the lies of Cultural Marxism spewed by many of today’s leading evangelical pastors and authors? I hope you are. And I pray this broadcast will help you do just that.

So I ask again, why is David Platt at Together for the Gospel promoting a book called Divided by Faith, and it’s being sold at the conference, when the co-author, Christian Smith, wrote a book called The Emergence of Liberation Theology praising the mixture of Marxism with Christianity which is called Liberation Theology? This says that if you believe in a pre-tribulation dispensationalist eschatology you’re a racist. That if you believe in individual responsibility you’re a racist. If you do not believe that man is ultimately good, you’re a racist. If you believe in original sin, you’re a racist. And yet this is the Cultural Marxism being sold.

Now David Platt goes on to say many things, including that examples of racism being alive and well–well, black and unemployment. Do you know why we have unemployment, whether it’s black people or white people or whatever people group they’re from? Why do we have unemployment? Usually it's because of something going on within the economic system. It could be people who just choose not to get up and go to work, right? It could be people who say, ‘hey, I’m better off by getting a welfare check than I am working.’ Because, by the way, some folks can make more money through a government welfare check than they can by actually getting up and going to work. So what incentive is there to work if you’re going to get a check in the mail? So that’s one reason unemployment is high.

Another reason unemployment is high is because of progressive ideals. Progressive policies, not because of racism of white Christians or the church. Here is an article dated Monday, April 8, 2013 by Walter Williams, a black educator and columnist. An author. He says, minority view, why is black unemployment so high? Would you like to know why he says black unemployment is so high? He begins by talking about his life growing up and all the summer jobs he had and how he worked all summer long and on the weekend and after school as a young man. But then he says, gone are those days for many young black Americans to get an entry level job. He says this, “Such opportunities for early work experiences are all but gone for today’s teens. A major reason is the minimum wage law, which makes hiring low skilled workers a losing economic proposition. In 1950, only 50 percent of jobs were covered by the minimum wage law. That meant the minimum wage didn’t have today’s unemployment effect. Today, nearly 100 percent are covered. Meaning 100 percent of jobs. He says, today’s child labor laws prevent youngsters from working in perfectly safe environments. The minimum wage has destroyed many jobs. That’s why, for example, in contrast with the past, today’s gasoline stations are self-service and theater ushers are nonexistent.”

Then here’s an article by Thomas Sowell. Thomas Sowell, also a black columnist, conservative, author, and an economist. He writes an article at Town Hall entitled, “Minimum Wage Madness.” And here’s what he writes.

“Most Americans living below the government-set poverty line have a washer and/or a dryer as well as a computer. More than 80 percent have air conditioning. More than 80 percent also have both a landline and a cell phone. Nearly all have a television and a refrigerator. Most Americans living below the official poverty line also own a motor vehicle and have more living space than the average European. Non Europeans in poverty, the average European.”

Let me just stop right there. If David Platt is trying to list off all these economic issues that show racism, doesn’t this show that America really isn’t racist? Because largely, entrepreneurs get up every day and work, pay taxes that are then redistributed to other individuals through the entitlement welfare programs that allow them as “the poor” to live better than the middle class Europeans. Does David Platt understand this? No, because David Platt has a lot of degrees that you can purchase, but you can’t purchase common sense. David Platt I believe is a perfect example of an educated simpleton.

Well, the economist and black columnist, black American, Thomas Sowell, goes on to write:

[quote]  Why then are they called “poor?” Because government bureaucrats create the official definition of poverty, and they do so in ways that provide a political rationale for the welfare state–and, not incidentally, for the bureaucrat’s own jobs. Most people in the lower income brackets are not an enduring class. Most working people in the bottom 20 percent in income at a given time do not stay there over time. More of them end up in the top 20 percent than remain behind in the bottom 20 percent. There is nothing mysterious about the fact that most people start off in entry level jobs that pay much less than they will earn after they get some work experience. But, when minimum age levels are set without regard to their initial productivity, young people are disproportionately unemployed–priced out of jobs.  [end quote]

In other words, minimum wage laws have stopped business owners from being able to afford untrained, unskilled workers to give them an entry level job by which to build their skill set and their résumé to then move up the ladder economically. Now is this because of racism of the church? Is this because of the racism of white Christians? Is this because of the racism of white free market capitalists? No. This unemployment due to the minimum wage laws is because of racist democrats, because of racist socialists who want to keep people enslaved to government. They are the racists. It is the entrepreneurs that set people free.

Walter Williams goes on to say:

[quote]  Unemployed young people lose not only the path they could have earned, but at least equally important, the work experience that would enable them to earn higher rates of pay later on.  [end quote]

Here’s another article. This one is by Thomas Sowell dated May 18, 2015. Minimum-wage Laws: Ruinous ‘Compassion.’ What does he say?

[quote]  A recent story a San Francisco newspaper says that some restaurants and grocery stores in Oakland’s Chinatown have closed after the city’s minimum wage was raised. Other small businesses there are not sure they’re going to survive because many depend on a thin profit margin and a high volume of sales. At an angry meeting between local small business owners and the city officials, the local organization that has campaigned for the higher minimum wage was absent. They were probably some place congratulating themselves on having passed a humane living wage law. The group most affected was also absent. Inexperienced and unskilled young people who need a job to get some experience even more than they need the money. [end quote]

Thomas Sowell goes on to say:

[quote]  You can check this out for yourself. Go to your local library and pick up a copy of the distinguished British magazine, The Economist. Whether it is the current issue or a back issue, doesn’t matter. Spain, Greece and South America will be easy to locate in the table near the back which lists data for the various countries. Just look down the unemployment column for countries with unemployment rates around 25 percent. Spain, Greece and South Africa are always there. Whether or not there is a recession. Why? Because they have a very generous minimum wage law.

While you’re there, you can look up the unemployment rate for Switzerland, which has no minimum wage law at all. Over the years I’ve never seen the unemployment rate in Switzerland reach as high as 4 percent. Back in 2003 The Economist reported, ‘Switzerland’s unemployment neared a five year high of 3.9 percent in February.’  [end quote]

Wow, wouldn’t our country love to have an unemployment rate of 3.9 percent? We’d love that, wouldn’t we? Well, again, Thomas Sowell, a black columnist and author goes on to write:

[quote]  Low income minorities are often hardest hit by the unemployment that follows in the wake of minimum wage laws. The last year when the black unemployment rate was lower than the white unemployment rate was 1930, the last year before there was a federal minimum wage law. The following year, the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was passed, requiring minimum wages in the construction industry. This was in response to complaints that construction companies with non-union black construction workers were able to underbid construction companies with unionized white workers (whose unions would not admit blacks). [end quote]

I want you to understand what I just read. Minimum wage laws were largely passed in 1931 to stop black workers from undermining or underbidding the white workers. And so the labor unions that would not accept the black workers were losing work. If the white worker loses work and he can’t pay his union dues, the union makes no money. So the union, having lobbyists in Washington, DC, you can bet your bottom dollar, lobbied for minimum wage laws. Which then stopped the black entrepreneurs from being able to undercut in their bidding the white companies.

Now who is largely supported by the unions? Democrats. Whether it’s abortion or the unions and minimum wage laws or the welfare state, who is it that has enslaved black Americans over and over again? Who are the real racists? Your progressive socialist Democrats–many of them, by the way, who also believe in evolution. And evolution is about as racist as you can get. In fact, Darwinian evolution is really one of the foundations for the existence of true racism.

And if you doubt me, in our next broadcast we’ll get into what my friend, black American, columnist, author, activist, Christian, Star Parker has said. She has spoken for our Worldview Weekend. She wrote a book called Uncle Sam’s Plantation. She’ll talk about how the liberals, the Democrats, simply moved black Americans off of the plantation after slavery was outlawed, and on to the plantation of Uncle Sam through welfare programs, entitlement programs, minimum wage laws, etc. But notice again what Thomas Sowell is writing.

[quote] The following year the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was passed, requiring minimum wages in the construction industry. This was in response to complaints that construction companies with non-union black construction workers were able to underbid construction companies with unionized white workers (whose unions would not admit blacks). [end quote]

So if David Platt wants to talk about income disparity or low incomes in the black community, maybe David Platt should stop regurgitating the lies of the Neo-Marxists and socialists and actually learn some history and what the problem is so it can be fixed instead of blaming it on white evangelical Christians and capitalists, which is the ploy of the Cultural Marxists and the Frankfurt School who said, ‘we will prove that the source of all suffering and oppression are Christians, capitalists and particularly white Christians and capitalists.’ Why? Because who could oppose their Cultural Marxist socialist ideals if they wrap it in a race campaign? Very hard to oppose because as soon as you oppose it, well, you must obviously be a racist and a bigot. You see how this works?

Well, the article by Thomas Sowell concludes:

[quote] The annual unemployment rate for black teenagers has never been less than 20 percent in the past 50 years, and has ranged as high as over 50 percent. Incidentally, the black/white gap in unemployment rates for 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds was virtually non-existent back in 1948. But the black teenager unemployment rate has been more than double that for white teenagers for every year since 1971. [end quote]

So again, what has ruined entry level jobs? The ability to learn a skill. To learn a trade. To build your résumé. For all people, but particularly black Americans according to black columnists and writers like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Progressive socialist Marxist ideals like the minimum wage law.

When we come back next week I’ll play this clip again. Reset it. And then we will explain why David Platt is wrong to claim that the crime rate is an example of racism.

So not only does David Platt not understand why we have these problems, his solution is actually the poison that caused it to start with. Why? Because David Platt has a ton of degrees, frankly, but he’s an educated fool. He is the very biblical definition of a fool. David Platt is nothing more, nothing less I believe than a mouthpiece for the Neo-Marxists who have infiltrated mainstream evangelicalism. And the fact that he can spew this ‘skubula,’ as the Apostle Paul would have labeled it, at a conference called Together for the Gospel and share the platform with well-known Bible teachers who now are giving him theological cover is a scandal of immense proportions, going right over the head of most evangelicals who will defend it because they’re not interested in consistency. They’re not interested in truth. They’re interested in their good ol’ boy club. And they’re interested in simply making money, I believe, and selling books and building their brand. Even if it means giving credibility to people like David Platt pushing this Neo-Marxist rubbish that actually does, indeed, create a divide because it is claiming that the problems in our world today are not due to sin, they’re not due to socialist failed policies. They’re due to white evangelical Christians. That is what Saul Alinksy and others wanted. Conflict. Conflict. Conflict. And to create, as Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School wrote about, a ‘coalition of victims.’ And the people being oppressed, they’re being oppressed by Christians and capitalists. Therefore, now we have a reason to destroy Christianity and capitalism. Take away the religious liberty of freedoms, as Herbert Marcuse wrote about. He wrote in ’65 in his paper on tolerance, the way to deal with intolerance is to be super intolerant of those that are intolerant, i.e., Christians, and deprive them of their freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

And I believe men like David Platt, useful idiots for the Marxists, are playing right into their hand at nothing less than a conference called Together for the Gospel that should be called Together for the Marxist Liberation Gospel.

Now folks, if you appreciate this program and all the research we do, it takes hours and hours to study and prepare. The only way we can do this, spend the time preparing, film the program, post edit the program and then redistribute the program to all of you to watch, is by one of two ways you support us–through our Worldview Weekend Foundation with a tax deductible contribution, or through our Situation Room. Situationroom.net.

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Because remember, David Platt and others have openly stated in this neo-evangelical, neo-Calvinist cabal, that they’re going after 18 to 25 year olds. Well, many of you have kids and grandkids that fall into that age group. You need this information to stop them from being deceived by this Cultural Marxism masquerading as Christianity. And that’s why I’m also working on a new book, Lord willing, that will be out in late fall 2018 called Marxi-anity: Mixing Marxism with Christianity. And don’t forget, that’s exactly what David Platt was promoting as he promoted the book, Divided by Faith, written by men bemoaning Christians, bemoaning their belief in original sin, bemoaning their biblical views on eschatology and bemoaning anyone who opposes their solutions of more government–written in part by a man who wrote a book praising Liberation Theology, the mixture of Marxism with Christianity.

We’ll pick it up right here next week. Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. Thanks for watching. Take care.


The following was a portion of the transcript from Brannon’s television program The Worldview Weekend Hour.
To read the entire transcript and  to watch the embedded video clips go to worldviewpedia.com

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